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Nov 22, 2002
Virginia Beach
Student...c/o 2003
f-ing is what we did
f-ed is how i feel
in addition to "used"... and "worthless"
but according to your philosophy
that should be about rite
cuz you said
"if i give my all and you give nothing
what will i have left?"
but see the tables have turned
and i can answer your question
you would have nothing
but a broken heart
a scarred spirit
and an undescribable shallow depth in your punce
my punce
the warm cavern
that i offered up to you soo many nites
and wen i didnt
i still gave in
expected soo much
from soo little
but your not all to blame
cuz you gave me hints
only handing out invites
wen the sun went down
but you would call me all day
let me leave my clothes
at your apartment
but hid them
in the backs of closets
and the bottoms of drawers
you wanted all of me
but none of me
denied my deepest feelings
so you could get the deepest feeling
didnt dare ask you
to sacrafice
that tite, gushy, just for you punce
for protection
i did
sacraficed commonsense
for your sense...
of touch
and speaking of which
was it really too much to ask for
to have you guarding me
instead of pimping me ("flirt with him to get us a drink")
exploitin me ("you could make a lot of money as a stripper")
not claimin me ("she's jus an incubator for my ****")
and on the real
this mite be the lil gurl in me
but i liked you
**** near loved you
and i expected
from you
but with expectations
comes disappointment
and im past that
Hey.... I know what you are talking about...... I think we have all been there, and have compromised ourselves when in our heart of hearts we knew better....

Sometimes I think, for women, we love so hard that we loose sight of who we are....

An orgasm.... only about 30 seconds..... the pain and agony that comes after being used can last a lifetime...

If you can't be his everything then don't be his anything....

The truth is the first time someone hurts you... SHAME ON THEM.... the second, the third and so fouth.. it's SHAME ON YOU FOR LETTING IT CONTINUE...

Way to grasp these emotions........ thanks for sharing.
Hi PoeticAlize
you wanted all of me
but none of me
Feeling the hurt, and sadness in your poem.
And the growth, because after realizing
how you have given your all, nothing
was given back,and it's showing me
the maturely level that you taken in really seeing
the whole picture. And it's not to your liking. Much love sis.
Keep the ink coming.



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