Black Poetry : What is America? To others?


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Mar 29, 2001
Americans the proud the few
Helped the jews
Or did we?
Was it just because we were then the targets?
Fought for Vietnam
Or killed thousands, na?
Bombed Hiroshima
Or killed millions lets open a zima?
Made the world a better place
Or stuck our noses in everybody's face?
Freedom of choice
or degraded the communism voice?
Is America the land of freedom
or locked up chinese-americans for what
For our own securities
But they were Americans
Were we racist when we had slaves
or just ignorant to the world
What's to the mind is it knowledge
Or ****, these black people might be smarter
Why do women have to struggle
The preamble of America says only men are created equal
You say America has justice
Ha, when murderers kill people on the streets
Or when cops beat you with there sticks
Or shoot you cause their trigger happy
Is justice when death row inmates get to live
About fifteen years longer than they were to give
Or see us pay other nations our money
When were supposedly in debt
Or when we have homeless cold hungry and lonely
America the land of opportunity
To pay thousands for a college education
Poor people being the minority
No school, lets work at the bus station
Is America all it was cracked up to be
Can you all see?
Right, America, I forgot, the great!



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