Black Poetry : What I need

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    What I need right now is a warm embrace
    Someplace to lay and nuzzle my face
    Skin to skin is no sin if it's in it's proper place
    Pockets empty yet pants are still laced
    With a richness between thighs
    I am tempted to make passes at you
    Run Tell & show you who I am
    I want to feel the comforts of you Woman...
    You really are an encouraging Queeen
    I want you to see now...your what I need.
    Yet I know that I may not be good for you...
    Though I am not bad through and through
    I am stuck struggling to be true
    To be the man that I'm meant to be
    I am going through trials of fire trying to be free
    From Machinations that are constantly hurled at me
    I see haters hating me, and I aint done nothing yet
    I can't stand being alone, that feeling gets me vexed
    Right now I'm lonely, horny and broke
    I'm elongated and wanna stroke
    Sitting in office writing you notes
    In an attempt to get you wet
    "I wanna be inside of you..." those words I don't regret
    I know right now I am not in my right place so don't get upset
    Just being as honest as I can be right now...
    I am hungry and wanna eat right now...
    Some how I know if I were next to you right now I could feed
    Cuz you've given me the words and the voice and the tonality that I need
    You let me know that you care and show love to me
    Even if it's just directed from the spirits above...
    I am still one who can recognize love...