Brother AACOOLDRE : What is political persecution????

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    By Andre Austin

    A prima facie case of massive, gross human rights violation to the United nations against the USA for political persecution of Black people.

    Black males are only 6% of the population but make up 50% of the prison population. America is only 5% of the world population but represents 50% of people locked up in prisons. So black people in the wilderness of north America are only 6% of the USA but are 25% of world for being inmates. Dear white America we are not in the same boat together. Private prisons make money off of our stay in jails/prisons so they want no reform, blackman you have been replaced with who? There is no incentive to improve your lot because Corporations benefit from your condition from the prison plantation. The Constitution in its 13th amendment approves involuntary servitude for convicted felons.


    And to the Mexicans, white American wants you to be in their Imperial feudalism as serfs (half slaves). They don’t want you to become Citizens or improve yourself educational because you would then rise off of your Agricultural plantation.

    To my Indian brothers: they got you us drunk on the Indian plantation thinking you can rise up off of a casino.

    In ancient times we had Christ/Messiah figures like David that did three things in order to be recognized as a Christ figure to save their people:

    1. Free you from political persecution

    2. Free you from slavery (wage slavery now)

    3. Free you from Death, torture, abortion and genocide of vaccines, food and water.

    Christianity was created by the elite Roman Empire. They did copy-cat like plagiarism of the ancient Egyptian religion. However, they tweeked it to serve themselves. They created a Christ like icon from a composite of several pagan gods, and Caesars to be in reality Ant-Christ. Why is that true? Because Christianity was designed to get the masses of the people to endure Political persecution, slavery or work on subsistence level of destitution and accept death without retaliation.

    We don’t want to reform the system we want to replace it. The only people who want peace are those who are in power and control who want to maintain 63 individuals who amount to the collective wealth of half of the 7 billion people on the planet. That’s the Status quota. Want to reform it or replace it. These people are evil. When their eyes look at us they want human population control=Death.

    To the blackwoman: we are at war, and we are prisoners of that war, so act accordingly. Put the weave down and go natural. The revolution is between your legs and its time to give birth to a real Christ/messiah. After our House inspections you have been caught with your pants down with no ammunition in your cabinets. What ammunition? Books, that lead to a knowledge of self. Your half of the equation to our liberation from which the enemy is trying to separate and divide us from. Remember and never forget that it was the Egyptian religion that gave the Old testament and New Testament marriage ritual and ceremony. Why do you think they are trying to associate the Egyptian Goddess of marriage contracts=Isis with terrorism?

    We must be wise as serpents to their political persecution of Us.