Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : WHAT IS WRONG WITH BRAIDS??? UHHH!


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Nov 25, 2009
In response to the original question...

There's nothing wrong with braids...they're intricately crafted strands of Afrikan beauty...and I lOVE them- If people don't like em Sis, tell them to LOOK AWAY! :whip:

lol :toast:


Apr 6, 2010
I long for that day too, Sis...I'm trying to head up the movement in my part of the world- or at least on my street lol!! :toast:

I know it's coming... lol. We are recovering from the past generations brain washing with the new generations paying less attention to who can fit in with the whities and in doing so we are developing a greater appreciation for our own culture, hair, and ways. Light vs. dark is becoming an ancient way of thinking and behaving and the years of brown paper bags and silky hair for acceptance are no longer as much of an issue. It gives me hope that things are finally starting to change. Does anyone else notice that in most of the commericals we see today, they are using models of all shades with natrual hair? I think it's starting to send a subliminal message....:)

Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006
In the Spirit of Sankofa and Real Truth!

I have my hair like this currently, to aid my natural transition, which is going well (small-ish kanekalon braids- not micro- plaited all the way down, sealed with hot water at the ends)- and I love how delicate it looks, and how easy it is to 'wear'. Although on the whole, my experience has been that I get approached less with an Afrikan hairstyle (like if I'm out in a club), the men that I DO get approached by are of a whole different 'calibre', on a whole different so much as the way they will respectfully approach you (no grabbing my hand/arm, touching me without permission, hissing, "hey, yo")...I went out last just Saturday, and was referred to as an 'Empress' by one Brother...another Brother asked my friend to introduce him to me, because he felt that I seemed 'Regal', and was intimidated to approach me!! That has never happened before in my life, certainly not when I used to have relaxed hair, or wear weaves... In the beginning, my option to wear my hair in braids DID correlate strongly with a decrease in male attention, which I must admit that I missed...but I now I see that I appear to be attracting a different kind of man, which I much prefer :toast: I get mixed responses from females- some voice their liking for my hair. When I used to wear relaxers or weaves, alot of Black women on the club scene viewed me as some kind of 'competition'- the things they would say and their actions would show me that. Now that I have braids, I see that they are alot more comfortable with me because I am no longer a percieved 'threat' to them (and their lace-front wigs LOL!!) - I get alot less attention from men when I go to these commercialised venues, and those women clearly feel more comfortable with do I :toast:

Hotep :)

Well...this explains why I call you Queenie, enquiring_mind, its a good thing I'm not intimidated:)...Peace In my sister friend, for real!



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Mar 21, 2001
Braids are beautiful , i've seen many many styles and how braidfs are displayed
or style'd

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