Black People : What is Outside the Gates?

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    What is Outside the Gates?

    Does the ant know the name of the 2nd Dynastic Pharoah of Egypt? Does he know Newton's law of gravity when he is climbing on his brother together to get some food? Do the great winds of the earth? Does the gorilla recognize that his food has vitamins and minerals? Does he worry about the vitamins in his berries? Do birds starve?

    It truly makes no sense to me to see us live in such a technical way, it almost feels at times like I am living inside of someone's tape book other then my own. I feel like a character in someones novel, woowed and pushed in whatever direction they feel neccesary. What happened to intuition? Natural feelings? Being lead by instincts? Just being and living instead of just existing? Do you live or do you just exist? In this day and age with the oncoming of technological, and false economic disaster, man is being forced to use his intuition, his urges and natural instincts that put him in rythm with his environment, and most importantly, his inner-environment. Its always stressed how important it is to go within self, but how is it possible to do this living within a European construct where every single move you make is decided by a preconcieved programmed thought or some kind of financial obligation? "Slave all day and fall into trance at night". Even worse is another one in bondage next to you telling you how to get free, when you wake up every day, and see them right next to you on the plantation, tilling the ground.

    In my dreams I see a people who live far far away from here, in the most remote place, in a place not yet discovered, or a place not bothered. A place hidden from stock market crashed, 9-5 jobs, faux food shortages, miseducation, someone elses philosophies and traditions. This is no garden of Eden, but it is nothing I have seen or experienced before in my lifetime. When I goto sleep, I wake up there. Maybe this place only exists in my mind but I see it.

    It reminds me of a concept: Imagine for a moment a whole society that lives within the confines of a 100 acre land. The land is surrounded by trees, and on the outskirts of the trees are gates. For the last 100 years a group of people has been living in this town. They know nothing about what is outside, they have no idea what lies outside of their 100 acre land. Their leaders perpetuate a myth and show them that they are the only ones, this is the society that has existed forever and will continue to exist. They make up the food shortages as punishments and to play with the minds of the people. They run out in dragon suites every two months to keep a devilish myth going. Until one day one woman curiously wonders outside of the 100 acres in search of something more. She finds the gates that she knew all along deep within her being that were there. She quickly hovers over them with all her might, only to discover a society VERY different from her own. They don't look the same, act the same, they are not the same in general. This whole time she was fooled, she was fooled by the trees that crowded the gate that lead to another place.

    Anyone every seen the movie THE VILLAGE???

    To end this I quote Nas "They make the world look crazy to keep you inside...- black zombies"
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    as far as man's stuff ("dynasties", "laws") go, no; nature does not care one whit about any of that. well, a gorilla may not "know" in the sense that he's spent any time studying nutritional charts, but, yes he does know that this one gives me better energy and health and that one, while tasty, doesn't quite "tickle my fancy". and, no; birds won't starve because they still fully Live as NaturalNature.

    i do Living; i don't do "man".

    sadly, one could say that we are characters in a bad novel, written by pre-humans that can't see/understand/feel (in reality; that is all the same concept) Life. these things, intuition, feelings, instincts, etc., have been downplayed as "intangibles" and "not useful to the bottom line" and so, discarded, denigrated, almost outlawed and derided at any instance where they are applied. if one gets too good at using those basic skills, the "yellow journalists" will sic their "spin doctors" on them.
    aye, that's the rub. it ain't easy to give up all the stuff that society has claimed are required to live. but it can be done: serious deprivation - homelessness is a "good" place to start practicing for this Freedom. <grin>
    it is that "garden of eden", actually, insofar as this biblical construct is a metaphor for this Pristine Planet before man applied his infinitismal wisdom to the picture.

    the trick now is to BE in that World when you wake up ... in spite of this "physical reality" that suggests otherwise. that is the tricky bit of the current "event horizon" of the oncoming paradigm shift in the way that the global human consciousness views it's place "in" Nature. (the shift is to viewing our place as Nature and ALL Life as "My People".)