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Mar 22, 2004
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Last September I had a dream about a lynching. I was riding with some people that i knew as friends (or at least not straight up enemies). They started wondering aloud what it would be like to have a real lynching. I got out of the car and told them they were crazy then they all looked at me. I can't remember if it was me or another person in the dream. The next month in October someone in Chicago called me and told me he read in the paper there had been a lynching in my town in September. This brotha was riding with some friends and they tied him to the back of their truck and dragged him around til he died.

This is eerie. But I wonder what was the point of having a dream if I don't know who what when and where it's about and can't do a thing to change or prevent the situation?


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Feb 4, 2007
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I read about this 'dragging' death recently. Apparently this brother felt that his friend (white guy) was too intoxicated to drive, argued with him, and got out of the car. The driver, in his drunken anger, ran him down with the car, then tried to flee, dragging him far in that attempt--killing him.

In terms of warning someone of this soon-to-occur event -- how could you have? Impossible, without more details. I think that some dreams are precognizance. I also believe that a lot of the events that we think of as dejavu are events that we have dreamed about previously, and that is why they seem so familar to us.

I additionally believe that dreams are personal messages to us. No matter how disconnected we may seem to the circumstances of the dream, the pysche may be using such extremities to get your attention--and keep it--by placing that message in a forum you would be sure to remember upon awakening.

I would venture to say this dream has something to do with those friends whom you referred to as "not straight up enemies." (interesting reference.)Then beyond that, I would venture no more, because, as always, "more will be revealed......" :qqb017:

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