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May 19, 2004
Just exactly what race were the original Egiptian ? Many wonder why the beautiful walls of Egipt were Re - Sketched and Re - Painted numerous times by Europen Archeologists who spend Millions of Dollars in Egipt try-ing to Re - Sketch the walls of Egipt into Europeans, Asians , and Mediterranean features , lightening up the skin complexton , changing the hair texture and everyThing you can think of to deceive you . Exactly what are the Europeans Hiding from the World ? I'll tell you what . They're trying to Hide the true Identity of These Woolly Haired , Dark Skinned Beautiful Featured , and let's not forget the well Developed Bodies Of The Original Egiptions . ( They Can't Let Us Have AnyThing . There is no way that you can Hide The Race Of The Egiptians , who were Melaninite Pigmented People . These Melaninite People Are The Black Race ? Why is it that the Egiptians were known to have had the most Complete And Detailed Records Of Every Aspect Of Life But When It Comes Down To Race , That Record Is Just Not Recorded But They Are Wrong . It was just not recorded in their names . Just like the Caucasian literally means you are from the Caucus - Mountains between the Black and Caspian Sea Of Europe . The Egiptians were from Kemet or Kham as stated in your Bible Old Testament Genesis 5 ; 32 And I Quote , And Noah was five hundred years old ; and Noah begat '' Shem . Ham , and Japeth ;...
Worded As '' Cham [ Khawm ] In Late Usage , A Collective Name For Egyptians '' ( So You See The Word Kham , Is An Egiptian Word And Means '' Blacks '' Was Borrowed By The Hebrew From Egipt . ) . You can find thisinformation in a book authored by E.A, Wallis Budge , in an Egiptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary On Page 787 Where He Says That ( Kam orKami means '' to be black '' This is where Kham or Ham Who Was The Son Of Noah Of Your Bible In The Old Testament Came From Genesis 5 ; 32 And I Quote . And Noah was five hundred years old ; and Noah begat '' Shem . Ham , and Japeth ;...
So the original Egiptians raceis very clear and real . In Ancient Egipt , they had names for other Races also , Starting With The Europeans Who They Also Called Pa Tammahu . They also called The Caucasians Pa Tutaat , And The Egiptians Were Called Khamite ' Blacks or Kemet , By All Who Saw Them . HowEver They Did Not Call Themselves Khamite . What You See In Egipt Today Are Not The Original Egiptians . They Are Turks From Turkey Who Roamed The Altal Mountains And Gypsy's From Armenia . These PeopleAre Trying To Pretend Like They Are The Egiptians , But They Are Not . They Are Mixed With The Indo - Arabs From Arabia , That Also Have The Greek's Gene In Them , But They Are Not The Original Egiptians . The Egiptians Did Not Have Straight , Curly Or Wavy Hair , Nor Were They Light Skinned , With Pink And Cream Pigmentation Of Their Skin They Were Dark , Brown To Black Nuwbuns / Nubians With Nappy Wooolly Hair . The Black Race's Greatness In America Books As People Of Timbuktu / Africa / Or The Olmeclans From Uganda , Africa Who Migrated And Walked Here To The North And South Ameria To Set Up Colonies Way Before The Continental Drift , And Were Accepted As Running The Richest Trading Expeditions Ever . But When It Comes Down To Us . ( Blacks In The Western World Today , Who Are Trying To Claim Back Our True Culture And Nationality As The Egiptians ) Who were chased Out Of Our Homes , The World Tries To Hide It . ( They Don't Mind Us Being Christians, Muslims Israelite Hebrew , Africans Or Indians . But They Don't Want Us To Link With Our Ancestor's Culture ) . You Can't Hide The Fact That The Egiptians Were Black , And That We Are The TrueEgiptures ! And I Can Prove It , All One Has To Do Is LQQK On The Wall's Of Egipt And Take A LQQk At The Nubians Walking Around Here In The West . LQQk At Their Noses And The Features Of The Nubians And Compair Them To The Pictures On The Wall's Of Egypt . Pictures Don't Lie . Just like the Europeans accepted Us nubians/ Nuwbus to be the first settlers of America , accept Us nowas the race of Egipt , who came here and settled from Uganda / Egipt . ( Accept The Fact That We Were The Pharaohs , Goddesses , Scribes , Alchemist , Pyramid Builders , Musicians . Dancers And Great Inventors Of Our - History . Accrpt The Fact That We As Egiptian Were Black Rulers . And Pure As Ever !! All You Have To Do Is LQQk On The Walls Of Sumeria And Egipt . And There You Will Find Yourself , The Negroid / Nubians / Blacks . You Will Find Your Blackness In South America And Central America As The Faces Of The Olmecs Long Before The Caucasoid And Mongoloid came here . ) . These Olmecs Had Obvious Negrold features and Kinky hair , which no other raceoe animal on the planet earth have . These statues reveal the truth about who indigenous people of the continents of Africa , and North and South America were as well as the whole planet earth first , We Are The Mother And Fathers Of All Other Race , And Secondly Know That They Are All Our Children . You Really Only Have Three Races ;
( 1 ) . Nubians
( 2 ) . Mongoloid
( 3 ) . Caucasoid
The 2nd And 3rd Race Came Fro, The First Original Black ( Negroid ) ! As Ture Egiptian , We Are Confirmed On The Walls Of Every Temple , Mir
( Pyramid ) . Sebkhet ( Pylon ) , Granite Stone And Tekenu ( Obelish Nee- dle ) There Is . So Why Are The Europeans Denying The Ture Race Of The Egiptians? We Are The Indigenous People Of Egipt , The Tahites '' Or The Tu'af . We Are Descendants . From Tah Who Was Also Called Ptah Meaning '' Opener '' These Names Preceded Egipt Which Is A Greek Word Called Aheegooptos Meaning '' Burnt Scorched Faces '' AsWell As The Word Kemet , Which Comes From Kham , The Son Of Noah And Naamah In Your Bible Old Testament Genesis 5 ; 13 And I Quote , And Cainan lived after he begat Mahalaleel eight hundred and forty years . and begat sons and daughters ;
It Also Precedes His Son Mitsrayim - Bible Old Testament Genesis 10 ; 6 And I Quote ; And the son of Ham ; Cush , and Mizraim , and Phut , and Canaan ,
And Misr Which Is The Name Used Today By Arabic Speaking Anglo - Egiptian Muslims In Their 1400 Years Old Quraan In Surah 12 Verse 99 And I Quote ; So when they ( brothers of Yosafe and their parents ) entered on Yosafe , hisparents took refuge unto him ; and he ( Yosafe ) said ; You enter Egypt / Mitzrayim , having faith . ( feeling secure ) if Allah pleases ;...
The Hyksos ( which means '' Shepherd Kings '' dynasty were light - skinned mixed Arabs And Greeks with straight hair and Syrian Phoenician features . There were allowed to invade Egipt after the great Pharaoh Khufu Removed The Immigration Ban So That The Egiptians Can Accept His Son's Rahotep Mixed Wife Nofret Who was Of A Mixed Race . This Is Why He Is Help In Such Great Esteem By Europeans And Is The Reason Why His Face Is Used On The Masonic Shriners Symbol . ( We , As Egiptians , Did Not Invite The Europeans To Our Home . They Invaded Our Home Land Africa , Just Like They Invaded America , And China . The Caucasians Stole All Of Out Natural Resources From Gold To Lapis Lazuli , To Malachite And Diamonds , They Stole South Africa Minerals . As Well As Their Birth Rite , And Culture , Then Left And Some Even Had The Nerve To Stay . The Same Incident Happened To The Egiptians . The Egiptians ' Land Was Invaded By Merely Being Generous , And Kind Hearted To These Different European '' Tammahu '' And Caucasian '' Tutaat '' Tribes ) .
Who Took The Egiptian's Kindness For Weakness , They Tied Into The Vine And Mixed Their Blood To Lessen Our Culture Of Nature's Respect And The Worshipping Of Our Ancestors , And Stomp Out Our Beautiful . They Replaced It With Their Monotheistic Beliefs In Spookism ( The Worship Of Nothingness , Of The Invisible . And Uncultured Practices ) . Archeologists And Many Historians Of Every Nationality Can Confirm That Egiptians Were Nubians / Nuwbuns / Black . TakeA Good LQQk At OurBody Form , Our Face Structure , Our Hair Texture And The Like Of Nubians / Black People Today , And You See We Are One And The Same . ( Ask Yourself Why We As Nubains / Blacks People Are The Only Human Beings On The Planet With Woolly Hair , 9 Ether Hair .) . The Europeans just don't want to accept us , Nubians , as Egiptians , The European race have no pictures on any wall for that matter telling of their History or Existence . It is simply because they can not verify themselves as a part of any His - Story or Culture , and this is why , Its because the Europeans = '' Pa Tamahu '' And The Caucasians '' Pa Tutaat '' cannot trace back their His - Story . Everybody knows that the original Ancient Egiptian Were Nubian / Blacks / Negroids . These Mixed Seeds In Egypt Today Are Trying To Pass Themselves Off As Egiptians , But They Are Indo - Arabs , Turks . Gypsy's , Greeks , Europeans , And The Likes . They Have Mixed Their Seed With Nubians , Egiptians , Ethiopians , Sudanese , Nigerians , Native Americans Haitians , And The Rest Of The Black Race There Is . ( They are NOT and I Re- peat Are NOT the Original Egiptians . It is easy for them to try to make the claim that they are Egiotians because Pale Skinned People Are Occupying Our Mother Land Today And Making Films , Documentaries And Movies That Give The Starring Roles To The White Race .< Sex and Race: Negro-Caucasian Mixing in All Ages and All Lands : The Old Worldby J.A. Rogers >>>
In 1967 A.D. An Author Name J.A. Rogers Wrote A Book Entitled '' Sex And Race '' . And Inside That Book On Page 46 , Where He Tell You That The Pharaohs Were Negroes , He States And I Quote ; ( Some of the faces of the rulers of this dynasty are clearly Negrold , The founder of the third dynasty , Sa - Nekht , Was AFull Blooded Negro , A Type Commonly Seen In The Egyptian Army Today , '' Then On Page 48 He Goes On To Say ; ''' E..A. W, Budge Gives A List Of The Egiptian God That Originated In The Sudan , The Land Of The Negroes , And Says '' There Is Little Doubt That The Great god of Tattu '' Memphis '' Ptah Was Originally A Great Handicraftsman And Worker In Metals Who Was Deified . It Was The Negroes In The South Who Introduced TheUse Of Iron Into Ancient Egypt , Prehistoric Iron Furnaces Discovered In Northern Rhodesia , Almost In The Heart Of Africa , By Nino Del Grande , Show That The Negro Knew The Use Of Iron Unto;d Centuries Before The European , Archaeologists Generally Agree That It Was The Negro Who First Discovered The Secret Of Iron .) With every proven document that confirms that the Egiptians were BLACK , the Europeans Society Denies It . But They Will Not Be Able To Keep Hiding The Truth . Here Is One Case That Has Been Filed Against The Federal Govenment . This Article Was Taken Out JET Magazine Dated For June 23, 1997 A.D. for Jet Magazine June 23 , 1997 A.D. >>
'' A dark -skinned Egiptian Immigreant recently filed a sult in Detroit to get the federal government to change his racial classification from White to Black . The man , Mostafa Hefny , 46 , said his classification is based solely on his country of origin , and it has kept him from seeking jobs , grants , scholarships and loans as a member of a minerity groups . . Hefny said although he's from Egypt his ancestry is from the Ancient Black Kingdom of Nubia , now a part of modern Egypt and Sudan . His Suit Targets of Management and Budget , which definer Blacks as having origins with the Black racial group of Africa and Whites as having origins from White to Black . The man , Mostufa Hefny . 46 , said his classifcation is based solely on his country of origin .., Hefny a naturalized U.S. citizen , said his hair is Kinkier , his complexion is darker and his features are more African than Blacks such as Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer and retired Gen . Cloin Powell. '' I was born and raised in Africa and they were not , , he said '' And yet they are classified as Black and I am classified as White '' No court date had been set for thelawsuit .
This is just oneof the many cases of Egyptians being mistaken as white . Lots of Egyptians in Egypt know their roots and true nationality which is black . So like I said before, you can't hide our Race . Here is another subject taken outof a book entitled . '' Before Adam ; The Original '' Man , By Prince Cuba Book Before Adam By Prince Cuba >> And hegoes to state; Despite the fact that the Genesis account as received from Moses and other sources . is a plagiarism of the earlier Egyptian and Babylonian creation myths ,most of us do not have this knowledge , While the roots of Egypt and Babylonia are Cu****e/ Black and we have recived the Bible from Europeans , it is from the latter that most of us have received its perspective , This has created a confusion in identity . Millions of people , as a result . have no sense of self-identity because of a lack of knowledge of themselves . The Bibles has been a graveyard for those without the understanding of it . Because of the lack of understanding , the lack of self-identity , and the lack of Right Knowledge , many have instead simply painted the characters in the Bible that are presented in a posittive , light as Black while ignoring the inconsistencies that might present themselves . The Egyptians are represented as oppressive . the Babylonians as evil as are Nimrod , Ham , Canaan , and all the pharaohs . They are all Black ! ( Why Is It That So Many Authors Around The World Recognize The Egyptian As Black But They Don't Want To Accept The Fact That American Negroes ARE The Egiptian Race . Read On AndYou'll Find Out That Two Greek Historian Have To Say . Here Are Two Statements Made By Herodotus ( 484 - 425 B.C. A Greek Historian Known As The Father Of History , Born In Halicarnassus ( Now Bodrum , Turkey ) . He Has Been Exiled From Halicarnassus About 457 B.C. For Conspiring Against The Persian Rule ) .
Click here: AOL Web Search: Results for "Herodotus ( 484 - 425 B.C. ) A Greek Historian" Later on , he went directly to Samos , from which he traveled throughout Asia Minor , Babylonia . Egipt , and Greeke . And A Greek Historian Diodorus Siculus ( 90 - 21 B.C. ) . Click here: AOL Web Search: Results for "A Greek Historian Diodorus Siculus ( 90 - 21 B.C. )" Born in Agyrium , Sicily ; he was a contemporary of Julius Caesar and Augustus , First emperor of Rome , Diodorus traveled in Asia and Europe and lived for a long time in Rome , collecting the material for his great Bibliotheca Historica '' BibleHistory '' ( Historical Library ) . ( '' The Egiptians and Nubians have thick lips , broad noses , wooly hair and burnt skin ... and The Indian tribes have mentioned , their skins are all of the samecolor , much like the Ethiopians ... their country is a long way from persia towards the south ... signed ; Herodotus
And upon his Return to Greece they gathered around and asked '' Tell us about this great land of The Blackscalled Ethiopia '' And Herodotus said'' there are two great Ethiopian nations . one in Sind ( India ) And The Other In Egypt '' Recorded by Diodorus . The Greek Archaeologist Have Taken All Of TheInformation And Artifacts That Don't Agree With Their Doctrine And Birned Them By The Thousands . It May Be Cruel ButIt Is True ...
The Only People Who Don't Know This Is The Negro Race . They Don't Know HowGreat They Were And Can Be Again . AndThey Will Never KnowUntil They Do Their Homework .. Once You Find Out About Your Greatness , It Will Eliminate The Inferiority Complexes That You Have . This Is Why It Is Important To Teach The Youth The Facts And Don't Let Them Get Caught Up In Factasies And Fictions . < We Are The Original Egipiand , Alway Were And Way's Will Be . :pc:
Black Mud


Khnum, in Egyptian, means molder. Khnum is usually shown as a ram-headed deity working at his potter’s wheel, fashioning men and all living creatures out of clay.
A passage from an Egyptian creation legend by Khnum follows:

The mud of the Nile, heated to excess by the Sun, fermented and generated, without seeds, the races of men and animals.
Passages of the Bible leave no doubt about the belief in the concept of the Divine Potter. Genesis, 2:7 mentions the material used to make man, the same type of substance used by Khnum:

Khnum, in Egyptian, means molder. Khnum is usually shown as a ram-headed deity working at his potter’s wheel, fashioning men and all living creatures out of clay.
A passage from an Egyptian creation legend by Khnum follows:

The mud of the Nile, heated to excess by the Sun, fermented and generated, without seeds, the races of men and animals.
Passages of the Bible leave no doubt about the belief in the concept of the Divine Potter. Genesis, 2:7 mentions the material used to make man, the same type of substance used by Khnum:

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.
The well-known Ancient Egyptian illustration showing Khnum, the Divine Potter, at his potter’s wheel, fashioning men from clay, was echoed thousands of years later in Isaiah, 64:8:

Yet, O Lord, thou art our Father; we are the clay, and thou art our potter; we are all the work of thy hand.

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

The Koran copied from the Egyptian too when they said Adam was made from "Black Mud"

“Avoid foolish questions, and genealogies” Titus 3:9

“Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which ministers questions rather than godly edifying which is in faith/Amen”-1 Timothy 1:4

The Gospel writer of Luke gives a genealogy of Jesus that may trace him to the Levite priest of Pharaoh Akhnaton/Aten. It seems to me that the story of Jesus living at the same time as King Herod, who died in 4BC was fiction. Luke talks about the birth of John the Baptizer and Jesus.

Zacharias and Elisabeth gives birth to John. Luke makes Elisabeth a “daughter of Aaron” (Luke 1:5). Aaron was the brother of Moses. Moses lived at the same time of Pharaoh Akhnaton and some Egyptologist make them one and the same. Aaron did have a wife Elisheba and Elisabeth could have been a named after her in a slightly modified way but the OT speaks not of Elisabeth. Luke speaks of Elisabeth and Mary as cousins who lived at the same time and visited each other house (Luke 1:36;40). First lets quote the Koran 19:28:

O Mary…
O sister of Aaron

On the face of it then Mary is the Aunt of Elisabeth which makes “thy (Mary) cousin Elisabeth” in Luke 1:36 could it be that recycled OT figures like:

Eli Sheba =Elisabeth wife and daughter of Aaron (Exodus 6:23) &

Miriam=Mary (Numbers 12:10) turned leprous by her brother Moses

If these OT & NT characters are Egyptian then incest would be in the royal blood to the throne.

Another mysterious quote from Luke 1:30-32 says that King David is the father of Jesus. It states “The Lord God shall give unto him (Jesus) the throne of his father David”. Jesus then says: “I’am the root and the offspring of David”-Rev 22:16.Well for all of this to be true to Egyptian kings then Jesus would have to be:

1.King Tutankamen and have the name of Amen

2.King Herod and Pilate didn’t know Jesus

3. King David (King Twthomosis III) is Jesus/King Tut great3father not father as reported in Luke 1:32. TwT=Dwd or David. Twthomosis was named after Thoth the god of writing and magic.

4.Solomon (King Amenhotep III) was Jesus/King Tut’s Grandfather. Solomon is the son of David. Likewise Solomon is linked to the god Thoth. Solomon is called “Jedidiah” meaning “By the word of the Lord”. Thoth is called “Lord of the words of God”

5. Jesus father (Akhnaton/Moses) lost his throne because he wanted to represent God only as Aton/Aten the same Hebrew word adon/lord. Akhaton also wanted to images of God either and he banned the Egyptian god Amen (unseen). Maybe this is why Jesus said he came not to destroy the Law/Maat but fulfil it (Matthew 5:17). King Tutankhaten changed his name back to Tutankhamen after being made a king to dissassociate himself from the Aten cult. Moses/Akhaton wanted to see god (be healed) of leprosy so that might of made him changed from Amen to Aten/Aton. In my other essays (The blessed) I prove the contexts of Matthew chapter five is Egyptian. Also I prove that Christian law was the same as Egyptian law. Besides the Ten commandments is a offshoot of the 42 negative confessions of individuals trying to be blessed (true of voice and heart). Amen was called the lord of truth and Maat/truth was the first divine matter which gave birth unto subsequent matter. The OT & NT had the same view of Amen (Isa 65:16, Rev 3:14 and 2 Cor 1:20)

Jesus is called Immanuel (Matthew:1:23) meaning “His Amen is God”. Amen is the god of truth/Maat who sets up laws for Osiris and Thoth to carry out. Aaron set up the Golden calf (Osiris). Osiris would judge the dead/living according to the 10/42 commandments This would make a strong case that Aaron, a Levite priest, is Egyptian. Let us not forget the Levite names Moses, Hophni, and Phinehas are all Egyptian, not Hebrew.

Across the Nile from Tell-El Amarna, there is the city of Mal-Levi, which means literally the city of the Levites. The Levites, according to the Bible, held priestly positions with Moses, when actually they held the very same positions with Akhnaton. There was no Isralite priesthood before the time of Moses. The Levites held priestly positions with Akhnaton and with Moses. Akhanton two high priest were:

A.Meryre II who was the high priest of Aten/Aton at the Amarna temple.

B. Panehesy who was chief sevitor of Aten/Aton at Amarna.

Moses to high priest:

A. Merari a son of Levi Genesis 46;11. The Egyptian equivalent of his name is Meryre

B.Phinehas, who was the son of Eleasar and grandson of Aaron (Exodus:6:25). The Egyptian equivalent of his name is Panehesy. Phinehas comes from the Egyptian word meaning Nubian/Black the same location where the cult of Amen and Osiris came from.if both Phinehas/Panehesy are one and the same this would make Aaron black along with his brother and sister Moses and Mary. Their pictures in Egyptian hieroglyphics don’t lie. They black. “It is generally, and reasonably, agreed today that if the members of the royal family of the 18th dynasty were foreign, they were Nubian…from their portraits they would seem to have been blacks”-Black Athena p384. Akhenaton was of the 18 dynasty.

Why was the true history of Jesus tampered with and stolen from its true time frame? Was it due to race or religion both or some other reason.

Notes: If I had chicken pox I could infect my brother by having contact with him. I could then go before the public with no medical knowledge and say I had magical powers from god.I tell the people my brother opposed me marrying a white girl so I had god give him chicken pox. Then I have a dispute with the Mayor over power and I perform a magic trick of turning my hand into chicken pox. This would be the same case with Moses inflicting leprosy to his sister Miriam.Would you believe I had the chicken pox or I got god to give it to my brother? Did not Moses perform a magic trick with his had turning “leprosy white” and don a veil to cover his face which people believe was leprosy too. All this would confirm Mantheo’s claim that Moses was kicked out of the Osiris/Amen ministry because he had leprosy. I’m saying this to prove Moses/Akhaton switched from Osiris/Amen to the sun cult.

Egyptian temples under Amen were dark mysterious places before Aten. The temples were roofed over by stone slabs that left only small slits cut in the stone to admit a little light .This was in keeping with sunset as an aspect of Amen being concealed. The Aten temples had no roof to allow the maximum amount of light from the solar disk of Aten. This was the same as the Hebrew’s who called god a sun Psalm 84:11 and the Hebrew tabernacle was built “for the sun” Psalm 19:4 Moses who was learned by Egyptian priest (Acts 7:22) took his dept of his knowledge of Egyptian religious ritual is proved by the closeness with which he followed it in constructing the Tabernacle.

Socrates according to the ancient playwright Aristophanes was killed because he didn’t believe Zeus/Amen was associated lightning/Fire. Socrates knew the original Egyptian Amen was sunset/dark not light. Aristophanes also said Socrates taught the religious not scientific principle of “Above below” which is linked to the Egyptian Thoth

Paul said: “For we walk by faith (Amen), not by sight (Aten)” 2 Cor 5:7 Paul a follower of Jesus made a repudiation of Aten/Aton the visual image of god against faith=Aman/Amen. The second root word in Hebrew for faith is Aman which is Amen. But in Rev:21:24 we again “Walk by its (Lamp) Light”.

Akhaton named a city Amarna after Amran (Imran) the name of Moses father and Akhaton’s god/father. Some bibles have Moses father as Amram in Egypt Am was sun and ram was Amen (Amen-Ra)

Jesus speaks to Moses in Mark 9:2-5 another indication they lived at the same time.

Review the similarity of the Golden calf of Aaron and Golden *** of Apuleius. Both dealt with Osiris the god who would bless the dead/living if their hearts and words were pure and true. Osiris was known as bull/calf and Gold and an *** separately. I have no evidence of golden *** being used together for Osiris.But, nevertheless, apuleius was an initiate into the Osiris/Isis mysteries. The Koran 7:148 states “Moses people made of their (gold) ornaments a calf (bull) after him (Moses)”. Is this true? Yes. The Egyptian historian Mantheo said Moses was also called Osiris. Osiris was known as the incarnation of Apis the bull in the second life.therefore Apis could be a living as well as dead representation.All of this proves that Mantheo was telling the truth and that Moses “people” knew the Egyptian religion.

The Body of Moses/Akhnaton hasn’t been located. Jude 9 may be a veiled reference to this. “yet Michael…when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses”.

Jesus wasn’t killed by Romans. The two thieves who died with him wouldn’t of been executed for stealing. Jesus crime called for stoning not hanging on a Cross and by Jews not Romans. Pontius Pilate washed his hands to indicate innocence was the custom of the Essence community not a Roman custom. Egyptian law stated you had have clean hands & mouth to get to heaven. Josephus reported in the Antiquities of the Jews Book 15 Chapter 10 that Herod was fond of the Essence. Jesus/King Tut was an Essence and they worshiped the “sun before rising”=Amen=concealed/unseen/sunset-The war of the Jews Book 2 Chapter 8 of the same author.

Evidence of the three wise/magicians (Matthew 2:1-3) can only be found in Egypt. The evidence can be found on walls in the temple of Luxor 1300BC and on a Box found in the Valley of the Kings. The three magician/astrologers tell of the birth of Jesus.Why can this only be linked with Egypt? This is strong evidence Jesus was originally African.


Biblical Inconsistencies on the Genealogy of Jesus
New Testament

Jesus' lineage was traced through David's son Solomon. Mt.1:6.
Jesus' lineage was traced through David's son Nathan. Lk.3:31.

The announcement of the special birth came before conception. Lk.1:26-31.
The announcement of the special birth came after conception. Mt.1:18-21.

Jesus' parents were told of their son's future greatness. Mt.1:18-21; Lk.1:28-35.
Jesus' parents knew nothing of their son's potential. Lk.2:48-50.

The angel told Joseph. Mt.1:20.
The angel told Mary. Lk.1:28.

There were 28 generations from David to Jesus. Mt.1:17.
There were 43 generations from David to Jesus. Lk.3:23-31.

Jacob was Joseph's father. Mt.1:16. Jacob is the personification of (Horus/Sun)
Heli {Sun) was Joseph's father. Lk.3:23.

He was to be called Emmanuel (Amen). Mt.1:23.
He was called Jesus. Mt.1:25.

Joseph, Mary, and Jesus flee to Egypt while Herod slaughters all males under 2 years old. Mt.2:13-16. (Note: Jesus' cousin, John, was also under 2 and survived without having to flee.)
Joseph, Mary, and Jesus did not flee to Egypt, but remained for temple rituals. No slaughter of infants is mentioned! Lk.2:21-39.


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