Black People : What Is Freemasonry ? Part - One


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May 19, 2004
According to A book entitled The Craft And Its Symbols , Pg . 8 . Freemasonry has two meaning . One being '' A Beautiful System Of Morality , Veiled In Allegory And Illustrated By Symbols , '' He claims that many people believe this definition is not authentic . And that the word '' Morality ''. As it pertaining to The Craft . is not '' Veiled '' He definition Of Freemasonry is '' A Way Of Life ; As An Origanization Its Purpose Is To Make Good Men Better '' Yet , if you look up the word in The American Heritage Dictionary you will find .

free-ma-son-ry ( fr''m s ...n r ) n . 1 . Freemasnry The institutions . precept . and rites of the Freemasons . 2 . Spontananeous fellowship and sympathy among a number of people .

The defintion of the word Masonic means '' Of Or Pertaining To Freemasons Or Freemasonry '' The original name for Mason was '' Ancient Free And Accepted Freemasons '' A Freemason In defined As '' A Member Of The Free And Accepted Freemasons , Secret International Fraternity ,

Free and Accepted Freemasons are those existing bodies of the Freemason , considered during the middle ages , Who built the public building ( like cathedrals ) of those centuries Freemason working at their trade , Covering many crafts beside stone masons , Such as carpenters and tailors were called '' Operative Freemasons , '' Bourgeois , Noblemen and rulers were initiateds as '' Speculative Freemasons '' Freemasonry was organized in England On June 24 , 1717 A.D. , . But 80% of the Freemasons have now been made into the Largest International Secret Society .

Masonry on the other hand is said to have started with Nimrod , The Son Of Cush And Semiramis because he Worshipped ANU , A Neter ( Guardian ) . From there Freemasonry was said to have shot out and fell straight down , And was not revived until Solomon , Son of David and Bathsheba . Solomon Was approached and to make A choice to choose either The '' Gold '' Held in front of him in one hand or '' The Book '' , Which he could not see what was in it . Solomon chose '' The Book '' . He chose WISDOM ,

At which time the door was opened unto him with A promise that he would receive more communications from the Neteru . He was chose to rebuild the temple . And return The Ark Of The Covenant to The Temple . However , after Solomon , Came The Babylonians with Nebuchanezzar . Who conquered their land taking The Israelites into captivity , Tearing down their Temple . They saw what The Israelites were doing wrong , And they tried to show them the right way , Such as questioning why they followed The Torah , And telling them they should be following The Enuma Elish .

Freemasnry goes way back to the building of Solomon's Temple When Hiram or Chiram , A Beloved friend of the ruler Solomon , Son of David And Bathsheba , Sent his Master Bulider Hiram Abiff to assist him in the construction of the Temple ( 2Samuel 5;7 ) , The word Chiyram , In Aramic / Hebrew meaning '' Noble '' Is from the root Chuwram meaning '' Noble Born '' , Hiram Abiff Is Said To Have Chosen Death Rather Then Reveal The Secret Freemasonic Word .

According To The Secret Teaching Of All Ages , Page LXXVII It States That ;
'' Chiram as master of the builders , Divided his workmen into three groups , Which were termed entered Apprentices , Fellow Craftsmen , And Master Mason . To each division he gave certain passwords and signs by which their respective excellence could be quickly determined . While all were classified according to their merits . some were dissatisfied , For they desired A more exalted position than they were capable of filling . Three Fellow Craftsmen Were Determined To Force Chiram To Reveal To Them The Password Of The Master's Degree .

Upon his refusal to reveal The Master's Word , The Ruffian Struck Him On The Throat With The Rule , And Wounded The Master And Hasten To The West Gate , Where Jubelo . Armed with A Square , Awaited Him and made A Similar demand . Again Chiram was silent , And the second assassin struck him on the breast with the Square , Chiram there upon staggered to the East Gate , only to be met there by Jubelum Armed with A Maul .

When Chiram refused him The master's word . Jubelum Struck The Master between the eyes with the Mallet and Chiram Fell Dead . After The Entered Apprentices Of The Fellow - Craftsmen Had Failed To Resurrect Their Master From The Dead . He Was Finally Raised By The Master Mason With The '' Strong Grip Of A Lion's Paw ''

A Ruffian mean '' Assassin '' , They were clever artisans . Jubelum ; Ghiblim , Giblim , Gibalim , Gibelim , Were the original names of the three Ruffians . After being grafted into Lain and then to French . They Manufactured the titles Jiblime , Jibulum , Jabulum , Jibelum , Jabelum , Jabulum . These are the many distorion of the word Jubelom . As for the name of the other two Ruffians , They were both constructed out of the one - Jubelum ; From Om To A in one , And from Om to O in the other . The word Jubelum Simply Means '' A Fellow Craft ''

Another form of the word Jubelom is Chibbelum And it was used in rituals of the last centures and it is defined to mean '' Worthy Master '' . Is is A Corruption of Giblim , one of the original forms of the word . Giblim is A Hebrew word that is Significant in Freemasonry , And is Plural of the word Gentile , Now called Gibliy . Gibliy has been suggested to mean gentile as A N Appellative in the sense of Stone Cutter .

Giblites or Gebalites were The Inhabitants Of The City Of Gebal , Which Is A Mountainous Region , South Of The Dead Sea . It Is 42 Miles North Of Sidon . The Greek Refer To It As Bybols meaning '' Book '' because paper was made from imported Tama -Rean / Egiptian , Papyrus Reeds , And The Arabs Call It Jubayl . Today It Is Called Jubeil , The Gebalites Participated In King Solomon's Work Force In The 11th Century ; And They Were Considered Experts In The Caulking
( To Make Water Tight Or Air Tight Filling And Sealing ) Ships .

The Phoenicians of Gebal were expert Masons , Especially In Stonecutting . Gebal was known for its Shipbuilders and Craftsmen , The Old Men of Gebal are listed as the ones who Gained Ancient Tyre All Of Its Might And Glory . Gebal meaning '' Mountains , Hill '' In Hebrew , In The Sense Of A Chain Of Hills From The Root Word Gabal meaning '' To Bound , Border '' . According to the '' Metaphysical Bible Dictionary '' . Gebal ( Heb ) means '' Twisted Cord For Binding ; A Line ; Boundary Line ; Boundary ; Border ; Limits ; Mountain , i.e., A Natural Boundary , '' ... Meta . ''

That In The Sense Consciousness Which Marks The Limits , The Boundary Line , Of Purely Human Conquest , Capacity , And Influence Apart From The Recognition And Acknowledgment Of God , Spirit , As The One Source Of All True Dominion And Power'' . ( Hiram Abiff / Jebulo / Jebula / Jebulum ) . The Legend Of Chiram Abiff Is Based Upon The Ancient Tama - Reye / Egiptian Mystery Ritual Of The Murder And Resurrection Of ( Usir , Ausar ) , Osiris , The Son Of Geb And Nut , Osiris ( Also Known As Usir And Ausar ) Is Represented As

A Man Wrapped In A Mummy Binding , Holding In His Crossed Arms The Ceremonial Crook And Flail, On His Head He Wears The Tall White Crown Of Upper Egipt . His Skin Is Often Colored Green , Which Symbolized Regeneration And Growth . In The Beginning ( Usir , Ausar ) Osiris Was A Vegetation Neter ,

It's Not The Things One Knows That Get One In Trouble , It The Things One Know That Just Isn't So That Gets Him / Her In Trouble / And Say The Facts Beyond Any Doubt Have Come And False Ways Were To Vanish :donttell:


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May 19, 2004
What Is Freemasonry ? Part - Two

Governing the death and Rebirth of the crops . Later he became associated with The Death Of Humans , And as A funerary Neter ( Deity ) , He was one of the most Adored and popular Neteru ( Dieties ) of all Tama - Re ( Egipt ) . ( Usir , Ausar ) Osiris was murdered by his brother , ( Nebty , Seth , Sutekh ) Set , who was envious of the position and power of ( Usir , Ausar ) Osiris and ( Aset , Auset ) Isis ( His Brother And Sister ). And Sought to take the throne for himself . When ( Aset , Auset ) Isis Heard of what had taken place . She Immediately Went out to find the body of ( Usir , Ausar ) Osiris .

MeanWhile , during the time ( Aset , Auset) Isis had been searching for the body of ( Usir, Ausar ) Osiris , their brother ( Nebty , Seth Sutekh ) Set hat taken the vacant throne of Tama -Re ( Egipt ) under his rule . The supporters of Osiris were persecuted and injustice prevailed . When ( Aset , Auset ) Isis returned to the land of Tama -Re ( Egipt ) , Set's Followers hunted her as A fugitive , driving her to seek refuge in the dark swamps of the Delta . However . Ra , her .grandfather saw her plight from his seat in The Heaven , and sent
( Anubu , Anup ) Anubis ( Also known as Enqi ) to be her guide .

( Aset , Auset ) Isis hid the body of ( Usir , Ausar ) Osiris from The Eyes Of ( Nebty , Seth , Sutekh ) . Set . However , One Shadow Hour , While he was hunting by moonlight , , He found her hiding place , Recongnizing the chest where he had entombed Osiris body , He opened it and had the body cut in 14 pieces , Which were cast into the Nile , In hopes that the Crocodile would devour them and thus deny Osiris ' Eternal Life . Yet , because their love for
( Usir , Ausar ) Osiris , And their fear of the wrath of ( Aset , Auset ) Isis , The crocodile did not eat the flesh of the God and the pieces were carried by the water of The Nile and cast upon The Bank ,

All except The Phallus , Which was consumed by A Fish of the species of Oxyrchild . When ( Aset , Auset ) Isis discovered Set's Evil Deed , She was filled with greater sorrow than before . Accompanied by her sister ( Nebthet Nephthys , She Sailed Down The Nile Searching Out The Scattered Parts Of The Body . According to one version of the story , It says that the Neteru / Deites
( Anubu , Anup ) . Anubis and ( Tehuti ) Thoth descended from heaven to assist Isis and ( Nebthet ) Nephthys , Together they took the separate part of the body and made ( Usir , Ausar ) Osiris whole again , Them wrapped him in Bandages ,

Of A mummy . ( Aset , Auset ) Isis took the form of A bird and used her wings to blow air into his nostrils Restoring His Soul To Life And making it free to depart into the other world . Then in the form of A Bird , She Came To Rest On The Body Of Her Dead Husband , And using her magic she conceived their Son Ho-rus ( Also Known As Har , Heru ) . For many years ( Nebty , Seth , Sutekh ) Set reigned and ( Aset , Auset ) Isis remained in Hiding With Her Son . In time
( Har , Heru ) Hor-us grew strong and well practiced in the art of Combat , Waiting For The Day When He Would Be Powerful Enough To Avenge His Father's

Death . So The Armies Of ( Nebty , Seth , Sutekh ) Set And Hor-us Disputed A Bitter And Bloody Battle In The Fields Of Edfu . Which Hor-us Won Because Many Of Set's Warriors Who Were Still Faithful To ( Aset , Auset ) Isis And ( Usir
, Aussar ) Osiris Broke From Their Rank And Joined ( Har, Heru ) Hor-us . Set Was Then Driven Out Of That Part Of Tama -Re ( Egipt ) And Unto The Eastern Borders . There ( Nebty , Seth , Sutekh ) Set Attempted To Make A Stand At Zaru . He And Hor-us ' Forces Fought Once Again . Only This Time ( Nebty , Seth , Sutekh ) Set And ( Har , Heru ) Hor-us Physically Fought Each Other .

The Fight Lasted For Many Days . When It Was Over Once Again ( Har . Heru ) Hor-us Won But This Time He Lost An Eye To The Hand Of ( Nebty , Seth , Sutekh ) Set , The Bible Scholars Always Refer To Yashu'a ( Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago ) As The Son Of God ( Matt 3;17 ) And They Mean God's Sun , S-U-N
, And The God They Are Talkking About Is The God Of Ancient Tama -Re ( Egipt ) ( Har , Heru ) Hor-us or Hor which means '' High , Far Away '' Also Said In The Aramic / Hebrew As HAR meaning '' Mountain '' And Also Called RA-HARRAKTE By The Ancient Tama-Rean ( Egiptians ) . ( Har , Heru ) Hor-us Also

Called HAAR , In The Ashuric / Syraic / Arabic Language Meaning '' Heat Or Hot '' As The Sun's Heat Was The S-U-N And S-O-N Of Isis And ( Usir , Ausar ) Osiris . (Aset , Auset ) Isis Which Is The Equivalent To The Babylonian Ishtar , Who Is Also Aset And Asheroth , Which Is From The Root Word Aster < Greek > Meaning '' Star '' In The Greek Language And The Ancient Sumerian Neter Of Sin . Whose Son Was TAMMUZ , The Eloh Assigned To Oversee The Adamites .

Tammuz Is Equivalent To The Ancient Tama-Rean / Egiptian Neter / Deity ( Har
, Heru ) . Hor-us . Hor-us Is Represented As A Falcon Or The Falcon - Headed Man . His Eyes Symbolized The Sun And The Moon . The Phrase '' The Eye Of Hor-us '' , Which Is Also Called The Udjat Is Referring To His Right Eye , The Sun , Which Is The Eye On The Dollar Bill Above The Pyramid . It Was His Right Eye That Ws Lost In A Trrible Battle Between Him And ( Nebty , Seth , Sutekh ) Set . ( Isis / Osiris / Set ) .

It's Not The Things One Knows That Get One In Trouble , It The Things One Know That Just Isn't So That Gets Him / Her In Trouble / And Say The Facts Beyond Any Doubt Have Come And False Ways Were To Vanish :donttell:


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May 19, 2004
How Did Freemasonry Began ?

Freemasonry began by A group of Popes and Vicars who were tried of living in corruption , And did not like the order of The Establishment And Religion . So they separated from The Church and came together to bring about A New

World Order because The Old World Order ( Christianity) had fail . They saw the symbols on The Cathedrals and started questioning them and wanted to know what These Symbols Represented . They went to the Elect and asked , ''

What Are These Symbols . ? They went to The Protestants , Who Protested against The Church and asked '' What Are These Symbols ? '' And they went to The Alchemist and came up with Albert Pike And Madame Blavatsky , Who

was A known Witch . These symbols came from The Ancient Druds and Babylonians . The Group went back to the same Builders ( Masons ) because they were the only people allowed to meet . Sine they were Building A Church ,

And Decided to meet there at night . This is how they became known as Knights ... They Called Themselves Kings Of The Night they met on Thursday From The God Thor ..They met in private churches of Stonecutters Dressed In

Black . Just The Builders (Masons ) And The Spectations ( Speculative Masons ) . They were Anti-This -Establishment , Against The Church And Soon Broke Away From The Church And Became Known As '' Free - Masons , ''

A Freemason Is Free To Build On His Own And A Mason Is Someone Who Works For Someone Else . They Researched The Symbols And Became An '' Order '' . Which Translates From The Greek Word Taxis ( Hebrew 5;10 ) The

Romans were the ones who Introduced A Coded System Of Taxation . In The Early Republic . A Poll Tax Was Levied Against Each Citizen . The Emperor Augustus , Who Ruled 27 B.C. - 14 A.D.Introduced The Property Tax And

Inheritance Tax At The Beginning Of The Imperial Period , And Later Emperors Imposed Taxes On A Long List Of Products The Term '' Freemasonry '' Actually Wasn't Adopted Until The Presidency Of James Anderson . Who Was A Jew ,

During A London Conference . These Freemasons Wanted To Keep The Secret To Themselves , So They Were Sworn To Secrecy They Must Keep These Things That Are Sacred ,Secret . Which Is The Symbol Worn By Adolf Hitler He

Set Out To Bring In New World Order . Modern Freemasonry Began In Crafts Of Guilds , Of Working Masons During Medieval Time . These Mason Adopted A System Of Signs Of Masonry . Such As Passwords . Which Were Used As ''

Union Cards '' . Work Sheds Were Known As Lodges . The Secrets Of Masonry , Such As Passwords , Grips , And Symbols Were Used To Inoculate Certain Moral And Religious , Lessons The Initiate Will Then Be Blindfolded And A

Noose Was Put Around His Neck , And He Was Ushered Into The Door Of A Room . He Kneels And Is Touched With A Sword ( Which Has A Compass At The End Of It ) On His Left Breast . He Then Swears A Blood Oath And Puts His

Thumb To His Throat To Signify . That If He Was To Reveal Any Secrets Of The Order . His Throat Would Be Cut . This Is Where The '' Thumb's Up Sign Came From

It's Not The Things One Knows That Get One In Trouble , It The Things One Know That Just Isn't So That Gets Him / Her In Trouble / And Say The Facts Beyond Any Doubt Have Come And False Ways Were To Vanish


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May 19, 2004
How Did Freemason Obtained Their Symbolisms ?

A Freemasonic Constitution dated 1701 A.D. Give the following native account of The Crafts from which the major part of Freemasonic Symbolism is derived , John Leylande was appointed by King Henry VIII to go through the

archives of the various religious institution dissolved by the King and removed for preservation any Books or Mannuscripts of An important character , Among the documents copied by Leylande was A series of question and answers

concerning The Mystery Of Masonry written by King Henry VI ... In his notes on King Henry's Question and Answers . William Preston enlarges upon the vow of secrecy as it was practiced by the ancient initiates . It is also noteworthy

that . According to King Hery's Manuscript , , Masonry had its origin in the East and was the carrier of the arts and Sciences , By grammar . man is taught to express in Noble and Adequate language . He innermost thoughts . and ideas ;

By rhetoric . He is enabled to conceal his ideals under the protecting cover of Ambiguous language and figures of speech ; by Logic he is trained in the organization of the intellectual faculties with which he has been endowed ; by

arithmetic , He not only is instructed in The Mystery of Universal Order . But also gains they key to multitude , Magnitude , And proprtion ; By geomentry he is inducted into the mathematices of form . The harmony and Rhythm of

angeles , And the Philosophy of Organization ; by music , He is reminded that the universe is founded upon the laws of Celestial Harmonice , And that harmony and Rhythm are All-Prevading ; By Astronomy , He Gains An

Understanding of the immensity's of time and Space . Of the proper Relationship between himself and The Universe , And of the Awesomeness of that unknown power which is driving the countless stars of the Firmament

through Illimitable Space , Equipped with the knowledge conferred by Familiarity with the liberal arts and Sciences . The studious Freemason Therefore finds himself confronted by few problem with which he cannot cope .

Taken From The Secret Teaching Of All Ages By The Phiolosophical Research Society , Inc ...

Though there are many symbols in Freemasonry ,None are more important than the Compass And The Square . Since the 18th Century , This has been accepted as '' The Freemasonic Emblem . Sometime you may see it with A

Letter '' G'' In the middle . It is no Coincidence that The 7th Letter of The English Alphabet Is '' G '' ,Which Is Used By The Masonic Lodge To Represent '' God '' , The Master Geometrist or Grand . The Word '' God '' can also be

seen as Gud . Gwd , Goud , Good , Got In Dutch , Gott In German , And Gudd In Danish . Gad , Which Is Another Derivative Of The Word God '' Was The Name Of The 7th Son Of Jacob And Zifa ( Genesis 30 ; 10-11 ) . The Root

Meaning Of Gad Is Troop , Which According To The Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary Unabridged Second Edition - Delux Color , Page 1959 , A Troop Is '' A Collection Of People , From Latin - A Flock '' Which would Be A

Group Of Beings Not A Single Being . Therefore , Gad or God or Gud Must In The Plural Form Just Like The Word Eloheem Meaning '' These Beings , '' Signifying That Even Though Christians Say They Worship Only One God .

They Are Really Worshipping More Than One God . Because The Word Itself Is Plural To Many American Freemasons The Emblem Is Not Complete Without This Letter '' G '' . However , This Is Not So In Other Countries , Where In

Other Languages '' God '' Does Not Start With The Letter '' God '' Neither Does Geometry . Initially . The Square is said to Symbolize Mortality And Righteousness . The Compass Is Said To Symbolize Spirituality .

As A Mason Advances In Degrees , The Compass And The Square Takes On Further And More Deeper Meaning . Freemasonry Appears Under Different Names . When The Greand Orient Of France In 1877 A.D. Took Holy

Scriptures From Its Altars , And No Longer Demanded Their Members To Have A Belief In The Great Architect Of The Universe , The Anglo-Saxon Lodges Severed Fraternal Relations With Grand Orient And Created A Schism Which

Has Lasted To This Day . Grand Orient Lodges Were Throughout Europe And Germany . Germany Under The Rule Of Adolf Hitler . Closed Down All The Grand Lodges . The Reason For Doing This Is Because He Knew Of Their Relation

To The Jews . Hitler Destroyed The Ritual Apparatus And Sometimes Put The Members Into Concetration Camps . This . Of Course . Made Freemasonry Come Back Under A New Name . Which Was The '' Clubs Of The German Knights '' Yet . Still In Other Parts Of Germany . New Lodges Were Giving Birth .

It's Not The Things One Knows That Get One In Trouble , It The Things One Know That Just Isn't So That Gets Him / Her In Trouble / And Say The Facts Beyond Any Doubt Have Come And False Ways Were To Vanish :donttell:


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May 19, 2004
Who Are The Eastern Star ?

Since Freemasons have always refused to Admit Women into the lodges , Their Females have sometime expressed their Dissatisfaction of not being in on The Secrets and Mysteries , Perhaps to turn the Ladies away from their interest in

Freemasonic Rituals , Etc , An American Freemason started '' The Order Of Eastern Star '' . This order has becomes one of The Most Successful Of Freemason Satellites , In 1965 A.D. The Eastern Star Order enrolled more than

Three Million Master Freesons , Their Wives , Widows , Mothers , Daughters , Sisters , And Granddaughters into Thirteen Thousand Chapters . So-Called '' Adoptive Masonry '' . Or Freemasonry For Women were found as early as the

18th century . The Duchess Of Bourbon was appointed Grand Mistress of Adoptive Freemasonry in France . In 1775 A.D. She directed an order with Four Degrees Apprentice , Companion , Mistress , And Perfect Mistress .

Adoptive Freemasonry was also popular in Holland , Italy And Germany These women did not receive Freemasonry Degrees , But they received Degrees Invented by the sponsors of Adoptive Freemasonry , which were regular

Freemasonic Lodges . The Original reason why Women were not Allowed in this order was because during the Initation Ceremony . The Men Were Stripped Of Their Clothing . At that time it was considered indecent for A Woman to see A

man bare chested . The Order Of The Eastern Star was first introduced as the '' American Adoptive Rite '' . A Five - Degree Ritual was Published In 1857 A.D. And revised in 1865 A.D. His purpose seems to have been to devise signs of

recognition for women to reveal their Freemasonic Connection to other Freemasons . Because of his poor organization , The New Rite Found few supported among the leaders of of American Freemasonry At The Time In 1866

A.D. He Turned Over His Rights To A Freemasonic Publisher Who Reworked The Ritual . In 1867 A.D. In Indianapolis . The General Grand Chapter Was Founded . It Was The Largest Of Three Eastern Star Jurisdictions . Within Eight Years Of
Its Founding . The Order Had 50,000 Women Members And Master Freemasons .

Why Do They Call The Women The Eastern Stars ? The Fenale is the Eastern Star because (Aset , Auset ) Isis . The wife of ( Usir , Ausar ) Osiris had to travel Eastward To Find Osiris Body After His Brother , ( Nebty , Seth , Surekh )

Set , had kill him . Osiris had to be Resurrected For Revenge Through His So
( Gar , Heru ) Hor-us . Who was called The Horizon '' . The Horizon had to be Avenged . Osiris wanted Revenge on his brother ( Nebty , Seth , Sutekh ) Set .

That's what The Sun Must Do . (The Company Of The Anunnaqi Rejoiced , At The Coming Of Har , Falsely Called Hor-us . This Hor-us Was The Son Of Osiris And Isis . Osiris Was The Of Geb And Nut , And The Grandson Of Amon - Ra .

This Hor-us Had A Fight With His Brother Set , Who Ripped Out His Left Eye, Thus You Have The '' Evil Eye , '' Now The Grandson Of Hor-us Was Also Named Hor-us And His Eye , The Right Eye , Symbolizes The Sun , For His Great

Greadfather , Amon -Ra . His Left Symbolizes The Moon . For His Mother, Isis Also Called Dina . ) The Sun Must Set . And Set Only Manifests In The Darkness , Where Hor-us Manifest In The Light , Because ( Aset , Auset ) Isis

Had To Seek Out Osiris To Conceive However , Osiris Was Dead . So She Had What They Call An '' Immaculate Conception '' She Gave Birth When Osiris Was Dead . If A Man Is Dead , The Semen Is Dead . If The Semen Is Dead There Is Not Life , Unless There Is Some Type Of Divine Intervention .

What Are The Requirements For The Women Who Want To Be An Eastern Star ?
Initiates Must Be Women Over Eighteen Who Are Related To Freemasons . They Must Also Profess A Belief In A Supreme Being . There Are Two Chief Officers Of

A Subordinate Chapter , The Worthy Matron And The Worthy Patron , A Master Mason . The Chaplain Of The Chapter Is To Lead Them In Its Devotions Of The Altar . And Ask Blessing Of The Heavenly Father Upon Their Work . An Open

Bible Rest In The Center Of The Altar Of The Chapter Room . The Five-Degrees Ritual Is Based Upon Stories Of Five Women , Four Of Whom Are Of The Bible . Adah . The Daughter ( Genesis 4;19 ) . Ruth , The Widow ( Ruth 1;4 ) Esther ,

The Wife ( Esther 2;7 ) Martha , The Sister ( John 11;5 ) And Electa , The Mother . There is also A Complementary Degree that may also be chosen by The Eastern Star member , Queen Of The South . Both men and women may be

initated . The associated conductress removes the hat. Gloves , and wrap worn by the candidate . A thin veil is placed over the head and face of the candidate , and the conductress proceeds to lead her to the door of the

Chapter Room . The Worthy Matron Inside tell the candidate ; Your Connection With the Freemasonic Order , And The Recommendations You Have Brought , Assures Us That You Are Wrothy To Be Trusted With The Light And Knowledge

Of Our Order , '' The Order Of The Eastern Star Is Wives , Sisters And Daughters Of Master Masons , And The Freemasonic Principle Of Fraternal Love , Friendly Aid , And Truth Are Declared And Taught . The Order Of The Eastern

Star States The Obligation Of Their Order , ( Assumed Voluntarily ) Is Perpetual . The Force Of Which There Is No Release . The Worthy Patron - A Mason - Administers The Obligation As The Candidate Kneels At The Altar With The Bible Open Against Her Breast .

The conductress Leads The Candidate To The First Point Of The Star And Removes The Veil A Member . Representing Adah , Relates The Story Of Adah , The Daughter Of Japheth . She Explain The Sign Of The First Degree . Which

Consists Of Raising And Lowering The Veil . ( Yes , They Put A Veil On . They Know What It Means , But Only In Initiation ) The Conductress Then Leads The Candidate To The Next Position Where The History Of Ruth Is Related By A

Representative Then To Esther For The Story Of Ester , Then Martha And Electa . Each Instruction Is Consideered A Degree , But The Entire Five Degrees Are Completed In The Initial Initiation . Jewish And Other Non-Christian Relatives

Of Freemasons , Are Not Barred From The Eastern Star Order , But Certain Parts Of The Ritual May Make Such Initiates Feel Uncomfortable . At One Point , For Example . The Worthy Patron Will Explain That '' From This Time On You Will

Be As One Of That Member Of This Order Which Is Inspired By The Star Of Bethlehem , Directing All Faithful To That City Not Made With Hands , The New Jerusalem , '' Besides That . The Gereral Motto Of The Estern Star Order Is ''

We Have Seen The Star In The East And Have Come To Worship Him ;..The Sign For The Fifth Degree Is Made By Crossing The Arms Over The Breast While Looking Upward . The Explanation Is That This Sign Represents Electa Clasping

A Crucifix To Her Bosom , To Show Her Love For The Savior . Electa Is Identified As '' An Elect Lady '' In St . Johns Epistle . The Degre Of Martha Is Intended To Demonstrate Faith In The Redeemer And Describes The Events

Surrounding The Raising Of Lazarus , Her Brother , From The Dead By Yashu'a ( Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago ) . ( John 11;43 ) . The Reason Why The Order Of The Eastern Star Is Symbolized By A Five Degree System , Five Women , And A

Fave Pointed Star Is Because A Five - Degree Star Is Representative Of Women ( Two Arms , Two Legs , A Head , And A Womb ) . When Placed Upright , While A Six - Pointed Star Is Representative Of Men ( Two Arms , Two Legs , A Head , And A Penis ) .

It's Not The Things One Knows That Get One In Trouble , It The Things One Know That Just Isn't So That Gets Him / Her In Trouble / And Say The Facts Beyond Any Doubt Have Come And False Ways Were To Vanish

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