Black People Politics : What is the Senate trying to do now? Ex-Patriot Act

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    What is the proposal of this new act and why? Those who leave this country due to taxes will be taxed outside of this country 30% and will not be allowed back into this country should they decide to come back. All money that is made in this country from their company be it internet or through trades and services will be taxed 30% and they can go back 10 years. If you make over 148,000 a year and you decided to leave this country - you will be taxed at a rate of 30 % and will not have access back to this country. This bill is being proposed because Eduardo Saverin Co-Owner of Facebook renounced his American citizenship.

    What does this mean to us internet folks? It means the world - Facebook is an internet based website and thus in order for this law to pass they have to pass a solid taxation law on site owner who generate money from their websites and I'm not talking about sales taxes which is already in place. The laws will clamp down and it will be that much harder - but you want to know my opinion of this Eduardo Saverin - well I will give it anyways.

    This new proposed law is by no means constitutional - I hear people on here arguing the wrong debate in concerns to this new law they want to pass. Its not about Eduardo Saverin leaving this country its about: "is what these government officiasl are proposing - is it constitutionally legal"? Personal income taxes is NOT Constitutional but yet corporate taxes are. The ratification of the constitutional law in 1913 was done under false pretenses which is the same year the privately owned corporation called Federal Reserves was born. Ironically the IRS is a branch of this same organization. In 1913 America became a corporation - and thus its legal for corporations to tax but its illegal still to tax personal income based on the law of this land. What they are doing is against the American Constitutions but because many of us don't know this or refuse to believe it - they are have their way. If the American government is breaking the law which they have been doing sense 1913 then Eduardo Saverin has every right to leave if this country is not upholding its original ordinance. Each man or woman born on this soil has the right to demand that their Constitutional rights be respected.

    Eduardo Saverin had decided to not be a strawman but to go under the law as a free and natural citizen not bound by the laws of a Corporation but to be bound by the laws of the Constitution and which is absolutely right. When the corporation decided not to respect his freedom - he realized that he's not dealing with the same country the white forefathers built but a country that has been plagued with greed - the greed the forefathers of this country tried to advert which lead to the Boston Tea Party. The Brits drained the original forefathers of this nation through taxes and history is repeating itself as the government has drained the American people with taxes. I say Congrads Eduardo Saverin and thus this law must not pass or the American people have sealed their fate!!!