Black People : What Is The (Altered) State Of The (Black) Nation: 2014?

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    Yes, it seems and sounds it merely matters if he or she is just 'doing their (own) thang', also we are just expected to be there for them as a given, or if we air our own concerns or worries etc., then some folks comebacks is we get labelled as a part of the problem?

    Instead, I was raised expected to accept some responsibility for my own deeds and words, which might some like fantasy tripping, whereas it's only to those who are themselves....


    I feel and think some folks are heavily into denial, i. e., as regards their bad calls ad naseum, and/or about how their actions do bring about what should be expected consequences...

    My and the as well as more to the point:

    Whereas so many of us accept the option of single female headed households, absentee biological days, kids literally raising themselves, and/or a growing number feeling/thinking they are already the equals of some adults, etc., the concept of taking care of home first should be a given...

    So, posters, can we truly move above and beyond making more excuses for our relations shortcomings, and come up with new means/ways/etc. to change minds (then wrongheaded behaviors etc.)?

    After all, our young people emulate our behavior, good or bad...