Black Spirituality Religion : What is God?

I noted the topic discussion being discussed. A video, featuring a mystic is included in the topic. The mystic offers his thought. What I've read in scripture and have experienced says otherwise. Yet, the mystic's reasoning is presented as a guideline of sorts, a mortal being like you and I pontificating in context of a mortal mind what God is.

The mind the man never ceases to amaze. Scripture says God is past finding out. The mystic has you looking in the mirror thinking that is te means whereby God is revealed in reality. God has revealed himself through his word, and through his actions. What do I mean? There is evidence of God validated by findings that are directly associated with Biblical claims of his works. Each and every one is one-of-a-kind in the world, nothing compares nor can any explanation from nature explain what's in view in the artifacts. Does anyone have a clue of what I'm talkin about? We are ignorant of God having revealed himself, being unaware of the evidence.

You do not understand. The spook, mystery god does not exist. I said to you at the very start of this thread that everything is real and once you grasped that concept, you would be on your way. You don't get it, therefore you continue on in confusion. Looking for God everywhere but the one place you can find God is a waste of time.

Take it back to the root............... "Everything is real."

I assume by your reference to a spook God you are NOI. Does NOI declare Elijah Muhammad didn't die with Farrakhan claiming without being displaced bodily he was drawn to visit and have conversation with Elijah on the Mother Plane whose existence has no evidential foundation? What is claimed to be real is material in your philosophy. Are there any findings that take issue with your level of understanding. You are materialist is what you're saying. On what foundation do you stand that has a greater grounds than philosophy?


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