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Was Tutankhamun The Real Christ ?

Just who was Tutankhammun ? '' Tutankhamun and his birth '' ( '' living image of Amun '' ) whose birth name was '' Tut - ankh - atun ( '' living image of Atun '' ) represented Haru ( Horus ) or christ '' Karast '' in the Egiptian dynasty . He was the son of Ank - hatun ( Ankhenaton ) . and Kiya . Kiya was a house keeper of Ankhatun and had a child by him . She was basically a concubine , a normal woman having a son by a god , making him the son of God , Although Kiya had a child by Ankhatun Nefertiti was his initial wife . ( This story is the same as the Abraham , Sarah and Hagar story of your bible which is spoken of in Genesis 16 ; 1 And I Quote ; '' Now Sarai Abrah's wife bare him no children ; and she had an huandmaid , an Egyptian , whose name was Hagar '' ;...
This story was copied from the Egiptian stories , just like everything else . Tutankhamun was born in the city of Amaran which if you LQQk closer you can see that Amarna is the biblical name of Moses ' Father Amram Exodus 6 ;20 who was named after that city . Amarna is the capital city of Tutankhamun , whose father Ankhatun was the Asaru ( Usir , Osiris ) of that day . Tutankhamun was the husband and brother of Ankhsenpaaton . They both shared the same father , Ankhenaton . Tut - Ankh means the '' Living Sight '' in the language of the Tama - Reans ( Egiptians ) .
'' Adonia and its true meaning behind the word Aton '' . Pa Neter ( The God ) or Neb ( Lord ) who has no image , is the Unseen God , the hidden one , from this word Atun you get your spirit god or deity , The Tama - rean Aton is equivalent to the Hebrew word Adon 0 where the Tama - rean '' T '' becomes the '' D '' in the Hebrew language . In your bible the word Adonia in Genesis 18;12 , in Hebrew means '' My Master '' Take a look at this excerpt for your self it was taken out of the Logos Bible ! 0113 ' adown ( aw - done ) or ( shortened ) ' adon
( aw - done ) from an unsed root ( meaning to rule ) ; TWOT - 27b ; n m AV - lord 197 , master ( s ) 105 . Lord 31 owner 1 , sir 1 ;335 , The last two letters ia of the word Adonia 0 is a Hebrew pronuciation meaning '' My Or Mine '' and signifies the possession form . Therefore , Tutank - hamun was also known as A'aferti '' Pharaoh '' or Uraa '' male ruler '' Tut , Tutankhamun was the son of Ankha - ton , who gave Tribute to Atun or Aton which is the same word from where the Hebrew Adonai '' Master '' , in the Greek translation of the New Testament , Adonia lord , master became Kurios . It has the same meaning but notice that Tutankhamun represented Amun and his father represented Atun , the highest point of the son ( Sun ) where you see Ankhenaton holding his hands up and you see a sun disc with thousand rays of light coming down with hands at the end of each rays . Ankhaton unified the God ship in Tama - Re ( Egipt ) under the deity Atun . The point of Amun is the point of the last ray from Aton who was Ankhenaton , who gave birth to the son Amun which becomes Tutankhamun . Amun is recited in the triad of religion ( Atum , Atun and Amun . ( Judaism , the father worship Yahweh ) ( Christianity , the Son worship Jesus Christ ) . and ( Islam The spiritual Angel Gabriel ) father son and the holy ghost . )
The Egiptian God Amen or Amun is mentioned in the book of Revelation Chapter 3 ; 14 , And I Quote ; '' And unto the angel of the church of the laodiceans write ; these things saith the amen the faithful and true witness , the beginning of the creation '' The amen isused as a name a noun . Ankhenaton got rid of the rituals of many deities and brought them into Neter Shil Neteraat '' the god of gods '' . enforcing Hu , the creative , force of will and he said that is Atun at the highest point theone god Y - ( Shu wind ) H - ( Geb earth ) W - ( Tefnut water ) H - ( Set Fire ) , Yahweh of your bible. So hedestryed most of the Temples Knocked down most of the gods and erected everything to one deity Atun . The same thing happend to the Arabian prophet Muhammad of the Muslim world today . He did the same thing , hecame back to Mecca from Medina in the years 622 A.D. and had all the 360 idol's of his own people knocked down for one of them which was Allat or Allah who was sacredly called Huwa , '' He Who Is '' or heh and - H or '' Y '' of Y .H.W.H. of the Egiptian Hu , Yes it was copied from Egypt . Ankhenaton was an A'aferti ( Pharaoh ) himself , because he became Atun-re and he gave birth to the son , theson of god . He became Ankh - Amun meaning '' the life of the hidden one '' the hidden Amun is the Amun or secret one . So They ended all of the prayers and all of the ritualsin Amun . In Hebrew the Jews or Israelites say Aw - mane , in Islam the Muslims say Amiyn . and in Christianity , in Greek they say Amen , which is Amun , Amun was Tutankhamun and that is why the last identified family of pharaohs sarcophagus mummy is Tutankhamun , Egypt is the source of all religions . When the archeologists put that Egiptian's face out in magazine and books worldwide they realized that is '' the gold face and the face like the sun '' said in the bible in . Jeremaih 4 ; 30 And I Quote ; And when thou art spoiled what wilt thou do ? Though thou clothest thyself with crimson , though thou deckest thee with ornaments of gold though thou rentest thy face with painting , in vain shalt thou make thyself fair ; thy lovers will despisethee , they will seek thy life '' < They Said That Was The Face Of Christ '' > '' Tutankhamun's Marriage And Ruler Ship '' Is described as ''the son of the highest who is seated upon the throne of his father meaning ancestor '' And according to Luke 1 ; 32 , Jesus is desctibed as the fore coming birth as well . '' He shall be great and shall be called the son of the highest ; and the lord god shall give unto him the throne of his father David ; and he shall regin over the house of the house of Jacob Forever ; And of his kingdom there shall be no end ''
Before the birth of Tutankhamun , the young male ruler was 10 years of age when he stated his rule in 1362 B.C. after being quicky married off to his half sister , Ankhsenpaaton , Simply because for .
( 1 ) . Ankh - aton's and Nefertiti's eldest daughter Meritaten married Semenkhare , Who died shortly before the conronation of Tut - ank - amun . Note ; Mary also had kids before Jesus was born in the bible ( Mark 15 ; 47 , Matthew 27 ; 56 , Mark 15 ; 40 , Mark ;...
( 2 ) . Their Second daughter Mekhetaton had died at that time .
( 3 ) . So Akhensenaten , in the order of events , becomes the heiress . Tutankhamun married Ankhensenaton and in doing so heascended to the throne . At this young age , a custodian . or guardian must have been in charge of the state affairs , In the bible Matthew 27 ; 37 When it states '' And Set Up Over His Head His Accusation Written , THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS . ( The Would Be The Case Nowadays Too , If The Legal Heir Is A Minor They Would Be Appoined A Custodian Or Guardian .
'' Nefertit In The Image Of Aset ''
Nefertiti's image was used in place of that of Aset ( Auset , Isis ) the Tama - Rean ( Egiptian ) virgin mother , on Amarna funerary object , such as on the sarcophagus of Ankhenaton whose mother was a Urtat '' Female ruler '' Tiye . There are statues in Rome , originally made to represent Aset ( Auset , Isis ) . and her son Haru / Horus , which are use by the church to represent Mary and her son Jesus . Tutankhamun and his wife Ankhsenpa - aten were shown together in several secnes , always in a relaxed , romantic mode . You can see her love for Tutankhamun , similar to Mary Magdalene's love of the biblical Jesus . There are so many similarities between Ankhsenpa - atun and Mary Magdalene . Alabaster ointment jars were found in Tutankhamun's tomb . On the back of his tomb it shows his wife anointing him with perfume exactly as evangelists described Mary Madalene anointing the bibical Jesus Mark 14 ; 3
Tutankamun is the Jesus of this day and time and Ankhenaton is the Asaru / Usir / Osiris .. of that day , God the father , and god the son protected by the hidden one . and Nefertiti was Aset / Auset / Isis of that day ( blessed mother of Mary ) and that is the holy family right there
'' Is Tutankhamun The Real Christ ?
A lot of people don't know that is an Egiptian word Karast which means '' Anointed '' and a Egiptian word Messeh which means '' oil from a hippoptamus '' . I know that sounds crazy however , in Egipt the aninted ceremony was done from the oil of a hippopotamus and not the olive brach . When a god or priest as they called him was anointed with this oil , he became a Messeh . If he was born of a godly line like Jesus the sun of the '' Karast Messeh '' . And that isno more than '' Christ Messiah '' . when you were brouth over into another man's Language . You see the English word for Christ comes from the Tama - rean word Karast , where they get the Greek word Kristos from Egipt . The Greek were all taught by the Egyptian . Messeh is equivalent to the Hebrew and Aramic word Mashih . The English word Messiah originated also from the Hebrew and Aramic word Mashiakh , which in its from as verb Mesheh means to '' Anoint '' . This word of Tama - Reye
( Egiptian ) origin . signiflied the ritual of anointing ancient Egiptian Uraat '' Rulers '' Including Tutankhamun , As the lttle '' S '' in Egiptian is equivalent to the .letters
'' Sh '' in Hebrew and Aramic , it becomes evident that the biblical word Messiah originated from the word Messeh , the ancient Egiptian word signifying the ritual anointing of Egiptian Ura '' male ruler '' Thus the word Christ or the Messiah mean '' The anointed One Who Is Ruler ''such as Tutankhamun who was also called Christ , or the Messiah . So Ankhenaton on the tomb is referred to as Karast Messeh . Tutankhamun shares this very important name with the biblical Jesus . If You HaveEver Seen A Pictures Of Their Hindu Jesus By Edward Moor It Predates The Christ By 1,000 Years .Also note that when you say Hari , as in Hari Krishna and look at the word for Horus you get theoriginal Har which is also Heru / Horus . as in the Greek son, when referring to Jesus in theNew Testament . Huios for son is used throughout the New Testament and the word hero comes from it also the Muslims used Huri for child or paradise . These are not coincidences or by chances . So the introduction of Greek And Lain and the retranslation of these ,bred more confusion . So basically the story of Jesus in the bible was all taken from Egiptology and made into mythology for us today . So the next time you read anything from the bible pick up an Egiptian book and find out the True Story Of Your Ancient Ones That Predated Jesus's era of existence . Remember the bible was Manmade and all fiction , taken from ture stories of Egipt
James The Just A Freemason ? < Part One >

Many wonder whether ' James the Just ' was a Freemason , why is the question ?
Many have been searching for . James indeed did use the Freemasons doctrine , but many still wonder whether James was just another typical man trying to bring about a new facade of religion , to the blinding eyes of many people . James the just was known as the first Bishop . The name James means '' Supplanter '' The word supplanter originated from the word Sup - plant , sup - planeted m sup - plant - ing . sup - plants . ( 1 ) . To usurp the place of . especially through intrigue or un-derhanded tactics . ( 2 ) . To displace and subsitute for ( another ) ; The question is still a mystery to many people regarding James the just some people often times get confused with whether James in the New testament is the same James that is repeated three other times in your bible . ( '' Is James the just the same James of the new testament ) . There are three James in the new testament , the first being James the son of Zebedee as mentioned in the new testament ..
( Matthew 4;21 ) . The second being James the son of Alphaeus , as mentioned in
( Acts 21 ; 18 ) . And lastly , James the half brother of Yashua / Jesus as mentioned in ( Galalien 1; 19 ) . The name James in Greek '' Eeakobos '' means '' Supplanter '' which comes from the Hebrew word '' Eeakobe '' meaning '' heel - catcher or supplanter '' from the root word Yaha - Kobe , meaning '' heel holder or supplanter '' . The Hebrew word Jacob came from the Egiptian word Ia'gebher on page 142 in the Egyptian hieroglyphic dictionary volume 1 by E.A, Wallis Budge , that's right Yacub was an Egiptian scientist . This James That We Are Speaking Of Is James The Just Who Brought In The Religion ; Christianity Into Egipt . By Way Of The Coptic Christians . James The Just Is Also Responsible For Giving The Catholics . And Christian World Wide The Mitre Head Crown That The Popes Wears Today . ( '' The word Mitre and its origin ) . The word Mitre comes from '' Miterism '' . Miterism religion comes out of the word Zoroaster , who was a sixth century B.C. prophet . Zoroaster founded Zoroastrianism , and he also believe in the virgin birth of a deity , that died on the cross and is on his way back to pick up the lost souls of his people . Like wise , not your Yashua / Jesus Christ , this Jesus predates him in Persia and in many other religions . which . originated from the Egiptian virgin birth story of Aset / Isis / Auset and her son Haru / Heru / Horus . But with a different concept . According to Encarta Encyclopedia Coptic Church is taken from the Arabic word qubt meaning '' center, axis '' from the Greek word Aiguptios / Egyptian ''
Recent scholarship suggests that the origin of '' Egiptian '' Christians are to be found amongst the Jews living in Alexandria in the 1st century A.D. By the end of the 2nd century in Alexandria . the major city of Hellenistic Egypt . the Christian school was headed by Clement of Alexandria had already acquired great fame . The founder of Greek Christian Theology and Biblical Science . followed Clement as head of the school . In the 4th and 5th centuries two great bishops of Alexandria defended Christian Orthodoxy ---- Saint Athanasius . , against Arianism and Saint Cyril , Against Nestorianism . James The Just , was also known as Jacob or Yaqub , which , when you look up the name Yaqub , it is an Egiptian name meaning '' Jacob '' hath '' it is not a Hebrew name , its an Egiptian word . He took the church into Tama - Re '' Egipt '' as a Coptic , and gave them the '' Mitre '' head dress . That is were the Popes today get their headdress from , like every other religion , Tama - Re '' Egipt '' Is The Source Of All Religion . The Popes also received their concept of the Mitre from Yashua / Jesus who is also referred to as the fisherman ( John 21 ; 7 , Mark 1 ; 17 ) . It is symbolic of the deity Dagon , because Rome ruled the world for 2,000 years under the age of Pisces .
ames The Just A Freemason ? < Part One >

Dagon , the fish deity and where did the Mitre originate from ....
As mentioned above ,the Mitre headdress also orginated from Dagon a Babylonian deity who is depicted as a Half - Man and Half - Fish / Reptilian Or Serpent Man , a species of the reptilian integrating with human . Dagon is a fertility deity . Who was worshiped by the Philistines who became the Hyksos , by way of Mitsrayim ( Mizraim ) sons Ludim . and Anamim , and Lehabim , and Naphtuhim . 14 and Pathrusim , and Casluhim ( from whence came forth the Philistines . ) and Caphtorim ( Genesis 10 ; 13 ) . The Dagon fish deity throughout the ancient Middle East , is still being worshipped today along with the Deity Baal . Who was also called Bal - zebab , Beelzbub master of the flies . Dagon's cult is known to have existed as early as 2500 B.C. called the cult of Lucifer or worshipper . of Baal - zebab . Today they use the words like Lord to replace Baal or Lucifer . A number of reference to Dagon are made in the Old Testament . There are many derivations of his name , from the Hebrew word for '' grain '' from the '' Semitic word for ''corn '' and from the Hebrew word for '' fish '' ( old testament genesis 1; 26) . Dagon comes from the root word '' Dag '' meaning '' a fish '' when the word it looked at backwards it spells the word '' Dag '' or Gad -'' God '' and Dagah meaning '' to move rapidly ; The last of these derivations gave rise to the common image of Dagon as a mermaid - half man , half fish . Dagon is also regarded as the legendary iventor of the plow . The Christians use the fish symbol . but what they don't know is that it's a serpent , and it was taken from Tama - Re '' Egipt '' to symbolize the birth or return of Jesus Christ . In the course of precession . about 255 B.C. the vernal birthplace passed into the sign of the fish . and the messiah who had been represented for , 2,155 years by the ram or lamb Amen - Ra or as the Egiptians called him Amun - Ra . The coming messiah is called Dag , '' the fish '' . in the Talmud , and he is tied into the sign of the fish . the sign of Sim .mah '' Pieces '' . The double fish or Pisces fish of the Piscean era . In Matthew 28;20 , According to your bible in Matthew 14 ;17 , Jesus fed his congregation With Two Fish , These two fish represent the '' Bulti fish . which has a bright red - dish coloration and rounded in shape which is why it was also used as a symbol of the sun by the Egiptians . Notice the waved lines as opposed to scaled representing the fact that the fish came to the surface of the waters . representing birth . The double fish or Pisces fish of the Piscean era or Christianity , also came from Egipt and represented the unity of upper and lower Egipts . This is why the pope uses the symbol of the fish on his head ....
The word Dagom and it's origin Egipt .TheWord Dagon Has many synonyms that are equivalent to word fish ( Dug = Fish / Dagon Fish / Nazarene = Little Fish / Qura'ish = Big Fish / Samak = Fish ) ... The word Quraish in Quraan is the Arabic word for fish where they the word big fish from Muslims use the word '' Amin , as '' Mu'min .. Mu'minaati , Mu'minuum , and as the 6th Attribute of Allah - Al Mu'min . from which all stems from the faithful . or if you want to take it further . Amin or Amun is the Egiptian deity Amen - Ra , Amun - Re who is often depicted with a Plume on top of his head . And many Religious people all over the world use Amen to end their prayer . Take a look in your bible in Revelation 3;14 And I Quote ... These things said the Amen , the faithful and true witness , the beginning of the creation of God '' . Dagon existence stems way back from one of the Ancient Tablets called ; Gilgamesh Epic , the story of the flood . which dealt with a man named Utnafishtim known in the Bible as '' Noah '' The Gilgamesh Epics . is also where the Bible stole many of their stories , one which had a huge impact on the creation of mankind was '' The Flood '' as stated in Genesis 6 ;13 . Untnafishtim is an Ancient Sumerian name meaning '' He Found Life , Day Of Life '' The original symbol of Christianity was a fish , then they changed it to a symbol of a Dead Man On A Cross Which Is Really The '' Ankh '' symbol . The Christian symbol also used to this day or phrase '' Drop Your Net And Become Fishers Of Men '' taken from Matthew 4 ;19 and Mark 1 ; 17 . The holy fish and Christ . is also a Tama - Reye '' Egiptian '' word meaning ( Christ ) . Messiah , to anoint with the fat of a Crocodile , messsiah . The Messiah who had been represented for 2,115 years by the ram , a symbol of '' Pa Neter Ra = The Deity Re or Sacrifical Lamb , Asaru / Osiris , And about 255 B . C . as the fishman . was to come up once more as the manifestor from the Celestial Waters as the Resurrection of Horus or Horizon . Likewise , it is written in the Synoptic wriings of the Apostle Jesus who was called a Fishman that walked on water John 21 ;13 . The Messiah is called the '' Dag '' The Fish '' Dago - On . in the Hebraic teaching which is the collection of ancient Rabbinic writings . Constituting the basis for the Orthodox Mosesism , and he is tied into the sign of the fish ; the sign of SIM.MAH '' Pisces '' . The Jews at one time connected his coming with some conjunction or occurrence , in the sign of the fishes .
Where Exactly Did The Fish Symbol Originate From , The fish symbol is a 6 Pointed Star , which when broken apart is two pyramids One Pointing To The Hevens And The Other Pointing Towards The Earth . This symbol is also a Masonic Symbol . Free Masonry Is The Fragments of man's First Religious Teachings . Originally , the square symbolized morality and Righteousness . The Compass Is Said To Symbolize Spirituality . The square is an angle of 90 degrees . forming the fourth part of a circle . A square has 4 , 90 degrees angles . equaling 360 degrees . 360 degrees isa cipher or a circle .meaning '' The Which Is Complete ''. Both mentally as well as physically showing and proving that the truth is the way to square off Righteousness . Masons said ''' To Part Upon The Square ''' .because '' having met so such level '' . their conduct should be that no unkind feeling or unfriendly actions should interfere or be allowed . If you notice this symbol is nothing but the 6 Pointed Star . According to Free Masons . the left eye on the pyramid has two meanings . One being that ishas the capactity of being anywhere at all times . The law that will punish the freemasons that reveal their secrets is everywhere and you can not hide from it . The second meaning is defined as '' The open eye was selected because its watchfulness and care of the universe . being the eye of god '' . The eye is symbolic for Ra '' The Seerer ''. or '' The All Seeing Eye '' . This is just another example of how everything came from us . the Tama - reans '' Egiptians . ''' Religions . Culture . The Masonic Lodge , Everything . The Europeans came into our land and home . took our culture . and '' created '' their own , then gave it back to us distored . His churches , lodges , and temples all came from us . come join us in your own .
The Many Faces Of Nefertiti ( Part One )

Many faces of the Egiptians Ur-tat '' Female Ruler '' Nefertiti , the wife of '' Akhenaten ( Akhenatun ) . has been passed through the many museums today . some which has been plagiarized and re -sculpture into the French version of Nefertiti , and some that has been locked away of the real Nefertiti with beautiful Negroid / Nubians / Black Features . Which Is The Real Face Of Nefertiti .Nefertiti great art needs to be constantly approached from a fresh open minded point of view . However . not to the point where the art that is Intended To Be Displayed To A Preferred Audience In Modified To Suit The Image That Is Being Portrayed On The Media .But We Already Know That This Is A Concentrated Effort To Convince The Negroid / Nubians / Blacks Of America , And World Wide Publicity . Pa Tam - Hu ( Tammahu ) '' The Caucasians '' Do Not Belong In Ancient Tama - Re '' Egipt '' . They made it their business to run to Egipt and change the faces of The Negroids / Nubians / Blacks , Egiptians A'afertiaat ''Pharaohs '' and Neteraat '' Deities ''So You Will Never Know That You Are A Decendants Of A Great People . That Once Ruled The Whole Continent Of The World And Is Still Ruling . Everywhere You LQQk And Go . You See Egipt . EveryBody Wants Egipt . They made it their business to run to Egipt and change the face of the Negroid Egiptian A'afertiaat '' Pharaohs '' and Neteraat '' Deities '' so you will never know that you are a descendant of a great people . that once ruled the whole continent of the world and is still ruling . Everywhere you look and go , you see Egipt . EveryBody Wants Egipt . Throughout Time There Have Been Many States And Images Of A'afertiaat '' Female Rulers ''And Urtataat '' Queens ''. On The Walls Of Temples That Have Been Touched Up And Modified To LQQk Other Than What They Were Originally Carved To LQQk Like . In Other Words The Images Of Your Ancient Ancestor Are Being Change To LQQk More Like Pa Tam-Hu ( Tammahu ) '' The Caucasian '' And Pa Tutaat '' The Europeans '' Than Ever Before . No One Can Fool Us About Who Our Ancestor Are . For Years You Have Been Shown The Same Touched Up Images Of '' Nefertiti , Not Knowing That You Were Give The Altered And Touchup Version Of This Nubian Woman . Nefertiti Was The Chief With Of '' Akhentun 1352 - 1336 B.C. Her Name Means '' A Beautiful One Has Come '' She Is Considered The Most Beautiful Woman In The World . Everyone Admires Her , It Has Been Assumed That She Was A Foreign Princess . But That Was Not True . She Was Akhenaten's Own Sister Because Of The Close Resemblance , But This Hypotheses Has Been Hidden And Left A Mystery . It Was Done Purposely To Fool You . Nefertiti Had Great Influence Over Her Husband Akhenaten . She Was Portrayed On The Walls Of His First Temple Making Offerings To The Sun Deity '' Atun- Re While Standing Behind Her Husband Akhenaten Who Is Also Doing The Same . '' Nerertiti Wore A Unique Crown Which No Other Female Ruler Or Princess In Egipt Have Been Portrayed To Have Adorned ;...
Helicopters In Ancient Egypt Fact Or Fiction ????

How Would You Feel If You Found Out That The Ancient Egyptians Had Helicopters , Flying Saucers And Other Flying Machines ? Then How Would It Make You Feel To Know That Your Government Knew This . But Never Told You . That Man In Flight Had Existed For Many Thousands Of Years Before The Modern Days Government That Misuse These Science Ever Existed . Well , Don'r Be Shocked , For It Has Been Proven Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt That The Ancient Egyptian Who Taught The Mayans And The AztecsFlew In Craft , Had Electricity , Gold Plated . Wore Glasses . Brewed Beer . It Has Been Found And Confirmed That None Of The Sciences That We Consider ADVANCEMENTS ARE NEW. And In Fact Television Is A Machine That Is Acting The Part Of Clairvoyance , Or What's Called Remote Viewing . And That Radio Communication Is No More Than The Ability Of A Mystic Or An Egyptian Priest To Tap In To An Indivual's Etheric Wavelength And Receive Messages . The Present Day Media Has Saturated The Television With Psychics . In Every Religion They Are Mentioning SORCERERS , SEERS , TAROT READERS , SOOTHSAYERS , They Constantly Repeat On Many Programs Human Beings , With What They Refer To As Supernatural Abilities . Unsolved Mysteries , Sightings, UFO Diaries , Just To Name A Few, Where They Daily Cover The Media With Incidents That They Can't Explain . Example , Awoman GetsIn A Car Accident With Her Child Beside Her , The Child Is Thrown From The Car . Hits The Pavement , The Vehicle Is Thrown Over . , AndLandOn The Child , The Mother In Panic , Doesn't

Know What To Do . She Has No Cell Phone And No OneTo Help Her . She Taps In To A Latent Power And Literally Lifts . The Vehicle From Her Child . This Has Been Done Over And Over Again . How She Does It , Modern Day Scientists Don't Know . A Person Falls From A Six Story Building . Hits The Ground , Get Up AndWalks Away Without A Bruise , How? Scientists Can't Explian It . A Man In New York Working On An Electrical Pole . All Of The Sudden He Received A Tremendous Shock . He's Taken To The Hospital . To Find That He'sBeen Hit With High Voltage , Check The Pole That He Was Working On . Find No Fault Or Error . Later It's Discovered That He's A Twin , That He Never Knew Anything About , Who Also Happens To Grow Up And Become An Electrician , Who's Working On An Electrical Pole At The Exact Same Time , And He Is Electrocuted . These Are Actual Stories . I Can Go On , But Those Who Control Or Seek To Control The Minds Of People . So That They Would Conform To Accepting An Inferiority Position In Life . So That They Would Conform To Being Just A Mortal And Not Seek To Develop Their Laten Powers . Being Related Directly To Supernatural Beings Who May Have Come From Beyond The Stars To This Planet And Bred With Humans , Returned And Left The Humans Gods, Who Possess Superior Powers To The Normal . They May Portray This To You In A Movie , Like Superman To Take Your Attention Off The Possibility Of It Being Real . But As The The Tablets Of Sumeria Are Being Translated And The Writing On The Walls Of Egypt , The Truth Is Coming Out , That Many Human Being Who Walk The Earth Today Are Direct Descendants Of The Egyptian Deities And That These Powers Are There , Merely Waiting To Be Tapped Into . They Can't Explain How The Pyramids Were Built And What They Were Used For . Then You Have The Great Lines Of Nazea That Can Only Be Seen By Crafys Flying Above . This Also Can Go On . They Do Not Want You To Peak Into The Realities Of Your Mind AndReddevelop Your Divine Consciousness Or Bring Your Powers To The Forefront Of Your Mind . Which Will Reflect In Your Body And Through Your Body . Thus , Revealing Your Superiority . This Is One Reason Why They Fear Voo - Doo , And Yoruba Of Africa . They Know That The Ancient Africans Were Able To Tap In Through Their Blood To Their Ancestors Who Have By Western Standards Died And Gone . But This Does Not Apply To The People Of Soul . They Never Die And Are Capable Of Being Contacted As Easily As Knowing The Right Telephone Number For Communication For Some One From America And Australia . Re-ligion ; Be It . Judaism . Christianity , Or Islam Is Bent On Cutting Off This Connection By Giving You A False Connection . Its Beent On Having You Throw Mental Powers Off Into Space At Nothingness , Rather Than Learning To Mind Link With Your Great Ancestors Of Ancient Egypt Are Re-herit The Secrets Best Kept Sacred From The Human Beast For So Long . They Will Not Be Able To Keep This From You Any Longer . For The Ancient Once Are Manifesting Facts Undisputtable Daily . And They Will Not Be Able To End Thewir Programs In Success With The Simple Statement . We Will Never Know . Implementing Us With Themselves , When In Fact You Will Know And Are Learning Right Now . This Heliopter Discovered In The Pyramids On The Wall Is Just One More Confirmation Of Your Ancestor's Divinity . How Can Anyone Who Has Been To Egypt And Seen The Wonderful Intrcately Detailed Hieroglyphics Cut With Amazing Precision In Granite And Diorite Statues , That Tower 15ft . Above An Average Man . Propose That This Work Done By Bashing

The Granite With A Round Ball ? This Is What They Would Like You To Believe . When In Fact They Don't Believe That Themselfs . They Next To Never Ask The Advice Of A Stone Cutter . Or A Quarried , About The Pyramids . In Egypt . The Hieroglyphics Are Amaazingly Precise With Grooves That Are Square And Deeeper Than They Are Wide . They Follow Precise Contours And Some Have Grooves That Run Paralled To Each Others With Only .030 Inch Wide Wall Between The Grooves .
Throughout History There Have Been Many Common Myths And Legends Of Flying Machines Or Devices , The Familar Flying Carpets Of Ancient Arabia ;Biblical Figures Such As Ezekie And Solomon Flying From Place To Place , And The Magical Chariots Etc .. These Myths And Legends Would Have Probably Remained As Such In The Minds Of Many ; But Not For Long . In South Cairo In Abydos , At The Seti 1 Ancient Egyptian Temple , Scientist And Archeologist Have Discovered Wall Carving Of GUESS WHAT ? ..There A Pictures On The Wall's In Egypt That LQQk Like Modern Military Helicopters . Tanks Jets Aircrafts And What Some Suggest -A Satelite Dish , And Submarine All Existed In Ancient Egypt Which Makes The Mind Bolter Of Today A FACT ! Yes There Were Helicopters In Ancient Egypt . So Much For The Legends !
If God Is The First And The Last , Who Established His Time Zone & What Was It Base Upon ? To Address It Based O The Alpha Omega Theory , If Believers Believe

Their God , Be It Jehovah , Allah , Or Theos To Be The First And The Last , This Would Be The Foundation For Their Laws Of Time . Even Though Your Holy Book Establishes . Time After Their God Was Already Here When It States In Genesis 1;14 And I Quote '' And GodSaid , Let There Be Light In The Firmament Of The Heaven To Divide The Day From TheNight ; And Let Be For Signs, And For Seasons , And For Days And Years ;
At This Point In The Bible , Time Is Being Established By Lights In The Firmament . The Hebrew Word Used For Firmament Is Raqeeya / Raw - Kee -Ah Meaning ''' The Skies '' . They Are Moon , And The Stars . As It States In Genesis 1 ; 16 And I Quote ; And God Made Two Great Lights ; The Greater Light To Rule The Day , And The Lesser Light To Rule The Night ; He Made The Stars Also '' , So It Is Plain To See That Time Existed Before The Creation Of Time In The Bible , And Even Genesis 4 ; 3 Adds The Word Time , When In Fact In The Hebrew , The Word Yowm Is There For Day . What I Am Saying Is Based On The Bible . There Is No Accurate Calculation Of Time .


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