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Oct 13, 2006
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The Third Eye: The Ability to Stop Time and Influence Matter.


X marks the spot. And so does a cross.

The human body is 60-75% water. Water for most of us is a delivery system for toxins designed to weaken our pineal glands. What is "fresh water" for someone who lives in a city? Water that is purchased in a bottle. A bottle made of plastic that leeches toxins into the water. Now that's nice and fresh.

Our greatest weapon deals with water and our 3rd eye. You see, we are still water creatures- and can use the mind to call up certain elements that live in water.

What is the power of the so-called evil eye? If energy from the pineal gland is directed in the right way it can trigger a heart attack. Mental illness. Horrific dreams. Bad luck. Disease. Want more?

How about death?

There is a type of breathing and chanting taught in the east that teaches how to focus on the third eye and breathe into the 3rd eye itself. Such techniques are called "rebirthing" which also refer to breathing from the top of the skull.

I will whisper "one" of the purposes for our greatest weapon for those who understand. We are "responsible" as a people for our weak, our sick, our diseased and our dying. It might be possible that we are responsible for "taking them out" so they do not became a weapon against us.

What type of madness is that? The madness of nature. The madness of most animals that live within the oceans. Perhaps like one of the most intelligent animals on the planet - the Orca Whale as well as The Dolphin. Most of them breathe entirely through the pineal gland. Why do these animals kill their weak? Perhaps understanding the "game" of life. The body is only a container.

But that's not the darkest idea you'll hear today.

Some of us don't have guns. Some of us believe that by owning a gun we would also invite a certain element into our life. And we are right. By having a gun perhaps we will be promoted to use it. Instead of talking things through we might decide to shot someone for any little reason. Or, because we have a gun we would get into confrontations we would've otherwise avoided.

The ownership of a weapon, is not enough. One must also know how to control that weapon as well as our emotions about using it.

I once saw a bumper sticker that said "Guns don't kill people- bullets kill people." True to a degree. Yet what most people with guns don't realize is that a much greater weapon we possess is rarely discharged. Death by bullet is usually the result of hydrostatic shock. Death is usually due to blood loss as well as the weakening of organs due to blood loss. What am I saying here? I am saying that the pineal gland has the "potential" to do the very same thing a bullet does, only in the form of beam or signal that affects the water in the body.

Science fiction and fantasy? Pseudo-science?

Let's ask this question. If ~you~ could affect the blood of every living being on the planet, what would that make you?

How about dangerous?

Of course you'd be.

If you can affect the blood, you can affect the molecules of the body itself.
We are talking about military weaponry, but such power can also be used for protection.

This is an abstract concept, but not impossible. The 3rd eye also deals with time. Our perception of time is related to the pineal gland. You will notice that people who look much younger than their real age also have a young perception of time, that is if time is even real to them at all. This is because the aging process is also related to the 3rd eye.

The 3rd eye can potentially slow time down to the point where certain things can be avoided entirely.

The breathing technique discussed earlier is also used by martial artists who learn how to slow down time by using the 3rd eye.

Am I also giving away Black people's athletic secrets? Timing is everything, and the ability to slow down time makes the biggest different between a winner and a loser in sports.

But one of the greatest advantages of the 3rd eye is it's ability to control kinetic energy which also relates to our mastery over sports.

The best way to start experimenting with the "greatest weapon" is first to start drinking more water, regardless of how toxic, the more available water in the body the better. The toxins can be purged effectively if we drink at least 7-8 glasses a day. Find out what crystals, herbs etc., help the 3rd eye. When meditating, chanting etc., focus your energy on your 3rd eye, visualize yourself breathing through it. Pinching the middle of your forehead while meditating helps the visualization.

What you do with your weapon is up to you.
I'm with you Bro. GeorgeM! I actually found a link to that one online:


I have said that normally there are sixteen to eighteen breaths per minute.

It is said that if the breathing is changed to about twenty-six light breaths per minute it will be impossible after a short time to feel pain!

That is why in the heat of battle terrible wounds can be received without feeling them at all. It is also why many great feats are accomplished under the stress of excitement. The breath quickens, the blood heats up, and this drives the ego slightly out of the body, so that sensations are little felt. Extreme indulgence in alcohol has the same effect. That is why intoxicated persons seldom hurt themselves. We can do and suffer things in ‘hot blood’ which we can never achieve in ‘cold blood’.

There is an interesting story in the Bible in connection with this.

When Amalek drew the Israelites into battle Moses went to the top of a hill. He held up his arms, using his great hypnotic powers to prevent the enemy from working themselves up to the fighting frenzy in which they would partly leave their bodies. He prevented them from quickening their breathing, and so they had to fight in cold blood and could not prevail. Directly Moses dropped his arms from fatigue the battle would go against the Israelites.

Martial music is designed to quicken the breath and the emotions. So is the colour red on flag and uniform.

It is quite impossible to become excited if one breathes slowly. That is why a person in a rage is asked to ‘stop and count ten’; the breathing inevitably slows down and excitement drops.

Some of the sages believe that we have a definite number of breaths allotted to us for our lives. Those who waste them and speed them up in excitability and emotionalism shorten their span. Those who become philosophers in the true sense of the word, balanced, measured and contented, will be able to live to a very ripe old age with unimpaired faculties.

By quickening the breath the body loses its powers of self-protection and exhausts and injures itself without feeling it at the time.

By slowing the breathing down to ten or twelve per minute it will be found impossible to feel excited, irritable or ‘nervy’. This is a useful and invisible little exercise with which we can protect ourselves from those states of mind which tend to poison our systems.

If the breathing is reduced to a deep slow rhythm of ten per minute, for five minutes, the brain will become marvellously clear and ready for work. This can be done before taking up any study, the result lasting for some hours. Many of the conflicting vibrations and ‘thoughts’ which we allow to pass haphazard through body and brain will have been cancelled out by the rhythmic powerful beat brought about by the slower breathing.

If the breathing can be dropped to an even three per minute all the bodily vibratory activities will become so subdued and harmonized that the more delicate psychic perceptions will be discernible, giving us what we call ‘inspiration’, instinct or premonition; for they are the instigators of all great achievement.

The above-mentioned rates of breathing can be used without danger, if practised gradually and intelligently. But it is extremely dangerous for the average person to attempt any of the more complicated systems sometimes unwisely given out, which might lead them into a mental home or worse.

Yogis can slow down the breath to one per minute, which allows them an intensity of concentration resulting in experiences beyond our imagination or comprehension. Finally they are able to suspend the breathing altogether and allow themselves to be buried for weeks at a time without coming to any harm.
You know I love your posts bro Meta! I was just glancing at "The Science of Breath" in the bookstore.

Many say as modern man develops more physical weapons, we should be working on our spiritual technology. I was talking to an elder and he basically said he has seen people who were capable of weilding or controlling energy, and they were some of the most powerful people on earth.

I was recently reading a text where it stated that breathing and water made up more important aspect of the diet than solid food. I think once we can learn to really use our mind and abilities, we can do some serious damage. But I see this takes discipline

Another great post! I'm going to get on that third eye meditation. Here is a good one that was sent to me
Dream without sleeping...

Yes Bro. Tyab14, like you I am still experimenting and learning more as I go along. Taking the advice from recent threads and breakthrus I am finding out more about the science of "dreaming without sleeping" or dreaming while awake. Which is simply the ability to allow the subconscious or unconscious mind to overcome the conscious mind- it is leading me to most of the information presented here. I found that water as well as breathing play tremendous roles in our ability to do so effectively.

I learned about the ability to "charge water" in a dream from an Ancestor. I found it very interesting later on as I started finding more research about how water changes based upon our thoughts and therefore- intent. The book "Yogi Science of Breath" speaks on that as well.

Charging Water
Water may be charged with prana, by breathing rhythmically, and holding the glass of water by the bottom, in the left hand, and then gathering the fingers of the right hand together and shaking them gently over the water, as if you were shaking drops of water off of your finger tips into the glass. The mental image of the prana being passed into the water must also be held. Water thus charged is found stimulating to weak or sick persons, particularly if a healing thought accompanies the mental image of the transfer of the prana. The caution given in the last exercise applies also to this one, although the danger exists only in a greatly lessened degree.

Prana is described as vitality, as the integrating energy that coordinates the molecules, cells, and cellular structures, and holds them together as a physical organism. It is the life-breath within the organism and a portion of the universal Life Force, appropriated by all organisms during their existence. Without prana the body would be nothing more than a collection of individual cells.

Prana is not a product of terrestrial life-it comes from the Sun. In fact, all earth life, its plants and animals are its products. All things absorb prana in order to survive. By the manifestation of prana, the Spirit that was speechless appears as the speaker.

We must understand that if we can effectively change water with our minds, we can affect all life on the planet. Make no mistake about it, that is power beyond nuclear proportions. But there is more we should understand as well.

What does this baby know that we don't?


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