Black Spirituality Religion : What is a "Hebrew"? Who is a "Christian"? What constitutes "Islam"?

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    Interms of cultural, historical, the degrees that they have changed, and will change.........or is a definitive definition just an illusion we have yet to shed ourselves. possibly because many are to comfortable with definitions in the first place.By that I mean that people in the world today love to label things,if something can be 'defined" than it can be controlled and vice versa,take those "scientist" and "Pluto" for example. judging from debates we have not been able to control such "religions" for very long before we all ger divided (as the ancients predicted)... so I offer this thread to any and all to state their answers to my questions free of debate so that we may learn from each other,and what boundaries we can and cannot cross....

    or maybe I am just being unrealistic.

    just a thought.
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    There are only two types of Humans in this earth. Those that serve the Supreme Being and those that do not.

    By this the earth will indeed be divided.

    What is a Servant of the Supreme Being?
    One who envisions The Supreme Being through the Eyes, Teachings, Doctrine, Words, Philosophy and Theologies of The Supreme Being.

    What is not a Servant of the Supreme Being?
    One who envisions The Supreme Being through the eyes, teachings, doctrine, words, philosophy and theologies of anything less then the Supreme Being.

    The earth is summed up by these two categories of spiritual awareness.
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    Hmm, I guess unrealistic because this thread sure is empty. lol

    But seriously, I think it's more than just, "people loving to label things". Even with "labels", many have a hard time understanding where someone is coming when trying to share their views, their lifestyle, their character, and misunderstanding creates confusion, which none want. It just drives people nuts. Without ("labels" and definitions), I think it'd be a bit worse than that.

    I'm not certain what constitues Islam, since it's not something I deal in, but Hebrews are sons and daughters of Eber, and Christians are followers, believers, faithful servants of the Christ.

    Truthfully, those who are faithful to the Holy Son who died for our sins didn't label themselves, at first, but let their actions speak for who they believed in and who they worshiped. I don't need to be called Christian to, by myself or by others, to show my faith nor my belief in He that was resurrected the 3rd day. I have only need to follow after His works, keep the commandments, and be faithful unto the end, as do we all to be redeemed. The label is more convenient when trying to get straight away to the point, but it by no means restricts me and all of the truth I believe in.