Black Spirituality Religion : WHAT IS A "SOUL TRIBE?"

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    I've pondered this question since my last piece of channeled information from Goddess Eva. An entity that had a sound concern for the spiritual progression for the souls on this planet. She insisted that most, if not all of our problems stem from the fact that we are not schooled in "soul tribes" from birth. The problems and dilemmas we "create" for ourselves are due to our constant need to define and defend who we are.

    A "soul tribe" is a group of people born under the same zodiac, sometimes for close accuracy- soul tribes can consist of people born at the same exact time- even down to the very second. It has very little to do with the conception of the body in the womb, or the duration that body stays within the womb- but it's all about the moment the umbilical cord is cut. That cut signifies the presence of a new soul, before the cut the child was an organ of it's Mother.

    Astrology is both spirituality and science. It is one of the oldest basis for spiritual connection between the Earth, the Cosmos and the mind. However it is possible the Astrologers of the past were basically recording phenomena in the heavens with the understanding that our Universe is basically a very slow "astral plane" - all 13 Zodiac signs are decided by the relationship between the Sun and the Earth and what astral gateways are opened during certain cycles.

    In English, that means we all come from a certain realm or house. The soul that enters into the Humanoid vehicle when the cord is cut depends on what gateway is open during that time.

    We can also look at our zodiac signs as socioeconomic structures. Ways by which souls have perfected means to communicate, relate and create with one another.

    It is not hard for me to imagine what it would be liked to be "schooled" in a soul tribe. My Mother is the same zodiac as I am, my two older cousins that babysat when my Parents were away were also the same sign. My Grandmother that help raise me was not the same sign, but I believe she still helped to nurture allot of my soul potential- perhaps because GrandFather who had passed over was the same sign as myself.

    What should that mean for my personal development? It means as a Gemini, or as the great communicator- I am confident in my abilities, I have no feelings of doubt when it comes down to my soul - or software attributes.

    But I can still imagine what life for me would be if I was involved in a soul society the Goddess mentioned briefly before. She said in a soul society they know your potential based upon the very moment you are cut from your Mother. Actually, as a cheat- something the child is left connected to it's Mother until the Spiritualist or Astro-metaphysical gives word to cut the cord.
    A child born within certain vibrations also brings a certain type of energy into the collective soul tribe.

    That child is housed by it's biological Parents, but school by it's Soul tribe. The Elders of that tribe design the curriculum. The length of these schools depend on the cycles of that planet or the system of that galaxy. On Earth, if such a system was implemented- there would be 3 levels of schooling, birth - 21 years of age.

    During the first 7 years of life the child is a scientist, learning the laws of cause and effect and how the physics on this particular planet works. The physics change from realm to realm this is why this stage of schooling is important. The reason why children are so draw to cartoons for example, is because there are astral realities where things move that fast and life is that colorful. There are realities where people fly and where folks travel by jumping high into the air. This is possible because of different types of calibrations made in reality.

    The sad reality is, so many people on earth are still stuck on the first 7 years of life. They are still trying to understand the physics of this realm and why things happen the way they happen. "Did I do that?" As Steve Urkel would say. People who consistently do the same things over and over and over expecting different results. No zodiac sign is void of scientific and critical thought, so it's interesting that the world is overall void of the correct mathematical skills to decide or totally avoid unconscious creations.

    For 8-14 the Soul is an Artist, learning how to apply science, break laws, re-define reality etc- through whatever artistic medium that soul is attracted too. Naturally every zodiac sign has it's own medium to which they use to magically alter the state of cause and effect, causality and even choice. Interestingly enough, between 8-14 is the time on Earth where our minds are arrested away from this type of higher learning.

    There is a reason I've always call the 'Dark Magician" an Artist, because he or she is creating their reality no differently that an Artist creates a work of art on canvas. For them the canvas is reality itself, and the paints are their thought forms that manipulate reality around them and for them.

    Every sign on the wheel of the zodiac has some means of painting reality to their liking. You see without this particular type of soul development we are left constantly fighting and bickering over technique. Every sign has a different technique to which they can use to effectively co-create reality for themselves.

    For the next years of schooling 15-21 the soul starts an apprenticeship, he or she starts to flirt with the idea of belonging to some type of soul system or order. The soul is not given any options, the soul creates their own options with the information they have gathered for themselves thus far.

    Some souls will go beyond systems and order, and some will choose to follow a collective lead. A well-remembered soul does not make negative choices. Negative choices are made because we don't know who or what we are really, nor where we are going and what will become of us when we pass from this body.

    By the time a soul reaches 21, he or she has their chest stuck out because they have "remembered" all the knowledge they need for "project Earth." First they'll understand more about the realm they've come from, and even how to access that realm when they need too. The commune with other souls in their tribe would give them the confidence needed to pilot through life resourcefully.

    Unfortunately, in a society of disenfranchised souls, it is common place for the dreams of children to be stomped out of them by the time that child is 14. Everyone comes into the Earth plane with a clear intent, just as we run into the bathroom with a clear intent. Now, imagine what it would be like if you ran into the bathroom and someone was there waiting to stop you from doing what you came there to do?

    What has taken place on this planet, is a result of what happens when souls have so much backedup inside of them. This realm was not always a trap, but it has become a trap because we cannot "go and come" as we please. Where can we go if we don't know where we have gone? What can we become if we don't really know who we are?

    I spend allot of time studying myself through other people. People who are born under my sign, and those who carry my vibrations. It helps me to understand more about my own development and potential.

    Now, if the science of soul tribes is true, anyone born at the same time with a very important soul should have the same "potential" as that soul.

    What if G.Bush was a rapper? Enchanting audiences with his melodic lyrics over fluid beats?

    And what if 50 Cent were President of the US? Commander in Chief. Using our tax dollars to create a better society for this country and beyond?

    Both of these Men were born on the same date, which is July 6. Not the same year of course, but the same month and day. Are there similarities in these two Men? Besides the obvious discoloration of skin and variables in age....
    interestingly enough, both of these Men send souls out to war for ill devised means.
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    I am so glad you have finally both this subject to attention. I wonder what all I should know by now since in the next month I will be turning 21?
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    I don't know how I feel about this, since I was born the same day as the comedian Sinbad nad the US Marine Corp!