Black Spirituality Religion : What makes YOU a God!

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    i came across a brother at one time whom i feel is really full of himself. there is nothing wrong with people having confidence but calling someone to worship you to me is overboard when one does not posess god-like attributes.

    I feel we all have the potential but some brothers/sisters are clearly not there yet such as eating gm foods still and not doing the best we can which is the first step i believe to gaining spiritual insight you have to be pure. i know im still in transition with the food thing so I wouldn't consider myself a goddess because I am not at that point in my existence to have that title imo. This brother had said worship your god, and i was like he crazy he is not my god smh.

    So I ask to people who have more knowledge than I why do you call yourself God. What qualities do you posses that warrant you that title? people just get up one day and say im a God?