Black Poetry : WHAT I'M DOWN FOR


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Dec 3, 2007
everywhere and nowhere
to seek truth
I'm down for my people
I'm down for the game
Might play a lil different
But it's always the same

I ain't the one
2 be giving out pain
I love my sisters first...

We like the Sun through the Clouds..

I love my brothers....

Cause they black and they proud..

I do unto others
As I would have them do unto me...
My "Good Thang Mayne"
Is 4 a mind that is free...

And like Sister BlueWater
My Love Have a Cost
Tru She G Luv Strong
And knowledge is Boss

Every single day
It's only GOD that I seek
I submit to GOD
And pray he use me to speak...

Black on Black
To me sound like greek
I gotta focus on the War
Can't let the enemy defeat...

our purpose.
Hi My Sister
You are awesome, and that is the way we have to be.
Through our love comes the strength that keeps US strong.
I thank you for feeling the message. Our loves have a cost.
We are not to be taken lightly.
God is indeed using you to speak and your voice is
Like a chorus of encouragement with a beautiful insight on
helping US all to see and feel it real.
Keep bringing it and dropping it.
It is the power of knowing and understanding that will ready US
For that battle Sister Warrior. I'm down to.



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