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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters and Brothers:

    A word that is commonly used by all of us and many of us seem to apply our
    own or some one else own meaning and purpose to Nature, some of us refer to
    this action as if it is a person, just as you and I, yet it is beyond all
    what many believe it to be.

    To know and understand the action we call Nature, require that one have no
    illusion about what God really is, we must learn to pull off all of the
    ism's, found within the boundaries of religion and begin to think, using the
    mind which such thoughts creates.

    Nature is no more than the action taking place among all that the ultimate
    energy has created and the show of power each entity is given, as we learn
    to act and interact with each other, therefore how we conduct ourselves with
    each member of that natural creation, determine the relationship that is
    developed one to the other.

    So let us deal with a category of Nature which we refer to as having the
    highest form of intelligence in the family of Nature, which is referred to
    as Mankind, the human Being, and by the way, I do not subscribe to the
    notion that Mankind is the highest representative of intelligence within the
    family of Nature, but be that as it may.

    Within the family of Nature, which represent the creative action of the
    highest order of energy, that entity we so name and honor as being God over
    all there is in and beyond the Universe, we humans have come to distinguish
    between the many elements that make up Nature, in accordance to the level of
    our intelligence, we have given names and have so applied description to
    those elements based on the form, make-up and action of the elements, be
    they animate or inanimate, such is the action and behavior of the human
    element of Nature.

    You see beloved Nature is intrinsic within all that we identify as Nature,
    therefore it act not independently from its elements, because it is one and
    the same with it,s being, appearance and action, It Is The All Of The All
    There Is, In and beyond the universe, because such is what Nature Really Is.

    Now let us deal with color in descriptive term, which are many, but those
    that interest us humanly, as we describe each other, we end up with the
    three primary colors of description of the Hue-inkind element of Nature,
    which is Afrikan, which has a range of Black, Reddish Brown, and Brown, and
    there is Asian Mongolian, which has a pigment of a yellowish Nature and then
    we have what is call European Caucasian, which has a pigment that is without
    color which we refer to as white or fairly exclusive of the chemical

    Beloved all of these fit within the confine of Nature, just as we identify
    all else of Nature by name and description, be they of the various other
    elements of the animated fleshly Nature, and even that which is not of the
    animated fleshly Nature, but all fit within the confine of Nature,
    interrelated one to the other Naturally so.

    So I ask my beloved, are we stereotyping when we identify the difference
    between water and the wind or earth and fire?

    The description we human have so assigned such a badge of identification to
    and to each other, only distinguish the difference between the elements,
    with each having their own distinct Natural function?

    So it is my beloved, with hue-inkind, and when we intelligently see the
    variation in the pigment ( color ) of the Hue-inkind Natural appearance, as
    presented within the confine of what we refer to as Nature, such in my
    opinion, does not become as act of stereotyping, it is just Naturally
    describing what we have so deemed to be our identity, as hue-inkind.

    So when I refer to us Natural animated Beings, whose form distinguish us
    from each other,as anthropomorphous Beings, as well as from other Animated
    Beings, and our intelligence is utilized some what different from the other
    animated Beings, I think it become appropriate to so identify us as Natural
    as we are.

    Now where the problem arises is how we act and react toward each other based
    on our Natural identity and that become the anti-nature of those who choose
    to use such a mark of identity, to express mental and physical behavior that
    tend to elevate one element of the anthropomorphous being over the other and
    use the difference in the melanin content of the various Beings as a sign of
    one being superior over the other based on the pigment ( color ) of the
    outer surface ( skin ) of the Natural Being, which represent being an equal
    member of Nature.

    What is Nature, it is the elements that emanated out of the ultimate
    essence, which so revealed an energy beyond compare, therefore bringing
    forth elements of action, whose highest form of intelligence revealed what
    we now refer to as the Universe, the highest expression of Nature
    intelligence, as well as the highest expressed form of a godly Nature.

    It Is time to condemn The Lie and elevate the truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble (with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    Come Now And Let us reason together, Though Our Mind Has Been Contaminated
    With Lies, It can be Made To Function As It Did In The Beginning Of Our
    Coming To this Planet,Call Earth!!!

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

    All Praise To That Black Prophet, The Honorable Marcus Garvey!!!

    I Come, I Share, You Either Reject Or Accept, I Move On.

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation



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