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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Illusion: A mistaken perception of reality, a false belief, misconception.

    There are so many arrogant so call intellectuals that love to use this term,
    illusion and if you notice they use it with such authority as if they know
    all things and only that they deem perceivable and conceivable to themselves
    are obtainable.

    When I see or hear of a Black Afrikan using the term illusion and do not
    have sound and logical reason to back up such a claim, then I know that is
    the purest example of those who are illusionary.

    When one refer to something or someone as being illusional, that someone is
    making a judgment based upon the extent of their own perception, belief and
    conception, or shall I say the lack of conception.

    Now take for instance if there is a call among us Black Afrikans in america,
    here by way of the middle passage, for america to assign to us one or
    several of her states to us Afrikans in america and go to work as if such a
    quest is attainable, that is the act of being illusional, not about what the
    request is about, but the expectation of it happening.

    Now what support such a quest and call to america in that regard, as being
    illusionary, is the fact of the action and behavior america has so displayed
    when it come to the preservation of her stolen land and the maintaining of
    these federated states in what is called america.

    There you have the facts and reason to call such a call illusionary and the
    only way one can inject some action into an illusionary quest is to become
    delusional in such a pursuit and in being in such a delusional state one
    will say, there is nothing impossible for God to do and I say this not about
    a quest for God but a quest by those who happen to be making the request /
    demand for an america state or states in america for the Children of the
    middle passage.

    Beloved, did not this country call america, go to war with their blood
    brothers over a dispute of this land and states call america? and since that
    is a fact, why is it we would think, no believe, ( we do not think any
    more ) that this country will humbly submit to such a request coming from a
    people they have no respect nor love for?

    Well one might ask or say, Chief Elder, what make your call any different
    from the other and I say, thinking for a moment like a white man in this
    regard, I would think, here is a request of a people that history verify and
    justify such a call, which express a rejection of america and her violation
    of our Hue - Man Rights and with such a call having the potential of
    dividing the world or show a world that is full of hate and disrespect for
    the Afrikan in america, here against our will, from the time our Enslaved
    came, up to this moment, deserve attention.

    Now I know such a statement does not apply to all children of the
    middle-passage in america, but there are many of us who have recaptured our
    Black Afrikan mind and have totally rejected america for what she did and is
    doing to the Black Afrikan Nation and to call for restitution in the form of
    Reparation for the purpose of leaving america and establish a home state in
    Afrika is very reasonable, logical, doable and will be durable.

    There is a Spiritual overtone and essence in calling for the need to be free
    and one's independence in an environment that is more conducive to the Black
    Afrikan, that environment being Afrika, now there is nothing illusional
    about that call, nor is it illusional to know that america will be placed in
    a position where she will eventual happily comply.

    Such a call is most fitting with all that has been alluded to have happen
    before, to people supposedly to have been under the same identical
    circumstance and only the Mental blind do not see and know such is yet to
    happen, for it already has, in the fore told of the past.

    Now it is the delusional illusionary that will call such a call by the
    children of the middle passage and that call is pointing us home instead of
    a slot and plot of land in america for statehood purpose, as being
    illusional and for who ever would venture to show case such ignorance,
    become the biggest illusionary of all as they show nothing but love, respect
    and confidence in the evil america portray toward the Black Afrikan nation.

    Black Womb - Gender and Man Of Black Afrikan descent I give you a choice, a
    choice between Afrika and america, which will it be?

    To deny Afrika is to deny all that our most Ancient Afrikan Ancestors have
    done for the world, the Black Afrikan world I speak and from our mind and
    hand did we share Civilization with the world and it is such a mind that
    will assure our return, with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation in hand, and
    it is the Black Fool who will call such fact, illusional.

    It Is Time to condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    To Paraphrase The Honorable Marcus Garvey, We Came Not To America, As We
    Have Become, But As Black Afrikans, And So We Shall Return!!! Garvey-Osiris

    Afrika, The Diamond Of The World, She Has Been Cut Unevenly And Now The
    World Suffer For such An Error!!! Osiris

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! Osiris

    All Praise And Respect Is Due to The Honorable Marcus Garvey.

    A Black Afrikan Spiritual Retreat Is In Order For The Black Afrikans In
    america, Such A retreat Will not Be religious.

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation


    Chief Elder

    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist, Political Revolutionary

    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement

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    well said brutha ............