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Jun 18, 2004
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a person lays upon a bed. one moment they are alive. the next minute they are dead. what has happened? in that minute the chemical and physical nature of the body is unchanged. in fact, sometimes people can be brought back to life.

so, what just happened? what is it that changed? how is the body alive in one moment and not alive in the next?

what is life then?
Your are "Life"


As long as the body is in accord with the "Natural Order of Things" meaning...the body has not been internaly altered from it's Natural state of design..."We" live.
When the body has reached its limits of supporting the "Life" that is "You"...the "Spark" that drives it...must move on to another body in a "New-Birth".

The "Spark" that is "you" sits in the "Pimeal" gland that was honored by our ancestors by the ware-ing of the "Uraus" head band with the simbels of "Upper and Lower Kemet (KMT) represent the "Unity" of our Black People.

We have always been and all ways will be...We are the so-called Alpha and Omega. "I am because we are and we are because I am"...Take off your are on "Holy Ground"!

Afrikan (KMT) proverb: "People Know Your Self"



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