Black Spirituality Religion : What Is Resurrection ?


Music Producer said:
It use to mean the doctrine GOD did over.
But now that GOD has enlightened me and showed me the true way, it now means Doctrine of The Dammed.

What you think?

Music Producer,

Please excuse me if you don't welcome my offer to your threading.

I don't fully agree with all that you've said here, but you seem to be a moth that's recognized flame for what it is. Obviously you don't discard the entirety, as the flame teaches or re-minds of The? light you seek, but I thought I'd share a piece of my very limited experience with you. 'Children', if you will, one of which I am as are we all, don't necessarily take well to negative references about their 'parent(S)', regardless of parental temperament, and despite parental 'doner status' via surrogate parthenogenesis. ~ OR ~ a child 'process' isn't NECESSARILY aided in it's path toward a 'goal' of parental syncronicity with YOUR 'help' or MY 'help' or anyone's 'help'. Ask and listen to share information, non-stop, is what I try to do.

It just seems that you are on the fringes of incitement. There a many good people at various stages of 'enlightenment' if I may use the word without offending. It can be difficult to talk to a person you have 'offended' or insulted. BUT please allow me to share some second-hand, quoted transcription from a speech given by a man named Bobby Hemmitt and I hope you enjoy this. Please excuse me if this is a bit remedial for you.

"This is a book on alchemy, it’s still in print its called Alchemy Unveiled by Johannes Helmond let me read one part, it says page 175 in this alchemical book, one of the best you can get on alchemy it says "A human being can not only but must be born again and led back into the prima materia", any time you hear the words "prima materia" that melanin. The Prima Materia , black substance another word for melanin is Akasha Sanskrit. The prima materia of which he came forth according to his astral nature. Before a man can become exalted he must be humbled before he can ascend to heaven he must walk three days through hell." That’s Matthew 12:40. This condition is the alchemical blackness who central darkness extends over 3 days and nights and even through the total blackness of 40 days. Jesus remained 40 days after his resurrection on earth before he ascended to heaven therefore you must go through the gates of darkness if you want to reach the paradise of light. Talking about that central part of alchemy that you know of as melanin. (A) few other things, y’all alright? There are two aspects of alchemy. One is the study of stones. The study of stones or the study of precious metals. The study of precious metals is the one the Europeans, after they were taught all this alchemical stuff by the Moors. They omitted what you call spiritual alchemy lining up the melanin and just focused on turning base metals into gold. So that’s all you hear about alchemy is (somebody) turning base metals into gold. But that is the secondary process. The original process was to turn the base metals inside you to gold. And that gold represented your crown chakra, your aura and all these metals inside you and that is the process of illumination of (melanin) metals. But it’s talking about precious stones. Well let’s see about this exhibit A here. In Hebrew Myths by Roberts Graves and Raphial Patie, this is a book that was highly recommended by John Henrik Clark. He recommended this book. This is one you can’t find a lot of times cause somehow the Hebrews take it off the market for the simple fact they don’t want you to know that Hebrew before it was a religion was an advanced mythological system. Mythology is more advanced than history and religion. Now it says here " one of the archangels, a cherub named Lucifer, son of the God walked in Eden blazing of jewels. His body a fire camellia, topazes, emeralds, diamonds, vigils, onyx, jasper, sapphire, cabonsal, and setinth. So in so many words the words Suton Lucifer they had to take out at the conference of Nice. As Alvin Boyd Kuhn said they had to go in and take out the word Lucifer. They had to take that word out and reduce it to one word in the Bible maybe two I don’t know. I know there is one in genesis or whatever. But they had to get rid of those text or you would know that Lucifer and Jesus was one in the same. One is the light and one is the bringer of light. Well if you are the light you have to bring the light. That why in Genesis (Isaiah) Lucifer fell like the morning star. By the time you get to revelations Jesus say she is the morning star. What we are taking about here is not good and evil in the aspect of some fairy tale. You are talking about basic alchemical principles of the body and of the illumination of mankind. Outlawed by the Roman government, and everything that was the inner self became the dark side, it just means the inside. All this stuff was outlawed by the Roman government and now you got to call it religion, and that’s why you can’t learn nothing cause you scared of your own self, Melanin."

A bit more from this 'rough' and somewhat verbatim transcription is found here

Also, you can find a range of audio and videos very intensive studies and information here:

If you would like to contact me to share information and discuss anything please do so at take care
To gilgamesh

Rv:1:18: I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

Rv:6:8: And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

You don’t need a separate book to show all of this, Jesus pretty much explains who and what he is. The Truth of all things is within the bulk of the entire Bible itself. I myself have not really called Lucifer evil but more as the tester. Lucifer’s mission is to show GOD that man will not praise or respect HIM and HIM alone. Revelations show only 144,000 people being saved. To me that is a vary small number as compared to the number of people that live on the earth today.

What servants of Jesus fail to realize is their numbers are too great to fit in that 144,000. More people then that just in America alone serve Jesus, thus they are not the ones to receive the seal of GOD, thus their religious perception must be wrong. This is one of the main reasons the Pope tried to get Revelations removed from the New Testaments. He has seen what it reveals.

Rv:7:4: And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel.

I am a servant of GOD and GOD only, my missions is to increase the number of people that will receive the seal of GOD. If you have knowledge of these things, you should make it your mission also.

Preach the Word of GOD and show people what the Books reveal. If they don’t listen then live them be, for the LORD has chosen them.

I use to try using other books but all that does is give them an excuse to not listen. So you must show them what their own book say. In that, they have no excuses. And when they ask you of what religious sect you are, say you are as Abraham being not a Jew, being not a servant of Jesus, but being a man or woman of GOD/YHVH.


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