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    WHAT IS IN A NAME: From tobey to pookie.
    By Andre Austin

    This essay serves as an expansion to the Civil Rights movement to American Gays. Now don’t get it twisted I’m not gay just a writer seizing upon an issue.

    Our Law our American jurisprudence rules in part by the legal doctrine of Stare Decisis: meaning it’s the policy of courts to stand by precedents and not to disturb settled points of law. When you compare one legal case to another the comparisons do not have to be exactly the same. A good name can be worth its value as in gold you know.

    1. Slaves new the power of Names. Kunta Kintay knew the name of a river and a guitar that lead his ancestors to his genealogy tree in Africa. The plantation wanted Kunta to get a quick fix of amnesia with the help of a lash and learn his name as Tobey.

    2. Civil Rights laws prohibit Corporate America to throw ebonically sounding African Names of applicants resumes in the waste paper basket. Bill Cosby knows this. White Corporate America it seems to me refer us to be Tobey and not by our new cultural ebonic names.

    3. Millions of bitter and disgruntled whites from the GOP were unsuccessful in blocking the appointment of Barack Obama to his new political job solely for his middle name.

    Now what we have here is a failure of the Christians and seculars to communicate. Opponents of Gays say that **** shall not call togetherness a marriage. They must call it Civil Union (Tobey). They say they want to preserve the institution of marriage this is an untruthful talking point. Straight people fear and hate gay people and don’t want their straight marriage being in the same category with gay marriage. No they despised gay people and feel they have a right to impose the name of Civil Union (Tobey) on them.
    For example if their was a fad were gay people wore big crosses straight people would wear small ones. Gay people didn’t take over disco music its just straight people don’t listen to it just because gays like it. Likewise, heterosexuals want to be separated from gays in marriage in name.

    Gays are in the infancy of their civil rights and have to rely upon the courts and legislature to protect them just like Blacks did when they first started out.We have risen from:

    A.Kunta/Tobey Lash
    B.Pookie, Jamal and Tyrone Jones cant get an interview. So they got the unemployment lash.
    C. Gays got the lash coming from everywhere

    Pookie Jamal Johnson wants to be respected for his name and abilities not on preconceived notions of whats in or out of a name.