Black Poetry : What is a True Racist?


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
One who do not care about your dual-colorism, incorrect racism, gender or you at all really...a true racist is all about outdoing their last times to the fullest. They focus on being a thoroughbred like a horse. A dark subdued horse is their symbol as a true racist. They jump hurdles, whisk and weave through the cuts, accelerate and excel from the toughest training in order to succeed time and time again plus they know where they are going. They eat from the earth and know what spring waters to drink from...stopping to rest when fatigue...trained by specific Ancestors and handle their own reign...each have their own character...and no jockeys required cause it is no need to jock a true racist when you can jock yourself. A true racist is evolutionary in every sense and every way of the word, which can be imagined. Immah true racist to my endless....


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