Black Poetry : What I Can Do With My Penis


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Feb 16, 2001
memphis, Tn
I can do amazing things with my penis
actions that create reactions
that i love to see
and if your trackin i ain't lackin
some lady said it resembles a tree

I can give a woman all that she can take
just what she needs to make her scream
i can move mountains with the love i make
or so i am told because that is how it seems

Some have asked how deep can i go
i say that i am bigger than the average joe
because i can go to the bottom of your soul
and you will know it when you see it grow

But i know something about my manhood
that all men need to figure out
that even though i can lay the wood
those actions don't give me clout

I hold a vital key to reproduction
but the reprocussions
of all this nuttin
causes a whole lot of fussin
and brings frowns with the cussin
even though i'm past that hustlin
and ain't doin nothin
i still can't get any trustin

But i have already drawn a conclusion
i can make of difference
without having a di** intrusion
without getting my log included
without having this big johnson illusion

We need to understand
that the jimmy don't make the man
so forget all that bull you've been feed
because we are much more than what's between our legs

And women need to comprehend
the good sex don't make us good men
and the men the treat women like toys
are not real men they're just real boys

Boys that can grow to be men
who don't have to show all of their sin
men that are
trustworthy and tender

And regardless of all the fun
we need to think
with the big head
not the little one

And now that I've been turned
i am grateful for this lesson learned
that the head on my shoulders
contains all of my genius
and although i may be holdin
I am more than what i can do with my penis


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