Brother AACOOLDRE : What men are 100 feet Tall???

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    By Andre Austin

    “The Egyptians of old thought like men a 100 feet tall. We in Europe are but Lilliputians (island of Lilliput were inhabitants are six inches tall)”-Jean Francois Champollion.

    Jean Champollion was a French language junkie who crack the Rosetta Stone unveiling the hieroglyphic (Medu Netcher) writings of the Egyptians that went out of existence between 450AD-1822AD which equals about 1,372 years of darkness. Their cursive writing of Demotic looks like a replica of how Arabs write today.

    Champollion saw the Egyptians as 100 feet tall because they worked in unity, harmony and one unit under 1 religion.

    Africans have now been divided up by religion and language and we are viewed as individuals. IN spite of another Frenchman Jean Houdin proving almost 10 years ago that they pyramids were built by external/internal ramps and counterweights and pulleys millions of people still believe Aliens helped the Egyptians construct it. This is all sated with no evidence. Watch Jean Houdin’s documentation and computer demonstration are convincing that can’t be refuted.

    First the white claimed that Abraham came from Ur with Mathematics for the Egyptians to use Pi and the golden ratio to helped them build the pyramids. The Pyramids were built before Abraham was a sperm drop. The Pyramids were built with Limestone and granite so where are the mud bricks built with and without straw? Then the whites say that the mythological citizens of Atlantis where white and they built the pyramids. Stop the madness. The Egyptians called themselves Kemet=The country of the Black people. The hieroglyphic determinative for people, society, community was a circle with triangles within it. If the Black meant land it would have had a line with circle under it.

    I would invite these doubters to read Cheikh Anta Diop who presents more than a dozen reasons to believe the ancient Egyptians were Black, Dr. Diop main thesis –that historical, archeological and anthropological they were black despite their lust for white females in their harem. When Herodotus visited Egypt in 450BC he saw black men with wooly hair. Their contact with whites wasn’t that extensive due to the fact they believed that any white person with red hair was aligned with Set (Satan). Any Red head caught was sacrificed.

    After hundreds of years of colonization and slavery we are now the Lilliputians (midgets) and the Europeans are the giants. They are organized and we are divided. Our leaders are killed who have the ability to bring the races together in unity; while those that divide the races are kept alive. We foolishly see the whites as blue-eyed devil as the Egyptians saw them as red head devils. They do not have supernatural powers of a 100 foot giant like we were once thought of. Giants or monumental feats of wonder are taken down or built up by sections/divisions which results in creating a whole or destroying it.

    We must act together AS-One and spit out all the poison that divides us.