Violaters / Violations : What Is Holding Up The Destee Community Justice System (Council)?

Sis. butterfly#1,

You have such a kind heart, I can understand what you're feeling right now. But please don't distress over the fact that we're having this type of conversation, Sis. It's obvious to me that it's one that may be long overdue and needs to be had.

Sometimes, out of chaos can come great things; things that are better than the original. No family is without some disturbances from time-to-time. As long as WE are willing to inspect our 'house' for the purpose of exterminating that which causes us grave concern . . . as long as we hang in here together, showing each other mutual respect as we have been so far, I believe we can work our way through this and come out stronger and closer as a family.

Hang with us Sis because we need you here! :grouphug:
Caught up. I learned Enki and houserunner have children . . ..

There's yet to be a proposal it appears . . ..

(That may be the hold up)

Its a very large Thread, and more was discussed than the children, but nonetheless, I'm glad you followed my suggestion. Actually, this Thread should not have been created. We should have all things under one Thread. I guess bro. Omo didn't see my post offering the same Thread to you for catching up, but its all good, as long as we are on the same page.


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