Chief Elder Osiris : What Is It Going To Take To Learn That They Do Not Care About Your Black Behind???

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    What Is It Going To Take To Learn That They Do Not Care About Your Black Behind???

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, This Time is your Time, that is if you Black people are fitting enough to seize it, and to acknowledge it, and act accordingly, being not fooled anymore by Lucifer himself, he being the Great Deceiver that he is, of the Black Afrikan Family World, A World gone and regressed to having no self respect, because of having been made not to know Thyself.

    Black People, I am sharing this information with you, giving no thought of how you, or if you will receive it, you not knowing the injury of your action that you take toward the Divine Truth, will only effect you who disregard the Divine Truth, as it is being shared with you at this Divine Time.

    No beloved, I seek nothing from you, other than you regaining your Divine Mind, you see, I have no ambition to be uplift by you, or to be acknowledged by you, my ambition regarding Black people, is to share Divine information with you, that which is capable of having you to get to know thyself again, and such require that you be in possession of your Divine mind, because with such a Mind, it will guide you to know what you must do to save the Black Afrikan family Nation, such is my ambition regarding Black people

    So what I share with you, I do without giving thought of how it will affect you, but how it has the potential of saving you from the self Lucifer, which he has created within your Black Life, such is what I desire of you, beloved.

    I do intentionally use the term Black, because I know how many of you resent it so, not knowing it is your self you be resenting, and you Black people need to become reacquainted with your Blackness once again, beloved.

    Remain foolishly blind if you want to, but you do not need to, it is now up to you Black people to decide that enough is enough, or you decide that you want, not need, to keep living a Black life engulf in fantasy, listening to those who will have you to believe that all you are looking at, all that is going on in Haiti, is the way it is, and such become a fantasy hiding the Divine Reality that is going on in Haiti that you can not see.

    Lucifer the Human Being have you to believe that he does what he appear to be doing because it is for the Love he has for Black People, or how ever you want to label the action taking place in Haiti that has yet to be for the benefit of the people of that Island referred to as Haiti.

    Beloved, it seem to never fail, not since we lost our Mental ability to Think, that we in our Time of Life challenges, allow our Black lives to be treated as cannon fodder, believing that a world of people in charge of the world, really give a **** about your Black behind.

    Look at you Black people of the Black world, you act as if you are under some hypnotic spell, there has yet to be a Black Unified voice to rise in the name of Black Justice against what the forces of Evil is allowing to happen in Haiti, yes I am going to say what many of you weak minded Black folks are believing, but I am going to say what I know, which is, if Haiti was an Island occupied by White Folks and such a tragedy struck, be it Nature action or Man Made, in no way would that situation be handle the way it is being handled now.

    The Action of Racism and Prejudice is all over those calling the shots, they who are making claim to be there in Haiti to help those Black Afrikan people who are being referred as Haitians, take away the Island Name that those Black people wear in Haiti and you have the same Black Afrikan People that was brought over in North America under the Flag of America as Chattel Slaves, and you know what, to Lucifer, they who are controlling that action now going on in Haiti, we Black people still are their slaves, and to Lucifer the oppressors, a Black Life hold no lasting value to them, look how they show no respect to our dead by scooping them up with the garbage and dumping them in garbage holes and your Black so call leaders just sit back on their do nothing behind, silent, because such is their orders that have come down to them by their handlers, White authority.

    It is no difference in how they disrespect our Ancient Ancestors in Afrika Egypt and white folks museums that show case our Ancient Ancestors as if for entertainment display, and we Black people show no rejection to such a mishandling of our Ancient Ancestors and the Grave robbing that goes on in the Afrika Egypt.

    I know you do not want to hear this but you need to hear this, whether you like it or not, Hell, Black people no longer know what to approve of or to reject any more.

    It is sickening to see some of those weak minded Black Americans get on white folks media outlet acting as if they know what is going on, when they know only that which their white bosses allow them to believe and not know, not one has picked up on what President Wade has offered to our Black Afrikan Haitians Sisters and Brothers on the ground in Haiti.

    I would venture to say that those Black people who are suffering on the Ground in Haiti, that they do not know what Senegal has offered to them as a safe haven and a way out of all of that Horror and confusion that is among the Black Afrikan Haitians, they who are doing all of the suffering from such devastation.

    So you Black folks who want to be oh so intelligent Black People, you who can not bring your selves to even mention the word Reparation to the world, in behalf of our Enslaved Ancestors, a source capable of taking all of us Black people in the Diaspora, here by way of the middle passage, back to Afrika, those who are wise enough to know why it is we must Go Home where we Black people belong, are those who associate Reparation with repatriation back to Afrika.

    Tell me Black people, What Is It Going To Take To Learn That They Do Not Care About Your Black Behind???

    When will you become tired of being treated as a people meant to beg our way through life, always finding ourselves in a predicament that call for us to depend upon the very people responsible for us being away from Home, and now we have been made to loathe the mention of Afrika and the alternative being to our present life condition in the Diaspora, is to take our Black Afrikan behind Home, back to our mother and father Land, Afrika.

    Hell no, the world do not want to see you looking toward Afrika as being your place of refuge, for safety, you may say, well look at Afrika, that part we have been allowed to stay in, they are no better off than we children of Enslaved Afrikans are, here in the Diaspora, and I say, that is where you are Dead Minded wrong, beloved.

    The Land of Afrika is meant for the Black Afrikans and the evidence of that fact being True, is the fact there is where the majority of Black Folks are concentrated in the same location on this Planet, and you Black people do not know what that place represent and signify?

    Hell no you do not, because you black people who have made a pack with the Devil, you no longer have a Divine Mind that enable you to Think Divinely, so what do you do, you pledge your loyalty to people who have a history of exploiting your Black behind, as they feed your Black weak mind nothing but lies about how they can not see who you Truly and Really are.

    They the Human Beings of Lucifer, they lie and deceive you, by getting you to believe that they are so call, color blind, they lie to your face telling you that they do not see all of your Blackness starring them in their eyes, so that in and of itself should tell you that you are dealing with a people you can not Trust and have never had a cause to Trust.

    But oh no, that is not what you want to believe and it **** show is not what you want to see, because if it was, then you would be about your Black life attempting to reclaim your Divine Mind back.

    Because you know what beloved, that is the only Time you Black people are going to be qualified to Divinely See, and only with a Divine Mind will you be able to see the merit and Divine significance of the sacredness of Reparation, and you see, such a Holy issue is to be seen only One Way, other wise, you look at the issue of Reparation through the Mind of your oppressors, and such a vision is full of Ego selfishness and want to be close to Lucifer the Human Being, as you pretend that the two of our Race can coexist in close proximity without friction, and can be with the Divine Right to be independent, wearing the security of our life Sovereignty.

    Not so beloved, because Lucifer the Human Being, the Devil, Satan himself, has a thirst to control the world and such a plan with a desire, does not allow for Black people to be Free and independent, as a Unified Black Family Nation in Afrika.

    So I ask of you again, What Is It Going To Take To Learn That They Do Not Care About Your Black Behind???

    Well, the first step you can take to begin such a learning process, is to follow the Link below and gain possession of my Book, Divine Spirituality: Revealed Information About The Real You.

    You know what, somebody said that I should give my book to you, and I say, the only thing I can give to you is myself and the Divine Truth, which I share with you, with the only cost to you being that you reclaim your Divine Mind, so that you can become qualified to know of that which I share with you, Divine information qualified to save an entire Black Afrikan Family Nation.

    The Book is at the Link Below, and beloved, make sure there is no space in the link.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    My sentiments exactly dear elder! We gotta care about our selves!
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    Its going to take a lot more so called natural disasters or man made disasters before before our brothers and sisters can wake up. A lot of blood will have to be shed before they can see the light that is for sure. Brothers and sisters are so blinded by religion and propaganda media that they can't see the forest before the trees. Well reality will soon set in whereas they can't hide or deny from the truth. A sad reality indeed.
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    Thanks for your post, i will get your book as soon as i can.
    I just do not overstand why most black people are unaware of the extermination of the Black peoples of this planet. In every country where black peoples have existed, they have been completely eradicated, and those that remain are being systematically exterminated.
    I feel this so strong within me, it pains to even talk about it sometimes, especially when i mention it to some of my friends, and they do not seem to overstand what i am saying.
    When i first researched slavery of the black peoples some 20 years ago, i cried and cried, and still cannot stop crying.
    When i went to Palestine about 10 or 11 years ago, i met the indigenous peoples of that land, yes, black peoples. They were so surprised when i, in my ignorance at that time, asked them where they are from. They replied what do you mean where we are from, we are the original inhabitants of this land. This opened my eyes so much more.
    When Palestine is shown on tv, we dont see any of them, ever.
    When i went to Egypt a few years back, i met the black peoples of the area around the Aswan dam, who have been decimated so that only a few settlements remain, and they are struggling to escape the extermination that is planned for those remaining few.
    So if there is one thing i KNOW for sure, it is that Black peoples are being exterminated, and any Black people who does not see and feel this, they have their eyes well shut.
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    we have to learn that we are our own care givers
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    I have my own theory of "natural disasters"

    an answer is always given, people just don't like the answer, and this is fine, it doesn't change the outcome

    i'm not gonna share my theories because the only one that cares to know is GOD herself

    we should "learn" to care for and cultivate GOD, and then perhaps we'll have a better perspective of self

    I care for GOD, so I feel all the pain that we create on behalf of our own selfish ways

    but I also know GOD, and I know for a fact that GOD will never put Me in harms way, ever

    72 conspirators means that it is a complete conspiracy, from the "first" fall to the "last", because it is self induced, like everything taken in by any form of consciousness

    so if they don't care i don't, get what i'm saying

    again the ing.. at the end of a word gives the appearance of action, but the fact still remains no one is do-ing anything..

    so me personally, I don't "want" anything

    GOD gave me knowledge and a choice

    to be

    I'm keeping GOD's essence inside of my formed vehicle, because detachment is still attachment to the ethereal umbilical cord

    to be born is to not be attached any longer, feeding off of GOD's energy, or worse stealing it

    we are thieves among ourselves, and i don't get up or down like that

    staying "home" means staying withing the "temple" GOD formed for me, in order to actualize original intent

    if no one is gonna help me, i'll do it myself

    and GOD will make sure I am content, because I am