Chief Elder Osiris : What Is The Requirement To Be An American

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    First of all what does being an America mean, is it Saluting the Flag, standing up with your hand over your Heart when you hear the American Anthem, does it mean saying the pledge of allegiance, is it being loyal to all America does without complaint, going to fight America wars and acting and behaving like white America and be willing to jump into America Melting pot?

    Now the question, what is the requirement to be an American, well when it come to Black people in America, the first thing required of us is to forgive everything that America has done to Afrika and the Afrikan Black Nation, you must totally exonerate and proclaim that America has been vindicated for all of the evil done against Black People, and in America in particular.

    Meeting the requirement to become an American require that you take on all of the action America has performed in the world and give America your approval of the way America came to be America.

    you must approve of the way America treated the Native people of this Land that came to be known as America, you must be in approval of all of the evil perpetrated against the Native people of this now American Land, yes you must become the liar, deceiver, and murderer that acted out against the Native people of this land now call America, you must sign on to become a lying and deceiving murderer in order to be an American, yes you must consent to become a thief and a robber in order to become an American.

    To become an American is very commanding and demanding, you must be willing to forsake being your self in order to meet the requirement of becoming an American and you must be a proud American if you are to be an American, you must take on the action and responsibility of America in order to become an American and yes you must become a confessed part of the constructionist American who constructed the institution of Chattel Slavery and Enslaved our Afrikan Ancestors, that is a requirement in order to become an American, be you white, Jew, gentile, or an Afrikan seeking to become an American or is confessing to be an American.

    Being an American require that you be willing to take on the responsibility of the Evil of America performance in the world and against the Black Afrikan World, you see you can not partake in the good of America without partaking in the Evil of America and in America when it come to Black Afrikan people, America Evil out weigh America good and that include America Obama today.

    America evil past run to deep for an Obama presence to be enough to cover that evil hole America has dug in the Black World, yet to claim to be an Afrikan American require that you fore go having that evil hole to be covered up with repentance, justice, respect and Reparation restitution and for you to take a hold of the whip as you become approval of every whiplash that went across the back of our Enslaved Mothers and Fathers, by you being an Afrikan American you become the American who raped our Mothers and Castrated our Fathers and placed the noose around our mother and fathers neck to be hanged, that is what it take to be an American, it is required that you become those Americans who performed all of the evil it took for America to become America today.

    So when you take your oath to become an American or to your consent to be grandfathered into becoming an Afrikan American, it is as if to say to the Native Americans and to our Enslaved Ancestors to Hell with You, we rather become as the America thief and robber, rapist and murderer, homosexual and pedophile.

    You are saying that you consent to acquire the evil reputation of America in order to become an Afrikan American and I say may the Ancestors, both Afrikan and the Native of the land now call America come from the Grave to rebuke you who claim to be an Afrikan American and is in compliance to the reputation of White America of which it stand upon the graves of those untold numbers whose occupants are of a different phenotype than White America and who represent the evil founders of America, those whom are now revered and is referred to as being the founding fathers of a Land soaked with the Blood of the Native of this land and with the Blood of our Enslaved Ancestors unjustly and the requirement to be an American is that you take on the responsibility of America, past and present action.

    Can You Understand That,Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

    Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement

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