Black People : What is going on in this world?

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    I am a field representative for a local real estate company and all we deal with is foreclosures. Now I have seen some nasty homes that you would think an animal lived there. Well this particular house was a doosey.

    I had to be in fredericksburg today to go to a townhouse near carl d silver parkway. What I was doing was an occupancy check and seeing if the people still lived there. Luckily I brought a friend with me. When we rode up we could automatically tell that it was vacant because the locks had been changed. So, decided to use my extra keys to get in, bad mistake because they worked.

    Whoever was there had left furniture and the place was a mess. We also noticed that this person had a lot of bootleg dvd's and tapes. Most of the titles were something straight out a horror film. I didn't even mention that on his mail box was male. So we skimmed the apartment and I went outside to make a phone call the the office.

    Well I ran into a neighbor that told me that the guy was a arrested nine months ago for child pornography and it was all on the news. This fool's computer broke down and he went to go and get it fixed and lo and behold they found child pornography and they notified the police and they arrested home one night.

    This guy even had these dragon lamps. The whole set up was creepy. The neighbor says he had little boys coming in and out of his apartment. While my friend was upstairs he found these disgusting comic books and one room that look as if it was a stage. We kind of figured it was the room that he brought the boys to because nothing was in there but a bed, comic books, and a stand where maybe a tv or camera would be. I took my pictures and left.

    My spirit was vexed today. You hear about it on tv but to actually be where it all took place was just awful. I kept thinking about spiritual warfare when I thought about those horror movies. People don't understand that those movies desensitizes you. That's what's wrong with most people today, they are used to violence and it means nothing to them. The whole aura of the place got under my skin. At that point I knew I didn't want to part of this world (I don't feel like I am part of it anyway). This is the reason why I stopped watching tv.

    How do we save our children? How do we keep them away from these people? And when I was talking to my friend I said that these types of people target children with no father. They betray their trust. I am sure that the molester was molested himself and it is sad to think that one of those children will be a molester to. We have to establish a nation within the United Snakes of America, or go back to Africa, or find an uninhabited island and become communal ago because this is getting crazy.

    After saying all that, I need to go and smudge myself or if anybody else has any suggestions as to clean my aura please let me know.

    Peace and blessings