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    Masaajid < Arabic = the plural of masjid , have existed sine the Beginning Of Man's creation on earth . At the creation of the Prophet Adam ( PBUH = Peace bless Upon Him ) He went through all the motions of Salaat ( worship ) and the place where hewas ceated is today the Holy Ground ; Makkah . Adam ( PBUH ) bowed down to Allahu Subhaanahu Wa Ta ' Ala in total submission . prostration ( Sajdah ) . and gave Allhu Subhaanahu Wa Ta ' Ala praise . And like him , all the other Prophet (PBUH )
    And believer of Allahu Subhaanahu Wa Ta 'Ala did the same ... The house of Allah Or Masjid is the proper place to give worship . To Allahu Subhaanahu Wa Ta ' Ala . He is the only one due praise . Masjid are the main religious building of Islaam and usally the most important structures ; They are to be considered Sacred In All Aspects . Masaajid are usually constructed with stone tiles or bricks in the form of a square. in the center of which is an open court - yard with cloisters ( An Archway Along The Inside Walls ) . Inside the Masjid is the Mihrab Niche Facing Makkah , which marks the direction of the Ka'aba , To the right is the Minbar from where the Khutbah is given , You will also find in the Masjid a Dakkah Where El Holy Qur'aan Can Be Read . And A Manaarat Where The Adaan Is Called < Meaning The Call To Prayer For All Muslims > Masaajid , In General Are Based On The Six Pointed Star . However In India And Central Asia , Masaajid Are Generally Constructed On The Basis Of The Eight Pointed Star . The Six Pointed Star And Up Right Crescent Are Frequently Used Throughout The Islaamic World , In Geometric Patterns As Well As Strncture Upon The Top Of The Domes . Why Is The Six Pointed Star ( Symbol ) Of
    Ibrahiym = Abraham ( PBUH ) Utilized As Opposed To The Five Pointed Star ?
    The Six Pointed Star Is Composed Of The Triangles ; The '' In- Verted Triangle Is Symbolic Of The 430 Years Bondage Of The Israa' Iylites Which Ended With Their Release From Pharach In Egypt .
    Laws Pertaining To The Masjid
    The Masjid serves as '' Bayt Allah = The Hose Of Allah . It Is A Place Of Public Prayer , No one should be refused entrance unless they disrespect the Masjid and are coverers of Truth . In It one's conduct should be at its best , Here are some laws pertaining to the Masjid ;
    A .. One should be clean in the prayer area at all times .
    B .. One should always enter with The Right Foot and Leave With The Left .
    C... One should never laugh out loud in the Masjid .
    D.. .One should never argue in the Masjid .
    E ...One should never hold excessive talk .
    F ...One should not hold money excange in the prayer area .
    G...One should not wear bright colors , such as Red Or Yellow .
    H ..One should never Eat Onions Or Garlic Before Entering The Masjid .
    I .. There should never be talk between male and female /
    J...It is a sin to spit in the Masjid .
    K One would not read poetry in the Masjid .
    L..A Masjid is a place of worship , It is Forbidden To Make Any Nosie In It Which Could Disturb Other In Prayer .
    M.. The Masjid Is A Place Dedicated Wholly To The Worship Of AllahuSubhaanahu Wa Ta ' Ala < And Not The Prophet Muhammad Nor His Prophet's Or Messenger >
    Thus All Sorts Of Trade Or Advertisement Are Forbidden In It ,
    N.. During prayer , you should not LQQK around , Talk To Or Answer Anyone .
    O.. You must try to reach The Masjid in time for the prayers , but if you happen to be late , do not run or rush to join the congregation , but walk briskly toward it .
    P..You should fully concentrate on the prayer rather that think of other things .
    Q.. You head should be covered at all times in the Masjid ..
    R... You should not sit with your feet or back facing in the direction Of The Qiblah .
    Al Imaam Muhammad Ahmad Al Mahdi ( AS ) Said ; '' The Voice Should Not Be Raised Except In Remembrance Of Allah - Dhikr Reciting From The Qur'aan And In Salaat . Reciting From The Qur'aan And In Salaat .
    Personnel Of The Masjid
    1 . Imaam <<< The Imaam is one whose Leadership , example pattern , or model should be followed , The name '' Imaam is in the quraan seven times singularly , and five times plurally . He Is An Example Of Righteousness And A Person Who Has All The Qualities Essential To Majesty . Qualities Such As The Advancement Of The True Religion And '' The Strengthening Of All Muslims In The Community . He Must Be Learned In The Scriptures . And Know All The Prayers And Tajwiyd In Order To Give The Friday Khutbah ( Sermon ) .. An Imaam Usually Delivers The Friday Khutbah , But When He Does Not , A Khaatib Performs The Khutbah . The Imaam Is Just In All Dealing With Muslims . If Done Otherwise , An Imaam He Is Not .
    2. Mu' Adhdhin << He Is The '' Called To Prayer '' At first the people came to Sataat with .. out being Summoned . They proposed the use of a Trumpet , or Rattles , or Fire after the custom of other people . Abdullah Ibn Dahid ( HWON ) Learned The Formula For The Adhaan . << Which means '' a hearing , or Calling '' In a drean and it was approved by the Prophet Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin ( PBUH ) When Bilaal
    ( HWON ) proclaimed it .. It was found that Umar ( HWON ) had also learned the same procedure in a dream . The First Mu ' adhdhin Was Bilaal ( HWON ) appointed by the Prophet Mustafa Muhaamad Al Amin ( PBUH ) Adhdana .. Means to '' proclaim '' Mu ' Addhin << Means '' One who proclaims . The Summon is called < Nidhaa -Un '' Making Prayer On Time . '' Whoever Serves As Mu'adhdhin For Seven Years Shall Be Saved From Hell's Fire . Closely Associated With The Mu'adhdhin Is The Muwaqqit << Whose task was to ascertain the direction of the Qiblah and the time for prayer by the sky .
    Muqtadiy << This is the person who stand behind the Imaam In Congregational Prayer and recites the << Iqaamat '' the call that prayer is beginning , The Muqtadi means '' follower . He is to be strictly followed by the congregation or Maamuwm . Another and more appropriate name given to one . Maamuwiyn meaning '' The Ones Who Are led '' . This is so because it is the Muqtadi , or in turn the Maamuwm who leads The congregation into prayer by following the Imaam closely
    Qadiy << The word Qadiy is from Qaday which means '' consummation , completing , finishing , concluding . '' He is generally a judge who performs . Religious rites . He is not a necessity in a masjid ,
    Shaykh << He Is venerable old man , the age of fifty or older , worthy of deep respect . He is a person who intercedes when there is a dispute that the Imaam canot settle .
    Mutawalliy << This word means '' one who governs . '' He is literally a person who is endowed with authority . He is a person who is entrusted with the upkeeping of the Masjid . He Is To See That The Masjid Is In A Clean State At All Times And That It Is Secure .
    Mawlawi < < This word come from the word Mawla Meaning '' Lord Or Master '' It Is A Term used for a learned man . This person comes to the Masjid for the teaching of the students . And Imaam can be a Mawlawi .
    Khaatib <<< This is a person in a large Masjid who leads the Friday prayer and Preaches The Friday ( Juma ) sermon ( Khutbah ) The Word Khaatib mean '' Preach '' This Can Also Be The Imaam .
    Mussaddiq << He is the person that collects Zakawt '' poor rate '' and legal alms ''
    Preparatation Before Entering The Masjid .
    Now that you have learned what is a Masjid , Now I will tell you how we dress and prepare Ourself To Entering The Masjid . Before one enters the House Of Allhu Subhaanahu Wa ' Ta ' Ala , He Or She ,Must prepare oneself to be in the State Of Purity . The first step is making oneself physically pure . . by bathing the entire body . when one bathes the entire body this is called Ghusl . This was practiced by the prophet Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin ( PBUH ) . And includes the head and hair also . For Ghusl , like Waduw ' u which is the washing of certain parts of the body , intention must be made always facing the Qiblah . One can complete Ghusl . either by bathing and then showering . So long as the water is running and not standing still like a pool or lake . In Ghusl , the front right side must be washed three ( 3 ) times then the back right side ; after which the front left side is washed , three ( 3 ) times then the back left side . Water must be snuffed into the nostrils three ( 3) times like Waduw'u . The Entrie head must be washed ; if not , the water must be passed over the head in such a way that it reachs the scalp . The private parts must be washed in Ghusl .
    1. Issue of sperm either sleeping or awake .
    2 , Interruption of blood of woman's menses
    3. Interruption of blood of a man , like - wise a woman ,
    4 . Sexual intercourse , or , a state of passion .
    5. The uncertainty of the issue of sperm or loss of sperm with or without sexual intercouse . .
    Before entering the Masjid , Waduw'u must be performed . The ablution need not be repeated before each of the periods of prayer if the person is conscious of having avoided every kind of impurity sine the last ablution . only if Waduw'u is broken is it necessary to repeat it . Following are the states of impurity that break ablution ;
    1 . Bleeding 6 . Loss Of Sperm
    2. Urine 7 . Madness
    3 . Bowel Movement 8 The Dead
    4 . Excretion 9 . Fainting
    5 . Passing Wind 10 . Sleeping .
    Another form in which one may purify one's self is to use sand or earth . This is known as Tayammum , < Tayammum Is Performed When Water Is Not Availble ; This Must Be Done With Pure Sand Or Soil . No Must Not Perform Tayammum Except In The Limits Of The Time Alloted For One's Obligatory Salaat . For The Next Salaat , Tayammum Must Be Performed Again . Your Dress Is Just As Important When One Is In The Masjid . You Must Be Clean At All Time In The Masjid
    The Muslim Man < The Proper Dress For Prayer . Handed Down By The Prophet
    ( PBUT ) Through The Ages , For The Muslim Man , The Dress Consist Of A Jalaabiyyah Or Jubah >> Which Is A Long White Garment Worn From The Neck Down To The Ankles And Pants > Bantakuwn .. The Head Conering Of A Muslim Man Is A Taaqiyyah And Should Be Worn At All Times In The Masjid . Along With The Taaqiyah An ' Imma '' Turban '' Can Be Worn .
    El Holy Qur'aan 24; 30 <<< '' Say to the believing men , They must lower from their seeing , And to guard their sexual organs that ( is ) pious for them . Surely Allah ( is ) aware in what they perform .
    The Muslim Woman << The Muslim Should Be Covered At All Times When She Is In The Masjid . Her Dress Consists Of A Losse Fitting Garment ( Dress ) A Head Piece And A Veil ( Khimaar ) < So That Nothing Is Showing But Her Eyes , Hands And Feet . El Holy Qur'aan 24 ; 31 ( In Part ) << And Say To The Believing Women They Must Lower From Their Seeing And To Guard Their Sexual Organs . And Do Not Display Their Ornament Except What Appears From Her And To Draw With Their
    Face Veils Over The Bosom Of Their Dresses . When All Of The Above Measures Have Been Taken , You Are Ready To Enter The Masjid . Before One Enter Or Leaves The Masjid , He / She Should Always Greet Their Angels By Saying ;
    As - Salaamu - Alaykum - Wa - Rahmatu ' llah - Wa Baraakaatuhu =
    ( Peace Be Upon You And The Mercy Of Allah And His Blessings )
    The Following Is Said While Entering On The Right Foot ;
    Allahumma - Agfirliy - Dhunuwbiy - Kulluhaa - Wa - Iftah - Liy - Abwaab - Rahmatika
    Yaa - Arhamu - Ar Raahimiyna =
    '' Oh ( Our Sustasiner Allah ), Please Forgive All Of My Sins And Open To Me The Doors Of Your Mercy . O Most Merciful Of All Who Show Mercy ''
    You Can Also Say ;
    Rabbanaa - Aghfir - Lanaa - Dhunuwbanaa - Wa - Israafnaa - Fi - Amrinaa - Wa - Thabbat - Aqdaamanaa - Wa - Ansarnaa - Ala - Quwmu ' l - Kaafiriyna =
    '' O Lord Forgive Us Our Sins And Our Extravagance In Our Order And Make Firm Our Feet . And Help Us Against The People Covering The Truth .
    And when leaving the Masjid He / She Leaves on the left foot .On entering the Masjid you will find that the Seating Plan Is Different Than That Of The Seating Plan Of A Church Or A Synagogue . Firstly , Everyone Is Seated On The Floor And There Are No Chairs In The Masjid With This Exception Of The Seat On The Minbar . SecondlyThe Men Are Always Seated In The Front Of The Masjid And The Women Are Seated In The Rear Of The Masjid . . People Of The Opposite Sex Are Only Seated Together In The Masjid On The Special Occasion Of Marriage .
    When The Adhaan Is Called You Should Be Ready For Salaat ( Worship )
    Hadiyth Says ;
    Abu Huraira Reported Allah Apostle ( PBUH )As Saysing ;
    If People Knew What Blessing Lie In The Call To Prayer , '
    And In The First Row , They Would Do Nothing But Cast Lots .
    For It , They Would Do So . If They Knew What Blessing Lie
    In Going To Prayer Early . They Would Race To Do It . And If
    They Knew What Blessing Lie In The Prayer After , Night , Fall And
    The Morning Prayer , They Would Come To Them Even If They Had
    To Had To Crawl To Do So ,
    Activities Inside Of The Masjid
    Beside Salaat , there are other activities that can be perfored Inside the Masjid , As Muslims , all activities should begin in the name of Allahu Subhaanahu Wa ' Ta Ala with intentions to please him and him alone . With this in mind , Anything good concerning individual or national welfare can lawfully be done in the Masjid . Here are a few activities that may be done while in the masjid .
    Recitation And Reading Of El Holy Qur'aan And El Holy Torah
    Shahaada ( Declaration Of Faith / Bearing Witness < La - ilaha - illa = Nothing Give Life Except Allahu Subhaanahu Wa Ta ' Ala .
    Weddings ....
    Friday morning dhikr , on the morning Of Yawmu ' l Jum'ah < Day Of Gathering - Friday > Muslims Sit And Remember ( Dhikr Allahu Subhaanahu Wa Ta 'Ala By Reciting His 99+1 Attributes / Names And Du'aa ( Prayers ) .
    Khutbah Lead By An Imaam Or Khaatib , Yawmu'l Jum'ah Has Been Extablished By Divine Command As The Day Of Congregational Worship . Friday Is Overstood To Be The Best Day On Which The Sun Rises , The Day On Which Adam ( PBUH ) Was Taken Into Paradise And Thrown Out Of Paradise , The Day He Repented And The Day He Died , It Will Also Be The Day Of Resurrection , With All That Is Attributed To Friday It Is Easy To Overstand Why Muslims Take Extra Time Out On Friday Mornings To Remember Allahu Subhaanahu Wa Ta ' Ala Before Jum'ah < Congregational Worship >
    Religious Classes , This Includes Tawjwiyd ( Proper Recitation Of The Quraan ) And Shari 'at ( Islaamic Law According To The Quraan ) Nisfu Min Sha ' Baan , Or Half Of Sha' Baan ( Which Is The 15th Day ) . This Is Two Weeks Before The First Day Of Ramadaan . Muslims , Spend This Night In Prayer . Making One Hudred Rak'ats / Rak' at Is Performance Of All The Positions Of Salaat . Of Worship . The Prophet Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin ( PBUH ) Said That In The Night Of Nisfu Min Sha ' Baan Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta Ala Registers All Of Your Acting Of The Year . All The Names Of Children To Be Born Are Recorded . On This Night , Also Known As The Night Of Predestination , ( The Leaves Of The Tree Of Life ( Which Has All The Names Of All The Living Upon It ) Would Be Shaken . The Names On The Leaves Which Fall Will Die Within The Coming Year , Or Before The Following Ramadaan .
    The Following Dhikr ( Rememberance Or Chat ) The Prophet Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin ( PBUH ) Recited And Recommended His Followers To Recite As Many Times As Possible On This Night . ( This Confers Many Blessing On The Believer ) .
    '' O Allah Surely You Are Generous / Merciful . You Love To Pardon < Excuse > Me
    Taraawiyh / Taraawiyh Is The Plural Of Tarawihah , Which Means '' The Act Of Taking A Rest , It Is The Worship Of The Twenty Rak 'ats , Salaatu't Taraawiyh Is Only Performed In The Moth Of Ramadaan After Salaatu' l Ishaa Or The Night Worship .
    In It The Congregation Sits Are Rest After Every Fourth Rak 'at Is Completed And Every Second '' Salaam ( Salutation Of The Angels ( SRA ) Is Performed . Afterwards , The Congregation Breaks Up Into Groups And They Speak Of Such Things As Law The Sunnah Of The Prophet Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin ( PBUH ) And The Blessings Of Allahu Subhaanahu Wa ' Ta ' Ala . The Complete Night Is Spent In The Remembrance Of The Constant Blessing That Allahu Subhaanahu Wa Ta' Ala Has Bestowed Upon Us And That Which He Allah Bestowed Upon His Prophet ( PBUT )
    Activities That Are Not Allowed In The Masjid Are ; No Buying , Selling No Excution , No Sexual Intercourse And No Reading Of Poetry .
    Here Are A Few Things You Can Read Up On About Muslims Ok .
    Tawhiys << Quraan 20; 1 - 21
    Salaat <<< '' '' '' ''''' 2 ; 40 - 46
    Zakaat <<<<'''''''''''''4 ; 156 - 171
    Ramadaan <<< 2 ; 183 - 189
    Pilgriamage <<< 2 ; 190 - 210
    Millat Rites Of Abraham << 2 '; 124 - 141
    Washing Ablution 5 ; 6 - 7 Eating Quraan Chapter 5
    For A Better Overstanding Of What A Muslim Believe And Accept .. This Way You Know For Yourself And Not What People And The Media Call Muslims ..
    < OverstandSomeThingOk >
    Most Of The People Who They Are Claiming Are Arab Terrorist Don't Have A Clue About Who The Original Prophet Muhammad < 570 - 632 A.D. > Of Arabia Was , Or What He Originally Taught . They Don't Even Know That He Was A Nubian / Black / Negro This Is A Proven Fast In History Because The Seed Of Muhammad Identified With Kedar , The Second Son Of Ishmael And Kedar ( Qaidar ) Means Black Skinned Or Dark Skinned . So Muhammad , The Prophet Of Arabia Was Of The Nubian / Black / Negroid Race From The Seed Of Ishmael To Kedar To Nabaat To Hunaysa To Adad To Adaan To Ma'add To Nizaar To Al Yaas To Mudrikah To Khuznaymah To Kinaaah To Annadhir To Malik To Fihr To Ghaalib To Lu'ay To Aamir To Murrah To Kilaab To Qusay ( Of The Danaakil Tribe ) To Abdud Daar To Amr Hashim ( Wife Saliymah ) To Abdl Muttalib To Abdullah ( Wife Amina ) To Prophet Muhammad To Fatima To Al Imam Hasan To Yaquwb To Abdul Baaqiy Abiy Sakrah To Alwaan To Hasan Al Askariy To Abdul Qaadir To Ya'Quwb To Uthmaan To Yuwnus To Ahman Abiy ' Abaas To Muwsa To Uthmaan To Najmuddiyn To Uwn Allah To Hasayn To Abdul Kariym To Nasr To Saabir To Hasban Nabiy To Ahmad To Aliy To Haaj Shariyf To Mahammad Abdullah To Abdul Waliy To Fahl To Abdullah ( Danaaqalah Tribe)
    And His Wife Aaminah ( Ja ' liyyin Tribe ) To Al Mahdi ( 1845 - 1885 ) Muhammad Ahmad Ibn Abdullah To Abdur Rahman To Bakhiytah To Al Imaam Isa Al Mahdi .. J.A. Roger , An Author And Historian , In His Book Sex And Race ''Volume 1 Page 95 -96 States ; Muhammad , The Found Of Islam , Was An Arab . What Is An Arab ? ... Muhammad , Himself . Was A Negro , A Contemporary Of His Describes Him As Large - Mouthed , AndBluish - Coloured . With Frizzy Hair That's Nappy Like That Of The '' Fuzzy - Wuzzy ' Bluish , Also Happens To Be The Title Of A Precise Color Of Certain Very Negroid Natives Of The Sudan And Sahara . Muhammad's Mother Amina . Was Also Sudanese < Nubian>
    His Granfather , Abdul Muttalib , Is Spoken Of As Being Very Dark ,
    An Islamic Scholar Of The 9th Century . Shaikh Al Jahiz ( 776 - 868 A.D. ) Who Was Born In Basra ( Known As Iraq Today ) Wrote A Book In Syretic Called The Book Of Glorys Of The Black Race '' Wherein He States ; '' They Said
    Abdul Muttalib Fathered Ten Lords ; Black As The Night And Magnifcent ... Abdul Muttaib
    ( 497 - 579 A.D. ) Was The Prophet Muhammad's Grandfather , Who Was The Son Of Aur, Known As The Great Haashim ( 464 - 510 A.D. ) And They Were Both Black Arab ( Negroes ) . I Don't Mean Merely Dark - Skinned Or Brown ; I Mean Dark - Skinned With Nappy Hair . Or Brown ; I Mean Dark - Skinned With Nappy Hair . These Types Of Books .. Which Show The True Lineage Of The True Prophet Of Arabia . Are Not Condoned By The Orthodox Sunni Muslims , Because Their Mission Is To Propagate Their Forn Of Islam . A New Religion . Which Leads To Religious Fanaticism And Terrorism , History Has Proven That The True Descendants Of Abraham ( Genesis 16; 15 , 23; 3 , 25; 1 - 2 ) Through His Son . Ishmael ( Genesis 16 ; 15 ) And Through His Son Kedar ( Genesis 25 ; 13 ) Which Means Dark - Skinned , Who Was The Father Of The Original Black Arab Were Negroes . It's A Shame That Many Foreigers , Have Mixed Their Seed In With These Moor To Produce The Mulattooo You See As Arabs Today . Due To All Of These Terrorist Attacks By So - Called Arabs . The Bibical Arab Is Getting A Bad Name . Abraham Was A Chaldean . And His Seed That Can Be Found Through Ishmael ( 1992 - 1855 B.C.E. ) And Kedar ( 1965 - 1833 B,C.E. ) Are Known As Bedouin . A Word Meaning '' Wanderers '' Which Is The Same Meaning For The Word Arab '' Araba ' Which Means Moving About '' Isaac ( The Hebrews ) And Midian ( 1998 - 1823 B.C.E. ) ( Midianites ) Were All Negroes . Most Of The World Does Not Know What A Real Arab LQQKS Like . They Are Not Like The People That You See In The Media Today . Demons Like Osama Bin Laden Are Not Arabs , And Should Not Be Referred To As Arabs . Osama Bin Laden . Who Is Originally From The Country Now Being Called Saudi Arabia Originally Called Al Ghor . Is Not An Arab . He Is A Saudi . An East Indian Who Conquered That Land And Set Themselves Up As Arab , Also , Demons Like Saddam Hussein Who's In Iraq ( Originally The Land Of Babylon ) Should Not Be Called An Arab HeIs Really An Ottoman Turk . Because Iraq Fell To The Ottoman Turks In The 16th Century , Making Him Turkish . So While The Media Groups All These Different Nationlities Together As Arab , < They Should Really LQQK At Each Individual And The Country They Are From , And Realized That None Of Them Are Original Arabs , Let Me Explain Further , >
    Each Of The Countries And People That Are Being Portrayed As Arab Today , Are Countries That Were Invaded By Different Nationalities , Which Were Mostly Indo - Europeans , And Mixed In They Are Not From The Seed Of Abraham , The People Whom You See As Arab Today Are Not The Original Arab , And Can't Really Overstand Or Speak TheArabic Language. They Don't Know Anything About Them . Or What The Koran Teaches Because They Are Too Busy Following Hadith And Sunnah [ Which Are Word Of Men And Not From Allah . ] Muhammad Who's Wife Was Amina [ 530 - 576 A.D. ] Told His Followers To Read Everything And Study Everything . But Today . The Rules Of Islam Teach People The Contrary ; Do Not Ready Everything Anything And Especially Not The Bible . Then It Was Also Frightening To Note How Many Muslim Are illiterate . Who Really Cannot Read And Overstand Their Own Holy Book . The Koran . For At Previously Stated 90% Of The Muslim World Are Non - Arabic Speaking . If One Really Study And Research The History Of Each County Associated With Arabs , You Will See That None Of Them Are The Original Arabs . For Example . After The Seventh Century B.C. The Turks Conquered Egypt ; So The People You See In Egypt Today Are Not Arab . They Are Turks And They Don't Speak Arabic , They Speak Turkish - Arabic , A Poor Dialect , Their Dialects Is Far From The Arabic In The Koran . When You LQQK At Algerians , You Are Really LQQKING At The French , Italians , French And The Spanish Invaded Tunisian . So The People You See In Tunisia Are Really A Mixture Of All Three , They Are Not Arabs , If They Are From Yemen . They Should Be Called Yemenese , Not Arabs , Saudis Are Originally East Indians Who Invaded And Conquered Saudi Arabia . So Their Arabic Is Also Conrrupt . And They Speak Urdu . Spaniard And The French Invaded Morocco . So Their Dialect Is A Mixture Of French , Spanish And Arabic . Which Makeup A Corrupt Form Of Arabic , The Italians Invaded Libya < Originally Called Carthaginian > Afghans Speak Afghan And Many Subdialects , But It's Not Arabic . The Persians Or Iranians Speak Farsi And The Pakistanis Speak Urdu . Which Is Not Arabic . The Bangladesh Speak Bengali . The Malaysians Speak Malay. Indonesians Speak Bahasa . And They Are Not Arabs , Nigerians Speak Hausa And Kenyans Speak Swahili , Somalis Speak Somalian . Arab American Converts Speak American . The British Coverts Speak English . As Do Almost All Other Countries Throughout The World That Have Coverted To The Islamic Religion . Next To None Of Their Leaders Are Fluent In . The Classical Arabic That They Claim The Koran Is In . Follipinos, Syrians , Iraqis , Yemenites , And Palestinians Are Not Real Arabs Either. The List Goes On . Almost All American Muslim Convert Can't Speak Or Read Arabic With An Overstanding Of What They Are Reading . They Can Mimic The Sounds And Then Refer To A Poor Translation By Someone Who In Most Case Was Not Fluent Either . This Include Muslims In The Caribbean , Canada And The United Kingom . So The True Religion Of Islam Is Being Done A Disservice . They Bury The Facts That The Real Descendants Of The Prophet Muhammad Were Nubians / Black / Negroes ( The Faatimites ) In Sudan
    ( Today As The Dongolaway ) That Were Chased Out Of Arabia Into Egypt And Down Into Sudan By The Abbasside , Also Called Abbassid Which Is An Arabian Dynasty ( 750 - 1258 A.D. ) That Muslim Empire . It Was Named After As Sayyid Al - Abbas ( 568 - 654 A.D. ) The Paternal Uncle Of The Prophet Muhammad Who Are Also Nubians / Black / Negroes Called The Tribe Ja 'liyan Today In Sudan . Al - Abbas Is One Of The Sons Of As Sayyid Abdul Muttalib ( 496 - 578 A.D. )
    Why Would These Facts Be Hidden ?
    Well , Because All These Indo - Europeans Or Spaniards Conquered Original Lands And Took Control Of People By Mixing In With Their Blood To Ohase Them Out , Or They Did It By Genocide . Then They Claimed The Isdentities And Religions Of The Group Of People They Conquered . Just As Today . You Find European Claiming To Be Native Americans Or American Indians . Because They Conqured The Original Nubian / Black / Negroes Called Olmecs . The Original Native American Mixed Their Blood With Them . Who Had Mixed Their Blood With The Chinese Who Migrated Under Hu - Shen , And Now Are Calling Themselves American Indians , Dressing Like American Indians , Wearing Braids And Beads And Attending Pow - Wows , They Were The Conquerors And Murderes Of True Native Americans Who Were Also Nubian / Black / Negroes , Because Of The Many Invasions , The Islamic Religion Has Been Altered And Its Followers Deceived . The Koran In Its Original Arabic Language Teaches Many Things That Muslims Today Don't Follow Because They Can't Read Or Write The Original Arabic Language . (What They Are Not Being Taught Is That The Koran , Which Was Written 1400 Years Ago Before Islam . Was Divided Into Over ( 73 Different Sects , ) Teaches All Muslims That ( 1 ) Jesus Christ Was Born Of An Immaculate Conception The Noble Koran 4; 156 ; Luke 1; 35 ( 2 )
    Muslims Are People Of The Scripture Because Muhammad Was Prophesied As Being In The Bible Making Muslims Ahlil Al Ketaab ( Families Of The Scriptures. Therefore Before Any Muslim Dies , They Must Accept Jesus Christ , And That Jesus Christ Will Witness To Them On The Day Of Resurrection Koran 4 ; 159 ; Matthew 7 ; 23... ( 3 ) The Koran Also Teaches That Jesus Christ Is The Anointed Saviour , The Word Of God And The Spirt Of God Koran 4 ; 171 ; John 1 ; 1 ; Matthew 3 ; 16 ... ( 4 ) And That Jesus Resurrected Up To Allah / God That The Jews Did Not Kill Jesus Christ , But They Just Thought They Did Koran 4; 157 ; Acts 1 ; 11 ; John 19 ; 23 .. ( 5 ) Also That God Took Jesus Christ Up To Himself And That He Is Alive In Heaven Waiting To Return Koran 4 ; 158 ; Mark 16 ; 19 . .. ( 6 ) It Also Teaches That Jesus Christ Will Return At The End Of The World To Set Everybody Straight With All Their False Claims About Him . He's Going To Tell People That He Never Said To Make Him Or His Mother As Gods And We Know As Christian Or Muslims That He Never Said To Worship His Mother Mary As A God ..
    Koran 5 ; 119 ; John 14 ; 3 ; Matthew 4 ; 10 ; Mark 13 ; 29 ... ( 7 ) That There Will Be A Rapture , Where People Will Be Taken Up To Heaven Before Jesus Returns
    Koran 70 ; 3 - 4 ; 1Thessalonians 4 ; 17 . Make Note That Even Devils Had To Subject Themselves To Jesus Christ As It Tells Us In Luke 10 ; 17 - 21 That 70 Of Jesus Disciple Dealt With The Devil's Spirit . In Islamic Teaching , It Say Directly That Muhammad Is Dead And In A Tomb In The City Of Medina . But That Jesus Christ Alive In Heaven With God . Poor Translations . Whether Intentional Or Accidental , Are The Reason Why This Is Not Overstood . In The Islamic World Today . < If A Person Was To Reveal The Truth And Not Be Cenrified Clergy He's In Danger Of Losing His Life ; This Is How Much They Are Tring To Conceal The Truth About The Glory Of Our Lord And Savious Jesus Christ . In The Koran That Claims Glory Be To Him In This World And In The Hereafter Koran 3; 45 ; John 17 ; 1 .. The Koran Says That Jesus Took Clay And Created A Bird And Brought It To Life ..
    Koran 5 ; 110 ; Luke 8 ; 52 - 55 . < So In Fact , The Koran Is Saying That Jesus Controls Life And Death . He Is The illustrious In This World And In The World To Come . Most People Have No Idea That This Information Is In The Koran Because Most Koran Are Tranlated By People Who Do Not Have In - Depth Knowledge Of Ancient Arabic . They Try To Advocate New Philosophy . Which Is An Anit - Christ Doctrine They Have Purposely Translated The Koran To Hide Certian Thing About Out Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ And The Muhammadan Religion . It Fact , The Word '' Muslim '' And '' Islam '' Do Not Mean Submission , As Anti - Christ Muslim Will Teach . It Means To '' Surrender In Peace ' Or ' Peace ' Depending On The Form ; And Is From The Hebrew Word '' Shalom '' Remember , Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ Said Blessed Are The Peacemaker In Matthew 5 ; 9 And I Quote '' Blessed Are The Peacemakers ; For They Shall Be Called The Children Of God '' And In The Upper Room To His Disciples , He Greeted Them . Peac Be Unto You Luke 24; 36 .It Is Most Confusing To People Who Don't Really Overstand The Arabic Language , Is When Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ Is Called The Son Of God Matthew 8 ; 29 . And They Think We Mean Waladullah Meaning '' The Son By Blood Or Birth . When In Fact We Use The Word Ibn Or Ben Which Is Ibnullah . Which Means . Son As Accepted Or Buildind Upon '' But Not As A Father Walad But As A Father Ab ' Another Interesting Fact Is That The Word For Messiah In The Koran Has A Different Meaning That The Hebrew Mashjakh Which Mean '' Anointed . '' In The Koran . The Word For Messiah Means . '' To Wipe Away . So Again , Jesus Christ Was Sent As Our Lord And Saviour , To Wipe Away Our Sins . And That's What His Name Mean Means In Arabic , Al Masih From Masaha '' To Wipe Clean ' And Isa Means Savior Or Helper . Which Came From The Greek Word Lesous From The Hebrew Word Yashu'a Meaning Jehovah Is Salvation Or Helper Revelation 1; 5
    Any Real Muslim Is LQQKING For Jesus Christ To Return To Be Caught Up With Him . Because He Is The Way As John 14 ; 6 Says And I Quote '' Jesus Saith Unto Him , I Am The Way , The Truth And The Life ; No Man Cometh Unto The Father , But By Me < So Muslims Are Really Christian >