African American History Culture : What is Culture?

Discussion in 'African American History Culture' started by Virtual_GOD, Dec 29, 2004.

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    Culture is what you do at the time you are doing it. That is all it is now, that is all it ever was, and that it all it ever will be. Culture is what you do at the time you are doing it.

    Whenever an anthropologist or an archeologist is searching for a culture they are looking for what a person or people were doing at the time they were doing it.

    People define "cultures" of other people to cause confusion and conflict among those people...particularly the white people who practice racism (white supremacy) do this all the time. It is a method for maintaining and refining their power structure. If a person is carrying water on their head the white person that is practicing white supremacy (racism) will say that is part of that person's culture. Which is true. But the person most likely didn't say they were going to set out to build a culture where people carry water on their heads.

    The white supremacists (racists), which are the white people who practice the mistreatment of people on the basis of color, wants to define what your culture is by defining, where you are on the planet, when you are there, what you do while you're there, what you say while you're there, and when you do it. They define cultures...the white supremacists (racists) that is. That is part of their racist strategy.

    Counter-racist strategy which involves thought, speech, and/or action is sometimes not speaking or acting but understanding what you are looking at when you are looking at it...correct speech and/or action is the product of understanding what you are looking at when you see it and how it relates to everything else.

    It's all in the words...if we are going to do anything at all. All of our thoughts are formed initially from words. So much so, the words become more important than what we are seeing. This is why you can look at something and not even see it...because of the words that are already in your mind. You can look right something happen and call it something else...because of the words that are already in your mind that describe what you are looking at.

    Give words the correct definitions and use those words over and over with those definitions and you'll begin to see things they really are. Until then whomever is giving the words you use the definitions they want the words to have and you are using those words with those are following them because they control not only what you think but how you think about it.

    Follow THE LOGIC.

    Culture is what you do at the time you are doing it.
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    Virtual, I have no problems with your basic premise, but I would suggest that culture is far deeper than that... Culture for every African in this hemisphere is the substance by which we've all been sustained for these past 500 years in this wicked wilderness... Without it, we would have withered away, and died, or been genocidally murdered as the Natives of this land were...

    That is the beauty, the power, the majesty of this thousands of years old communion with the universe - it teaches you to survive anything less in magnitude than IT!(smile!) Good Discussion topic, Virtual...