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    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    As I observe the coming and going of exchanges coming from Black People, it clearly become obvious of how confuse we Black People have become concerning our Black Lives and what need to be done by us, in order to find our Life again and the sign of our having Founded our Life, will be the way we Think about those events that affect our Life, on a daily basis, and we Black People alone, determine what is best suitable to sustain and protect our Life in the way we Live it, depending on no one else DIRECTION, pointing the way for our Life to be Lived in this world of Evil Lies and acts of Deceptions.

    Black people have become a very Divided People and the cause of our Division is based on what we now believe and not Know and it is the Belief that prevent Black People from becoming a United Black Nation again and we now falsely justify our Division, by indicating that is the way it must be today, because we now are not any longer a Monolith People and we say so with proud and as if it is the intelligent thing for us not to be, Why?

    Have you who are Truly Divinely serious about your affection for the Black Nation, not individually so but collectively so, have ever stop and taken a totally objective observation of the attitude and behavior of Black people today? I have, and this is what I see of us Black People, and I am not sharing this with any profound expectation response from our People, because I am aware of the cause for our Sickness and yes, we Black People are suffering from a Mental illness that prevent us from submitting to the Divine Truth, even if you could recognize it in our presence, which we can not, yet there is a reason for such an attitude we display concerning what is referred to as Truth and Lies.

    Beloved, us Black people have been twisted into believing in the fallacy of what has been taught to us to be the Truth about all that we involve ourselves in claiming that we really want to believe the Truth and Wanting and Believing, when the Truth is claimed to be a goal of Black People, is what have Black People behaving as we do, as we claim to have the Truth as our Companion and Goal and nothing can be demonstrated to be so deceptive coming from Black people than such a false expression coming from Black people concerning what we refer to as the Truth.

    So Beloved, are you aware that on the physical level the Human Being has constructed many aspects of belief about Life events, claiming those events to be the Truth, meaning that on the physical Human Being Level, there are many Lies masquerading around in our newly acquired Mind as the Truth, when in Divine Reality there is only The Divine Truth, about all that take place in the Universe ending up affecting our Lives.

    So, what is this physical phenomena we refer to as Truth, which most everybody making a claim to, and claiming to be Mentally sound, yet is not Mentally qualified to agree on a Definite actionable experience we refer to as Truth, is this physical Truth so elastic to the action that we can stretch that Truth to cause it to be anything we Want it to be, as we set out to justify our Wants and never our Needs as Black People? you having been once a Divine Black People Knowing and Understanding what is the Divine Truth, a Truth that transcend the Physical Sensibility of your Black Body, having you captivated in believing hat your Black Life is in touch with the Truth and it is, the Human Being Truth.

    Have you ever notice how we Believers of the False Truth gravitate toward each other serving as a support strap to each other, never to allow the other to move out of the Dungeon of the Believing Truth that have us not to entertain anything that is not supportive of that belief system we use to sustain our commitment to that which is claiming to be the Truth which have us Mentally bound and Blind to the extent that Belief has been made to be our Mental Panacea ?

    Black People have been conditioned to Believe that all that is wanting by them to verify their belief in that which we refer to as Truth, is for the fallacy of that Truth be verified by Reading and research and other people that have transformed the Mind of Black People to cause hem to Believe that Truth must be Read and told to us Believers, using other that yourself Theories and opinions and imagination from which the Constructive Physical Truth is required to be Believed in and never to be Known.

    THE divine Truth is qualified only when the Divine Mind is in action and it be the divine Mind that is qualified to verify your Divine Mind of Reasoning Profoundly, only when you are capable of verifying the Divine Truth with the mental Action that enable to allow you to reach a Profound Reasonable Logic conclusion about that which is in Question or concentration about and no other Method is qualified n recognizing the Divine Truth, other than with the Divine Mind that qualify you to be reasonable and Logical in forming your hypothesis and reaching your Logical conclusion using profound Divine Reasoning to obtain what should be your goal, which is he Divine Truth, a goal that can not be reach using the fallacy of Belief, Faith and Hope.

    Yet, the religious believer take it to be an affront and an attack upon them and their belief system when Divine Reason and Logic reveal the fallacy of such a none binding belief system, a system that is never under control concerning the Divine Truth, but is always in control of the believers in that we Believe in and he sad part about it is, we have been made not to be qualified to perform self critical analysis concerning that which we have been duped and tricked into believing what is True, such a mental illness demonstrate the absent of our Divine Mind and the Presence of the Human Being Mind.

    When Black People are operating in the Human Being Mind, then all that we Look at from the Human Being perspective appear to be True, why? because there is no Mental guideline that govern the action of the Human Being Mind, it is that Mind that refer to the Divine Truth to be that on the Level of the Human Being Truth and the Human Being Truth through the process of Belief, we take such a Truth to be on a much higher level than the Divine Truth, while having only Belief to support the Believer Claim and that claim is based on Lies and Deception, with reference to that being Divinely true, it take the Divine Mind to be able o recognize such high level Divine Truth, a Truth that is Founded to be in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the Universe, and all events of happening that affect our Lives, qualifying the Divine Truth to be the Reveler of all Profane Lies masquerading in the New Mind of Black People, as we make claim that which we believe in and about Life, is Religiously True, the sign of the utmost profanity.

    Black People want only to keep wearing our ego, envy, and Jealousy, having the crown of deceit and rejection toward the Divine Truth, a Truth that Black people can not identify with any more, because the Mind required to recognize the Divine Truth has been replaced with the Mind of the Human Being and it is that Mind that carry a sickness among the Black Nation, which disqualify us from knowing the weakness and evil in us, by not Knowing Whom we are and from whence we came.

    So, to the Human Being Black Mind today, such a Divine Need to Know that Divine Truth about us Black People, we have been made to treat such Divine information as a Joke, which serve as the M/O of the Brand New Believing Black Human Being, we that no longer Know What GOD IS and the Evil that Religion serve to the Black World, as we defend the act of our oppression in our religion name..

    What is it that Black people Want? no more than what the Human Being give to us Black People and it most certainly is not the Divine Truth about our Black Selves, a handicap the Black World serve, that keep us on believing and wanting, having no respect or desire for the knowledge that Will instruct us about what we Need to Know and Understand about our Black Life and such a handicap being the work of a Mind we now carry, always under the authority of those people with a history of abusing and oppressing the Black Life, but it is the believing Black Mind that protect such a practice toward our Black Selves, a United Black Nation we are no more and do not Want to be, preventing us from knowing what Black People Need in reference to each other, which is our Divine Mind Back and to be returned back to our Circle of Divine Unity.

    So, is that asking to much from Black People today, yes, as long as we remain under the control of a Mind we have no authority over, a Mind that have us choosing Belief over Knowing, how pitiful the Black World has become in our Wretched Condition we Live today, waiting on a False God to come and save us from the ignorance that the Human Being Mind plants into us Black People.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You



    Chief Elder

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