Black People : What in America is not Fraudulent?

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    Everyone here uses a credit card.
    Ever read the fine print? or the limit they can charge?

    How many use a prescrption drug?
    do you know the content?
    And do you have a wholistic MD to precibe natural protocls as an alternative?

    Can you trust your food?
    Do you eat only organic?
    And if you eat meat is it ranch raised and free range?

    Can you trust the media?
    What news sources can and do you trust?

    Do you trust the water you drink cook with or bathe in?
    Do you have a water filter installed in your kitchen and shower and bath?

    And those dead presidents in your wallet pocketbook or bedroom drawer
    Is that real money or fiat promisary notes?
    And have you been purchasing gold in the mid 90s??

    Yet as raggedy and fraudulent and fallable the US elction process may appear to be

    it still directly has an impact , direct impact to effect or change all of the above,
    if utilized strategicaly!