Black People : WHAT IS AMERICA GOING TO BE? The Sad Realities of The Coming Downfall


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Apr 14, 2012
This my personal views on politics,economics,and all the things that are happening in the world.

What is going on and happening is going to have an effect on everyone even the rich.

You already know that what we experience is only going to get worse, and these politicians

they really can care less about you or me .

Your favorite political candidates, yes the Trumps and Clinton's does not care about you

they will tell you anything for your votes.

That is why it does not matter who wins because nothing will change for America.

That is the hard reality that people can not and will not acknowledge or see.

They are afraid of the reality that things will not be “business as usual” in America.

That America is a lost cause and the world has lost all respect and trust in America supposedly

Superiority. Even our currency is totally destroyed beyond repair and you have the audacity to

Single out the flaws of minorities and other countries.

This has been coming to and for America for a long time, but we been so busy focusing on literally non-sense that we have suffered from the “It can never happen to me” disorder.

We are so deep in denial that anything that remotely make sense is disregarded as non-sense, crazy, or irrational that it have us pitted against each other.

Look at these protest,rallies, and conventions by these candidates supporters.

These are not political convention it is more of a KKK rally or indoctrination for those who really don't get the big picture. That picture is you are being used to further a agenda of dividing this country.

Even as I speak I know a troll going to say I am spewing non-sense ignorant rhetoric against their
candidates, but has any of them took a week to walk around Chicago(Chiraq) really to assess why the people there are unemployed and have no alternatives but to commit crimes to survive? Has any of them met the family of the young man killed in Milwaukee? Have they visit any of the victims who lived from both police brutality and police officers who has been shot?

The economy has been a lie one after another there is no recovery as they keep claiming and if it did why companies are still preparing to downsize and lay-off more worker's?

Why has none of the politicians visit or acknowledge that people are continuing to give up on searching for a job? Why job seeker's do not have a ounce of confidence or believe that they will have or get a job soon?

I know why and it is a hard pill for them to swallow, They just don't have our interest at heart; they are mainly focus on themselves and less on representing or speaking on the issues.


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Feb 12, 2010
You will have to do the impossible and seperate the money from politics. Boil it down and basically you get to the "root" for just about most if not all the ills in this forsaken land.

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Nov 17, 2006
You will have to do the impossible and seperate the money from politics. Boil it down and basically you get to the "root" for just about most if not all the ills in this forsaken land.

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