Chief Elder Osiris : What Is Right With Black People, Is What Is Wrong With Black People.

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    What Is Right With Black People, Is What Is Wrong With Black People.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    You know, I have been doing some deep Meditation of a Divine Nature concerning Black people, because there is something seriously the matter with our people.

    No, this is not meant to be demeaning or sarcastic or down loading on Black people, this is to reveal to you that there is something seriously injuriously that has happen to Black people and it has happen in a very unique way, and it had to be, because of the caliber and quality Black people we were before the happening occurred to Black people that caused us to abandon our Divine mind.

    There were long and meticulous planning and strategy that took place in order to get Black people to behave and look at the world as we do today, and the behaving and looking done by Black people, show is not normal, not in comparison to the original way of behaving and seeing, that was done by Black people before the Primitive Time Black people appeared upon this Planet Earth.

    Now, this is not to share that in Primitive Time of our Humble arrival to this planet, that we did not act normal, and in this case normal mean Divine.

    So, our Primitive Ancestors did in fact behave Divinely, but then something did happen upon this planet Earth that caused Black people to begin to behave abnormal, meaning contrary to our normal Divine way of living our lives.

    So you see, the way Black people behave today is a demonstration that something is seriously right with Black people, and the right is an indication that something terribly wrong, and did in fact happen to Black people to have Black people showing a calm acceptance in the presence of our Life suffering.

    The reason I share with you that something is seriously right with Black people is an indication that what ever the Luciferian Devil, Satan, did to Black people, upon this planet earth, it did work to perfection, and that perfection is in the company of Evil.

    So, yes Evil is working perfectly well in the lives of Black people and Black people believing and behaving just as we have been conditioned to believe and behave, doing so with a profane mind.

    Black people ignorance of self is in keeping of Black people being right in the way we look at the world and can not see a **** Thing wrong with it, all because that is the caliber of Mind Black people function with today, making us to be right in the way we act a fool with and toward each other today.

    Black people mind has been so concentrated upon, for the purpose to have Black people using method of believing that will have Black people wanting to be more like people that are entirely different than we are, so that we can prove that we do not look at ourselves no different than we look at other people of a difference than Black people.

    It does not matter to Black people how much Black people are prejudice against or kept below the poverty line, because of the belief, that black people function much better in a low level mental configuration in the world than anyone else that is different from Black people.

    Such a Black perception of self, cause a believing that Black people should have something to prove to the world before given a certain level of consideration to be treated with Divine respect, this is such a behavior that is developed from being mentally conditioned to believe that everybody that is of a different Ethnic group than Black people, is deserving to be treated much more respectful than Black people are treated, and Black people believe such to be true, and act such a belief out by a use of a profane spirit, because of the way Black people mind is placed under the control of those people who have and still is oppressing Black people today.

    So yes, because of the low quality of Mind Black people function by, such a Mind teaches Black people to behave as we do today, so Black people is behaving in the right way that such a low caliber of mind guide black people to act.

    So today, it is right for Black people to act ignorant and as a fool, and would be wrong for Black people to act other wise, given the profane mind that control the lives of Black people today, as Black people behave in accordance to the caliber of mind that Lucifer the Human Being has instilled such a profane method of believing about the Black self and the events that occur in the world today, as reacted to by Black people.

    To operate without your Divine Mind is to be under the slave mind of those whom Black people hold to high esteem, and Black people do not hold Black people to high esteem today.

    It happen to be the oppressors of Black people that Black people honor, respect, and glorify, all because such a Mind that now guide Black people have Black people behaving that way, honoring our oppressors, and based upon a profane mind, that is the right way for Black people to behave against themselves.

    So yes, it is all about the quality and caliber of Mind that is guiding your life that determine the way you are going to behave in life and right and wrong is determined by the caliber and quality of Mind that is in the possession of the method of use to measure life way of functioning by, and a low down mind have a low down life living way of making decisions to be the right way to decide things about the Black life, that is absent of a Divine Mind guidance.

    Today, Black people must be taught to know that it is acting wrongly by the way we now act today, and such Divine knowledge will lead us in making Divine decisions for our lives, and will cause Black people to reason Divinely about the wrong way we need to be behaving in life today, which will have it to be the Divine way we need to be behaving in life.

    Wearing a religious mind have you to be right to believe that Jesus is real and did all of those things that Lucifer wrote in the bible for you to believe, and if you choose not to believe all of those lies about God, then you would be wrong, and if you believe all of those lies about God then you would be right.

    So, it is to the advantage of Black people to be wrong toward the not acceptance of the religious doctrine, rather than to be right in submitting to that religious doctrine that now control the Mind practice of Black people today, being right in the way we embrace religion, causing Black people to be wrong in being right in the way we believe toward religion.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Let The Wise Among Us Know What Has Been Divinely Shared With You Today.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved



    Chief Elder

    [email protected]
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    well Heard brother Chief Elder
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    Here is the secret to what happened to all people....

    The world made kindness and happiness lame or weak.....

    Therefore every one ran from it.....

    In this world no one can say kind thingz or do kind thingz for people with out being put n to a category....

    Look into all the cities and so forth ... look into the Beatles songz ....

    They all tell the same tale ... the destruction of the gift of kindness .....

    Or to alter it into something that no one wantz....

    But it is not a race thing .... there is a certain percentage of each race that is part of hate breed .... it is natural for them to hate .....

    It is part of the balance but it is over balanced and that is why the earth has been turned on itz poles

    It seemz very simple .... such a very simple answer ???? how could this be???

    Everything simple growz into something complex... such as a single cell amoeba..

    Such as a virus turns into cancer .... such as zygote turns into a baby...

    Such as a butterflies wind can cause a tornado... it is all so simple....

    The one gift of kindness and respect "not from material gain but just for existing" has been altered and this is were we are because of it....

    If a person were to go into public and be kind to people all day ....

    People would think they were trying to sell something, steal something, rob, or rape ....

    Because in their mind that is what they would do ...... see we are all connected.........