Black People : What is Facism? AN IMPORTANT MUST SEE VIDEO

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    What Is Fascism" is the new ICU feature-length documentary film that exposes the United States government and their attempts to viciously police the citizenry, further their international and financial agendas, and commit genocide throughout the world. The film covers a variety of subjects, including:

    -Government involvement in 9/11 and other "terrorist" attacks.

    -Genocide against blacks and the murder of black revolutionaries. Including The Tuskegee experiments, AIDS, CIA funnelling in crack in the black parts of L.A., and the murders of Fred Hampton, MLK, and Malcolm X.

    -The plan to fit YOU with microchips.

    -The creation of police state where our troops will police us like an invading army. It's already happening and we have the video to prove it.