Chief Elder Osiris : WHAT IS A HATE CRIME ?

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, why is it that we Black people continue to allow the Human Being oppressors to define our Life Behavior, fifty years ago in America there was no such of a thing as a Hate Crime and now today such a Lord ( Law ) has been created to subdue the Freedom of expression of Black People from adequately reacting to the evil that continue to abuse the Life of Black People.

    Hate is only a word created by the Human Being to be used to describe dissatisfaction and objection toward all attitude and behavior that violate the Natural opportunity for Life to be lived Divinely, thus in Harmony, Order, Balance, and all that is in violation of that Life Natural Order, should be identified and reacted against, in a determining faction, meaning it is in keeping of the Divine life action to indicate and to point out the evil that hold the Sacredness of Life bounded with Lies And Deceit, preventing Life from enjoying its Sovereignty and Independent state of Living and you have the obligation to express Hatred of such Evil.

    Hate is only a way of dramatically expressing a dislike and an unacceptance to an evil attitude and behavior that prevent Freedom, Joy, and Justice to be experienced by your Life and to pretend that Evil is not the force that is now controlling the Life of Black People, is to say all is well with the Life of the Black World, for us to make such a statement, reveal the reason why our Children is no longer our Primary concern and it is that kind of behavior that has Afrika and the Black World in the condition we are in today, because we have been made to be fearful to Hate Evil and now the Human Being has made it a crime to do so, and you rebel not, against such a Lord ( Law ) to govern our Life..

    Today to indicate and to point out and to identify the evil that cause the Black Life to be in a Dis-ease state of being, is now today considered to be as the oppressors have now label such a Divine Right, to be a Crime to Hate Evil.

    What is Hate other than to indicate an objection to something or someone that has and is doing evil to your Life, preventing it to be Lived Divinely and to not Hate such Abnormality, is to suggest that you approve of such an attitude and behavior that prevent Justice to visit your Life.

    Hating was not considered to be a Crime when the target was and is the Black World, acted out by white folks, was it not Hate, used by a definition, created by the Human Being, to be used and directed toward whomever they saw fit to do so against, whose primary target being the Black World and we now being in America getting here by way of the Middle Passage, dramatize the Hatred that the world has against Black People and the evidence that white folks Hatred is still in force against Black People is the evidence of their behavior toward Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors and you tell me I should not hate such a behavior coming from the white world ?

    So now that the Black World is beginning to openly identify, address, and react to the Virus of Evil that now infect our Life, in a way that demonstrate nonacceptance toward the carrier of that Virus of Evil, that which has been and still is causing the Black Life to be in incredible pain, now such a Hate Crime Lord, is to prevent us Black People from reacting Naturally toward and against the Evil that disrespectfully affect the Black Life, the Human Being now prevent such Freedom of expression by labeling such an attitude and behavior toward Evil as a Hate Crime and Black Folks today as usual, have submitted to obeying such a Disorder.

    To Hate Evil is a Virtue that is required of all who desire to obtain our Black Divinity and not to do so, only highlight the power of the Human Being Religion over the Black Life, as we religiously Lie about the Pain we suffer from the attitude and behavior of the Human Being oppressors action against the Life of the Black World, as we now allow Religion to guide our Life attitude and behavior concerning Evil.

    Hate is a weapon that deserve to be used against Evil and Evil is no more than an attitude and Behavior that violate the Sanctity of the Black Life, a Life that has suffered from the Hate of the Human Being Oppressors, they having no Lord ( Law ) to prevent them from the way thay conducted themselves toward Afrika and our Enslaved Ancestors, they were without the Lord that now declare such a Behavior that express Hatred toward Evil if used to describe objection toward such a created Lord of the Land, has now been declared to be a Crime against Humanity, the very Being that is the creator and perpetrator of Evil against the life of the Black World, how foolishly in Love we Black People have become toward the Human Being Religion, which condemn you for Hating Evil, requiring for you to endure suffering at the Hand of those that have now created Hate to be a Crime, in order to protect the Evil of the Human Beings, they which have been in the past and present, those that have acted out Hate toward and against the Black World.

    I will declare my Hate against Evil and all of those that are the perpetrators of such, in the Past as well as in the Present, against the Sacredness of the Black Life, a Life, in its inception upon this Planet has always been of Divine Revealed Production, up until the coming of Evil into the House of Divine Black Beings and the Black Life has carried such a curse up unto this day, because of our unwillingness to show the Emotion of Hate, which dramatize our rejection against the Evil that flow through the Doctrine of the Human Being Religion, they the Human Being that present themselves to be GOD over this World, upon this Earthly Planet, and you Black People wonder why it is that the Black Life is in a continuous state of suffering and it is all because of the Human Being Religion that serve as the Mill Stone around the Black Mind that prevent the Black World from rising up with such a Heavy Burden attached to the Black Life.

    What is the Hate Crime Lord, other than a shield of protection that the Human Being has created so that Black People can not, without paying a Harmful price, should we reveal our dissatisfaction in the expression of Hate toward the perpetrators of Evil, against the Black World, and in America, expressing our Hate against the Evil Human Beings, that expressed by action, their Hatre against our Enslaved Ancestors, they who are now preventing Black Folks in Human Being Conscious, from Demanding Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors, an Evil perpetrated against our Enslaved Ancestors, that in itself is more than fitting for us to allow the world to See the Wrath of our Hate against such an Evil Mind action against Black People, past and present.

    The Hate Crime Lord is no more than an act of deception, created to shield the Evil that now hold Black Folks in Mental Captivity, as we submit and embrace the Lord of Lucifer, believing that Hatred is only a Virtue afforded only to oppressing Human Beings and not the victim of such an expressed behavior toward Black People.

    The Black World has an obligation to Hate the Evil that is the Cause for our Present Fallen State of being in this Evil World, without the fear of not going to a heaven that does noe be in the way the Human Being has described it to be in their Religious Doctrine, yje now Guide of the Black Life, it is blasphemy to Love Evil and despise the Divine Truth.

    Let Those who are Mentally Qualified Understand That Which I Have Just Shared With You, Knowing That You May Accept or Reject This Divine Truth.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
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