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    As NNQueen accurately states, "People won't do the right thing" and that is why Affirmative Action is in place to force the "right thing" to happen. I don't think race is the way to force it. There are better, more effective, and long term strategies that can be enacted to make the right thing happen. What I want is for more black children in kindergarten to know colors, and letters of the alphabet before they start school. I want young black children entering school for the first time to be able to spell their names, know their address and phone number, and count as far as other students can. I want black elementary school children to be on grade in reading, math and science. I want their parent(s) to go to PTA meetings and volunteer a few hours a year at their child’s school. I want black parents to make education the top priority in their homes and encourage their children to participate in school activities both during and after school. I want black students to be on the math team, speech team, contribute to the school newspaper, and run for positions in student government. I want black students to have highly competitive SAT and ACT scores and apply to our nation’s best colleges. I want black students to have majors in areas like engineering, the sciences, and business. I want to see black students become CPA's, Attorneys, Accountants, Copy- writers, Teachers, Medical Professionals, Industrial and Service Industry Sales Professionals, Computer Programmers, and Analysts. I want the numbers of blacks to greatly increase in the professional trade industries. I want to see more black construction workers, crane operators, electricians, pipe fitters, and technicians in every field. I want to see more black people doing things everybody else in this country does. You will never legislate morality; but by greater and ever growing numbers of educated and qualified black people, we can't help but make a dent on our own… without affirmative action. We can do it just on numbers alone. Force universities and corporations to say, "I'm sorry you're black and can't participate" That is what they will have to say, if by our own doing, we have every other base covered. I believe we will be able force the “right thing” by numbers that cannot be denied. That is in our control. That is what I want...all starting with that black student entering kindergarten.

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    indeed Bruce hit key points and laying wisdom out