Black Spirituality Religion : What Race Were The Egiptian ? ( Part One ) ...

The people in the place that is now called Egypt were never white people and therefore never were a race of people. Because they were not a race of people they were never race-ists and never practiced race-ism.

They were just people.

Man I tell ya, these white Europeans as they like to identify themselves are a funny people. That's what happens when you sit in caves too long sheltered away from hue-manity. I was going through the white people link and was on my back. If white Europeans (once again the white and European are not synonymous) only knew that to say white was a representation of death biblically and through ancient Km.t, there is no way they would have used it or even considered themselves white.

This goes to show how much they understand about ancient Kemet. Secondly, so-called white people were no where near ancient Kemet during the days of old. Kmt knew about the Grecian and Roman's but they were not white just like they don't consider themselves white today (well most of them at least).

The whole ideal of race is a social construct by white Euro supremacist who try's to promote their the push for global mutiny.

Peace and Blessings


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