Brother AACOOLDRE : What is Above and Below?

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    Socrates was accused of teaching religious doctrines of things beneath the earth and up in the sky (Above and Below). Scholars claim this relates to Astronomy and geology.

    I believe it related to astronomy and other subjects I will be touching on. First it should be noted that Socrates claimed ancient descent to the Egyptians and a member of the Masonic group of craftsmen of Ptah. The name of Egypt comes from Ptah.

    Ptah a craft god in Memphis helped Ra create the Universe. The Universe above was a reflection of Egypt below. The Universe was called mountains/pyramids of sunrise/upper/above and sunset/lower/below.

    Ptah created the Memphite theology which is a astronomical parable to the creation of the Universe.“The Memphite theology is symbolic of the unity of the country and is called the “hinge” of Egypt. Ptah is presented not only as the creator of the gods and all that is but also symbolic of that unity. The Temple of Ptah reflected the same theme for it had one door that opened to the south, toward Upper Egypt, and one to the north, toward Lower Egypt”.-The Ancient World: an Historical perspective by Henry Boren p50

    Hinge is a joint for opening doors. Souls in Egypt had to know passwords of doors & knowing the name of Upper and Lower Leaves to get to heaven.

    Other themes of the universe will be explored for comparison and then a conclusion will be drawn. Plato attempted to explain Above and Below not as Universe but as heavy and light on scales of balance with heavy going downwards/below and light going upwards/Above see Timaes 63. If this is true then we must compare this with Hermes/Thoth’s “Emerald Tablet” and the Egyptian Double halls of truth.

    In Egypt a souls heart must be as light as a feather to pass upwards to heaven. Before I proceed I must say Thoth was called the word of Ptah and Thoth was in reality only a personification of the intelligence of Ptah.

    The “Emerald Tablet” is called a work of Alchemy. The Tablets states in part:

    Truly without deceit, certain and most veritable

    That which is below corresponds to that which is above. To accomplish the miracles of the one thing and just as all things come from this one thing, through the mediation of one mind, so do all created things originate from this one thing (Mind?) through transformation (Alchemy).

    Its father is the sun,

    Its mother the moon

    The wind (Shu) carries it in its belly, Its nurse is the earth. It is the origin of all. It rises from the earth to heaven and descends again to earth. Thereby combining within it’s the power of both the Above and below.

    Therefore am I called thrice (trinity) great Hermes/Thoth, having all three parts of the wisdom of the whole universe. Herein have I completely explained the operation of the sun”.

    Alchemy is an early form of chemistry dealing with a method or power of transmutation-Webters dictionary.

    Chemia is another name for Egypt which derives from Chemistry. Plutarch states “Egypt, moreover, which has the blackest of soils, they call by the same name as the black portion of the eye, Chemia (Cham/Ham), and compare it to a heart”-Isis & Osiris. Now the Memphite theology in Part states:
    “the heart took shape in the form of Atum (Ra) tongue/word took shape in the form of Atum. It is Ptah, the very great, who has given life to all the gods through this heart and tongue from which Horus had come forth as Ptah, from which Thoth comes forth as Ptah”. This process created mankind also.Augustine and Thomas Aquinas saw this same word as Love and knowledge.

    Thoth was symbolic of the Ibis bird that sleeps with its head folded beneath its wing and its body assumes the shape of a heart, which was regarded as intelligence. We see heart and mind going hand and hand just like Ptah and Thoth in the Memphite theology.

    The doctrine of “knowing thyself”. Plutarch said: “The worlds has its above and below and its round about its centre, not with reference to another world or outside, but in itself and with reference to itself…conceive above and below within itself’-Obsolescence of Oracles.

    Knowning thyself was knowing how the Memphite theology created the Universe which man was it in mini form.

    It should be noted that the Gospels of John first chapter talking about the Word is a complete replicia of the Memphite doctrine.

    So I must conclude that when souls passed to the double Halls of truth to be judged by their heart/mind and words of actions/deeds it was a alchemy process. And its upper/lower doors/leafs was symbolic of the universe and you had to know its process and yourself.