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The Age of Aquarius
Sep 27, 2005
26 Black Towns Destroyed: Non-white people do not have the power nor enforced action to destroy areas dominated by non-black people.

26 Towns Destroyed: Engineered by dams and reservoirs:

Eye always thought it strange that black people never progressed after so-called emancipation proclamation:

1. We were burned out
2. We were lynched out
3. We were bombed out
4, We were flooded out
5. We were robbed of our land

These 26 towns are just a tip of the iceberg.

1. Little Egypt NC
Belews Lake

2. Fonts Flora NC
Lake James

3. Ferguson SC
Lake Marion

4. Savannah SC
Lake Martin

5. Oscarville GA
Lake Lanier

6. Kennett, CA

7. Baird, CA

8.Elmore, CA

9. Morley, CA

10. Cebolla, CO

11. Sapinero, CO

12. Jerusalem, CT

13. Dillon, CO

14. Oldfield, IN

15. Round Valley, NJ

16.Warren, MD

17. Dana, MA

18. Enfield, MA

19. Greenwich, MA

20. Prentiss, MA

21. Brown's Station, NY

22. Old Neversink

23. Long Island NC
Lake Norman

24. Birmingham KY
Kentucky Lake

25. Benson, AL
Lake Martin

26. Vanport OR
Columbia River

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
A Covid 19 - vaccines - boosters
B. Climate Change
C. Global White Supremacy/Racism

yeah ... of the three, I gotta go with the racism ... omg.

It's really hard to take, in spite of our ability to do so generation after generation after generation

It simply has not gotten easier for me.

Loving Us!



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