Black Spirituality Religion : What Laws Did The Prophet Messiah Yashu'a / Jesus Follow ? ( 613 )


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Apr 25, 2004
At This Time I Feel It Is Quite Nessessary To Show You , For Years Christians Have Propagated As Yashu'a's Law , Who You All Refer To As Jesus Christ What They Feel Are Yashu'a's Teachings . It Is Obvious That They Don't Have A Clear < Overstand > To The Question They Are Asked , So They Figure They'll Just Tell Them Anything . Since Christian Have Propagated That Yashu'a Is Their '' Personal Savior '' < I Want To Know , If That's So , Then Why Don't They Follow The Same Laws That Yashu'a Followed ? For Example ; You Don't Find Christian Dressing Like Yashu'a ( Jesus ) Dressed In His Times ! And They Kow How He Dressed , And , Don't Try To Fool Me ! You Read About It EveryDay Or EverySunday Or EveryFriday Depending On Their Belief . When They Read Their Bible , In Revelation 3 ; 5 , 4; 4
6 ; 11 . They Know Because You Find Them Wearing White For Their Baptism Ceremonies , You Also Find Them Wearing The Veil When They Are Getting Married Most Of Their Picture Of Yashu'a Show Him Wearing A Long White Gown . Read The Above Quotes And Tell Me You Don't Know , Or Are They Just Too Lazyyy To Follow All Of Yashu'a's ( Jesus ) Laws They Way They Say They Do . Christian Don't Even Receive Their Circumcision Properly Like Yashu'a Did Luke 2 ; 21 ...
Why Don't The Christians Practice The < SABBATH > On The Same Day Such As Jesus Did , If They Say They Follow His Laws ? And You Know They Know Because The Seven Day Adventist And The Jehovah's Withnesses Do ( Mark 2 ; 27 ) , Christians Don't Pry Like Yashu'a ( Jesus ) Prayed . You Know What Gets Me , And I Want To Ask You . Why Is The Pope Always Seen < Prostrating ? Matthew 14; 23
26; 39 .. So I'm Asking . What Laws Are The Christian Following ? Why Don't They Folow The Same Laws That Jesus Followed , When They Say They Follow Jesus' Footsteps And Are Waiting For His Return Someday ? During The Time Of Yashu'a
( Jesus ) The Children O Israel Had Strayed Far , Far Away From The Laws That Thoth - Mose ( Moses ) , Son Of Amram And Jochebed . Taught And Folowed He Was The One Sent To Deliver The Children Of Israel From The Land Of Tama - Re
( Egypt ) In Which They Were In Captivity For Over 430 Years Exodus 12 ; 40 . Remember The Twelve Tribes Were Brought Into The Land Of Tama - Re ( Egypt ) By Way Of Joseph ( Son Of Jacob By His Favorite Wife Rachel . Exodus 1 ; 5 -- 7
After Thutmose ( Moses ) Successfully Released The Children Of Israel Out Of Bondage , He Was Given A Set Of Laws , Commandment , And Tables So That The Children Of Israel Could Obey His Instructions . Exodus 24 ; 12 < Laws Yashu'a Followed .
Laws Yashu'a Followed Torah New Testament
Circumcision Lev 12 ; 3 Luke 2;21
Sabbath Exodus 31; 15 L uke 4 ; 16
Accociating Image With Exodus 20; 1- 26 Matthew 4 ; 10
The Creator
Obeying Laws Exodus 13 ; 9 10 Matthew 5 ; 17 - 18
Anointing Exdus 40 ; 13 John 9; 6, 11
Not To Tempt The Lord Deut 6 '; 16 Matthew 4 ; 7
Honor Father And Mother Exodus 20; 14 Matthew 4 ; 7
Being Tempted Deut 8 ; 3 , 6 ; 16 Matthew 4 ; 1 - 11
Luke 4 ; 1 - 13
Cures Whoever Doesn't Follow Deut 27 ; 26 Luke 16 ; 17
Fasted Judges 20 ; 26 Matthew 4 ; 2
Prostrating In Prayer Number 20; 6 Matthew 26 ; 39
Not Eating Pork Deut 14 ; 8 , Lev 7 ; 8 Mark 7 ; 18 - 19
Intoxication Is A Sin Lev 10 ;9 Luke 1 ; 15
Wearing A Beard Lev 19 ; 27 John 7 ; 19
Wearing Of WhiteRobes Exodus 29 ; 5 - 6 Rev 3 ; 5 , 7 ; 9
Sacrifice Exodus Chapter 7 Mark 9 ; 49
Passover Exodus 12 ; 28 Matthew 26 ; 18 - 19
Wearing A Prayer Cap Job 19 ; 9 Rev 4; 4 , 9; 7
Read This Job 4 ; 1 < So Before I Go On I'd Like To Ask Christian ; Are The Above Laws Familiar To You And If Not , I Ask Why ? Because According To The Previous English Definition If You Claim To Be Follower Of Jesus Son Of Mary , You Would Do The Things He Did . Am I Correct So Far ? So Ask Your SoCalled Teachers , Leader And Preachers These Same Question And By Their Answers You'll Undoubtly See Whether Or Not They're Of God ''
Thutmose ( Moses ) Received His Scripture In Portions ; They Are Often Referred To As Pentateuch '' <<< Derived From The Greek For '' Five Scroll '' This Term Applies Collectively To The First Five Books Of The Old Tesament . These Are The Five Books Of The Old Testament .
Genesis Completed In ( 1512 B.C.E. )
Exodus Completed In ( 1512 B.C.E. )
Leviticus Completed In ( 1512 B.C.E. )
Number Completed In ( 1473 B.C.E. )
Deuteromoy Completed In ( 1473 B.C.E. )
What Are The Arabic And Hebrew Name For These Books ?
In Ashuric Syriac ( Arabic ) These Books Are Referred To As At Tawraah . This Word Originates From The Ashuric Syriac ( Arabic ) Root Word '' Wara'a And Its Meaning May Be Expressed In The Well Knowing Saying '' Seeing Is Believing ''
The ( Aramic ) Hebrew Name For These Books Is '' Torah '' Which Means '' Law '' Or '' Teaching '' In The Sense Of Divine Instruction . Many People Think That The Old Testament Consists Of 39 Books . However , To Torah That Was Inspired To Thutmose ( Moses ) Only Consisted Of Five Books Genesis , Exodus , Leviticus , Numbers And Deuteronomy .
The Books Of Genesis ;
The Books Of Genesis Which Means '' Origin '' Was Given To Thutmose ( Moses ) At The Age Of 80 In The Wilderness , In 1512 B,C,E. This Book Contains The Account Of Man's Creation , The Great Flood Of Utnafishtim ( Noah ) , Son Of Lamech , Time And A Large Record Of The Early History Of The Chosen Family . This Book Covers The Lives Of Men From The Line Of Kadmon ( Adam ) 4026 - 3096
B.C.E. Down To Joseph 1818 - 1708 B.C.E. The Son Of Jacob 1918 - 1771 B.C.E .
The Book Of Exodus
The Second Of The Five Books Of The Torah Was Called '' Exodus '' Which Thutmose ( Mose ) Received In Syriac ( Ancient ) Arabic And Hebrew In The Wilderness In 1512 B.C.E. Exodus Meaning '' Going 'Forth '' This Book Entails Recording Of The History Of The Children Of Israel And Their Journey To The Land Of Canaan Under The Leadership Of Thutmose ( Moses ) .
The Book Of Leviticus
The Next Book Thutmose ( Moses ) Received Was The Book Of Leviticus Meaning
'' The Law'' Thutmose ( Moses ) Received This Book In The Wilderness In 1512
B.C.E. This Book Entail The Laws Concerming Moratals . Cleanliness , Dietary Habits , Etc . For More Information On The Book Of Levitcus ( Refer To '' Leviticus )
The Book Of Numbers ;
The Fourth Of The Five Book Of The Torah Is Called Numbers Meaning '' Counting The People '' This Revelation Was Received By Thutmose ( Moses ) In Syriac Arabic In The Plains Of Moab In 1473 B.C.E. This Book Contains The Accounts Of The Pilgrimage Of The Childern Of Israel And Their Forty Years Wandering In The Wilderness .
The Book Of Deuteronomy
Lastly , The Book Of Deuteronomy Which Literally Means '' The Repetitions Or The Law ' This Book Was Also Given To Thutmose ( Moses ) In Syriac Arabic In The Plains Of Moab During 1473 B.C.E. The Book Contain Accounts Of The End Of Thutmose's ( Moses ) Days With The Rebellious Israelites And Begining Of Their Destruction . Within These Books Beside The Detail Of The Life And Actions Of The Messengers , Starting From Kadmon ( Adam ) And Ending With The Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad , They Contained Code Of Laws That Were Give To Thutmose
( Moses ) For The Ordering Of The Common Life . This Is Why When You Read The Books . Mainly The Four Gospels ( Matthew , Mark , Luke And John ) You Will Frequently See Yashua ( Jesus ) Referring To The Laws Of Old Brought By Thutmose ( Moses ) < Luke 24 ; 44 , John 1 ; 17 , John 1 ; 45 , John 7 ; 23 ) ..
What Is The Meaning Of The Word '' Law ''
According To '' The American Heritage Dictionary '' The Word '' Law '' Is Defined As
1 . A Rule Of Conduct Of Procedure Established By Custom , Agreement , Or Authority . 2 A The Body Of Rules And Principles Governing The Affairs Of A Community And Enforced By A Political Authority ; The Ashuric Syriac ( Arabic ) Word For Law Is Shari'ah Which Means ; A Rule Established By Authority ; Society Or Custom 2 . A Code Of Ethics Or Behavior '' This Word Takes It's Root From ; Shara'a Meaning To Introduce , Enact , Prescribe , Give , Make Laws .
The Aramic / Hebrew Word For Law Is '' Towrah '' Or '' Torah '' These Letters Are Equivalent To The Ashuric Syriac ( Arabic ) Word Wariyya Which Means A View In Greek The Word For Laws Is ; '' Nomos ''
What Is The Difference Between Laws And Commandments ?
As Mentioned Previously The Word For Laws In Ashuric Syriac ( Arabic ) Is '' Shari'ah . The Word For Commandment Is '' Wasiah '' And Means Direction . Instruction , Injunction , Order '' Many Times Throughout The Scriptures You Will See A Distinction Being Made Between A '' Law '' And A Commandment '' Take A LQQK At Exodus 24 ; 12 As You Can See The Neter Shil Neteru Made A Daistinction Between Law , Commandment And Stone Tablet . The Commandment Is What Is Asked Of You .. For Instance The First Commandment That Was Given To Man Kadmon ( Adam ) Was Not To Partake Of The Tree Of TheKnowledge Of Good And Evil ; Genesis2 ; 17 << This Was The First Commandment Given To Man . This Was '' Asked '' Of Him Because Man Violated This Commandment , He Was Punished For This Action , And Was Expelled From The Delight And His Gift Of Everlasting Life Was Revoked . As Time Went On Man Was Given A Second Chance By Neter Shil Neteru To Amen For His Sins And If He Obeyed Then He Would Inherit His Right Back To The Enclosed Garden Of Delight ( Commonly Know Today As '' Heaven '' Or Paradise '' However , Man Continued Disobeying His Commandments Until Man Became So Displeasing In The Eyes Of Eluh = God . That He Destroyed The Entire Population By Water ( Known To Many As The Great Flood Or Deluge ) During The Time Of Utnafishtim ( Noah ) Son Of Lamech And Kamiylah < If You Were To As Any Real Theologian / Biblical / Authors / Scholars How Many Commandment Are They And If They Are Truely Truthful They Will Tell You 613 > Can You Say You Follow All The 613 Commandment Honesty Without Any Excuse ? < Don't Believe Me Check It Out .. And Are You Following The Prophet Messiah Yashu'a = The Follower Of Yashu'a
Or Are You A Paulite = The Follower Of Paul ?


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Feb 26, 2013
I can see clearly in this it's misunderstood what the Son was sent for so that we might have salvation. He came to fulfill the law, and not to teach us to do as the Israelites had done in former times, for that was a burden they could no longer bear. He has taken this burden from upon our shoulders with His sacrifice for our sins, and has guided us on the road of redemption with our faith in the Father's Word and belief in His Son's resurrection and works.

We must do as He has one in the Spirit, and not think we can or should do as He had done in works of the body.

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