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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    To Know, Is To Be Wise In Your Life Pursuit For Divine Understanding !!!

    Beloved, what I am about to reveal to you, such can not be verified by the use of Lucifer Learning, and they have come into our Presence, being successful in freezing our Mind, the Black Divine Mind I refer to, in reference to Black people, and that is why Black People claiming to be well learned in the ways and belief of the Ruling class, they being the Satan's, Devils, and Lucifer of the World, a world been made to not take anything into consideration that come in the way of Divine Information and flow out of the Divine Mind of Black People.

    So, that is why you Black well learned people, under the influence of Lucifer, can not and will not understand when I share with you of our need for a Divine Spiritual Retreat and that is why you believe you do yourselves a favor, when you disregard and despise the Divine Truth, that act which has come to rest at the Mind step of your soul, yet you know not the meaning of either.

    Here we Black People are, mentally twisted , so much so, until we have been convinced to believe that we in our Life action, claiming to be a worshiper of God, following the religious Doctrine of the Spirit of Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, the Three being one, in display of a Spirit of Beings that has established themselves to be enmity with your Black Soul mind, a Mind once that was once Divine and in unity with the soul of the once Divine Black Being.

    Black People have been reduced to believe in something that we have long lost the Divine Knowledge of, so what we do ?

    We now have been Devout Followers of Lucifer Religious Doctrine, so much so until we have created a Similar style of Religion and we now refer to it as Ancient Egyptian Religion, a Method of acting out a pattern of Ritual ways, after the ways of Lucifer, the Master Teacher of Religious Lies, and is a Master actor of Deception, claiming to be God hidden within the Religious Doctrine they have created, which the Black World is without question, do embrace and is making every attempt to elevate the Egyptians religion above Lucifer Religion, not realizing that all Religion is of the Making of Lucifer, the Master Liar and Deceiver, be you Afrikan, Arab, European / Jewish, we even be playing with our Black profane Mind when making reference to the Divine Essence, out of context, when stating that God Is I Am, and yet refer to God as being HUMAN.

    You know beloved, Black Folks in our foolish arrogance and in such a hurry to emulate Lucifer Religiously, we just ignore the one of many points that the Honorable Chancellor Williams informed us about, concerning Lucifer, which is that those people now referred to as Egyptian are just that, but they are not of the Primitive Black Stock of our Divine First Way Black Ancestors, the Egyptian are of a Racial Mixed Breed of a combination of Ethnic Groups, and when they invaded Thebes, they just happen to continue their Sociological Assimilation Mixing, with our Black Ancestors, so all things today Egyptian is not Black so call Afrikans with Theban Bloodline or a way of Life that reveal our Divine Mind.

    I Am, Is that which I Am, without Compromise, It Is The Divine Essence of all That Is, and All that Will Ever Be.

    The Divine I Am, transcend all of the imaginary GODS created by the Low level Being, referring to himself as Mankind, Human Kind, Woman and Man, No God, Living or Dead, Afrikan, Jew, Arab, or Gentile, created by those fallible Beings, is a Real and Just God, they claiming that such a GOD has Lived amongst the Living, claiming such is a Divine Representation of the Divine Essence, because you See, the Divine Essence need not be Represented by that which Is, because of that which Is, that Is The Divine essence, which Is the I Am, What I am, That I Am.

    The Divine Essence that is I Am, What I Am, That I Am, carry not a need to be Symbolized, because What I Am, Is That I Am, which Is The Divine Essence that encompass Infinite Eternity and that massive Reality of Divinity, is beyond Measure, It is High without Limits or Boundaries, It Is as Low, until not able to Measure, It Is so Wide until not able to Measure, its Circumference is the Divine essence of Eternal Infinity, and is the Only Divine Truth and Reality that verify those attributes, which are all that I Am, What I Am, is what I Am Divinely verified To Be, and Not Be, that which is without description or Defining, verifying that the Divine Essence is the Perfect Ethereal Mass of Indivisible Intelligence, a Force of Divine Reality we mortal men refer to as being Energy.

    Yet, such an Intelligence is the Infinite Space without visible Illumination, commonly referred to as the Perfect Black, Dark, the Eternal Divine Infinite Night, the GOD I Am, That What I Am, the Energy of Infinity and the Power of Eternity, the Divine Essence out of where all that Is and Is Not, Reside, and Come Forth out From.

    The Perfect Night, the Mother Lode and the Father Magnetism, the Divine Root of Intelligence, that which produce what come forth out of the Vaginal canal of the Mythical Ethereal Divine Essence, the Perfect Night, the Dark Mass of Energy that extend into Infinity, the God of I Am That I am, What I am, qualified to cause all That Is and All That Is Not, Yet Is Of That I Am, because of What I Am, the God Of Divine Essence, the Perfect Black.

    Thus, from the Divine Essence, there appear the Divine Physical Universe, hanging upon the Hinges of Divine Justice, representing the Divine Truth and Reality of the Divine essence, the Perfect Black.

    Yet there come forth out of the Divine Essence of I Am That I Am, What I Am, the attributes of That I Am, What I am, the physical Universe, Entities taking on the Spirit of the Divine Essence, they being in Form, and out of Form, the Hydrogen, Oxygen Element that form the Ethereal Energetic action, giving birth to the Physical element, the Quarks, Proton, Neutron, Atomic Particles, they that Blossom into the physical as well as being the ingredient that form the Physical Universe, Physical Bodies, having their Spherical instruction to travel their path that go to honor and protect the Glowing Entities of the Physical Universe, and those Bodies have an interaction with each other, they with Light ( Stars ) and they that seem to have Light, ( Planets ) and from the imagination coming from bodies of an Anthropomorphous Form, you use those Bodies as symbols to indicate a belief, and not use them to develop the knowledge of which they reveal, the Divine Truth and Reality concerning the Divine essence, which reveal to you the Divine Theology Taught to us by our Ancient Divine Cosmic Black First Way Ancestors, a knowledge we lost a long Time ago, about the Infinite Space that IS The Perfect Black, the Dark Energy Light of Infinity, the I Am, What I Am, That I Am., The GOD that Need no Name or Symbols to verify ITS Divine Energy and Power of Intelligence, verifying that we just need to Acknowledge IT, the Divine Essence, which goes beyond Belief.

    So, to not know the meaning and purpose of such Divine action, make you to become just a Religious Believer following after the lies of Lucifer about Lucifer God, believing that Osiris, Isis, Horus were actually Living anthropomorphous Beings and not being of the impersonation of so call Human Beings, Man wanting to be worshiped as a GOD, when all that they were, was symbols of the Divine Essence, at a level of them physically being objects that constitute the physical inanimate animated Universe..

    Yet you Black people are so Blind and out of our Divine Mind until we can not detect our Need for a Spiritual Retreat, not knowing the Mystical Powers that would visit people of Blackness gathered with One Divine Mind, will experience, should such a Divine Spiritual Retreat would assemble in the Mind of our Ancient Divine Black Ancestors.

    Beloved, you can not See the significant of a Divine spiritual Retreat, because you are trying to look at the insignificance of such a Divine Spiritual Gathering and such an ignorance, maintain our Mental state of Depression and Religious dependency upon the Teaching of Lucifer.

    You Brand New Afrikan, you with the Mind if your oppressors, a Mind that prevent you from knowing that which you need to know, you who do not know what I Am, I Am, that I Am, Divinely Signify.

    In your Lucifer Mind, you attempt to create A God that is impossible to Create, you name a God that is impossible to name and you attempt to describe a God that is impossible to describe, all because the Mind you Afrikans now wear, it block you from the Knowledge of the Divine truth and Reality of What I Am, I Am, That I Am, The Divine Essence, The Perfect Black, really Reveal.

    You believing Afrikans concerning God, A God you in your Lucifer Mind, now attempt to Create in order to make such a God into becoming a Mortal man, as you now refer to yourselves as being, which is why you refer to God as being a "HE", you who now know nothing about The God Of Eternal Infinity, the God that Create Not, and most certainly need not your Worship or anything from What It has Revealed to Be, we are in need of Acknowledging God, for our own divine Spiritual Intelligent Benefit, Not God..

    You the Brand New Afrikan in your Lucifer Mind, you who not only claim to believe in God while you know nothing about God, you create your Vain Symbols and Profane Method of Ritualistic Worship, a sign of a once Divine Black People gone Profane.

    You Afrikans now having created a God you only can believe in because you now emulate the Religious method of Lucifer, a Mind that prevent you from Knowing What I Am, I Am, That I Am, Divinely Imply.

    You Afrikans, prove that you know nothing about the Divine Essence Anymore, in your ignorant Intelligence, you Laugh in an effort to appear Sane, in an insane Mind, you so call Afrikans do not have the Mind to know when your Salvation, your Liberation, is upon you, because you know not of your Need to be Spiritually Reconfirmed, all because of your Profane Belief in a God you do not Know, so you attempt to Create that you can Believe in.

    Whenever you are confronted by the Divine Reality, there where there is not the illusion of Light, you find yourself starring in the Face of a God, The I Am, What I Am, That I am, which you know not any more, the Perfect Black, that out from, which the Stars Appear, that which the Planets Dance before in Joy, that which the Clouds come forth from, and cry the Tears of Life to you, that which the Wind send the Breath of Life into your Mortal body and that which be the Soul of Life to a body of Atoms, Cells of the Living Being, all because of What I Am, I Am, That I Am, Is, and Is Not, Reveal, and Create Not, and here you Black So Call Afrikans in your Vain Attempt to create a God that you Know not and now been seduced to believe in a God that has been Created for your Black so call Afrikan Behind to believe in, you all dressed up in your Ignorant Vain Arrogance, not even capable of realizing when it is that you need to reclaim your Divine Mind and the Method that must be used to do so.

    You claiming to be so well educated and Intelligent, Bowing Down on your Ignorant Knees, Praying to a God that you claim Hear, A God that need your praise, a God that Look and Judge, a God that Give or take away, based on how you praise and worship " HIM ", a God that Reward or Punish, based upon how you respond to " HIS " Commands, such is the action of a believer that Know nothing about God, yet claim to be oh so intelligent, Foolish Afrikans We Have Become and you have the Audacity to be Displease with the Divine truth I share with you, all because I Love You, Beloved.

    You are displeased with Me, All because you so call Afrikans are now driven in Life by the Trinity of Evil ( Vain Ego, Envy, Jealousy ) when interacting with your own Kind, they that now Reveal the Fools we Black Folks have been made to become, in the Presence of a God we no longer Know.

    A God that need not to Confirm nor affirm that which IT has caused to be, a God that need not to be approved by that which is not qualified to Approve of Self, a God that need no name or praise from that which Is, because of What I Am, I Am, That I Am, the verification of Eternal Infinity, a God beyond Measure or being Defined, the Perfect Black I share about, Yes, The Perfect Night, The Divine Energy Of Infinity, an Intelligence That Be, and cause all that Is To be, Divinely.

    So, All That What I am, I Am, That I Am Reveal, such Is In Harmony, Order, and Balance Within and by Its Divine action, ITS Being GOD, that which is, That I Am, I Am, What I Am, The Perfect Black.

    It is the Brand new Afrikan Human Being that now proudly say that there is nothing special about your Black Behind and with such a Lucifer Mind, you Afrikans are correct, you who now choose to believe, rather than to Know the Divinity Of The Perfect Black, The God You Now Take for Granted Because you Know not, That It Is Of All That Is, And Everything That Is Not To Be Looked At, But Divinely Seen, Abiding Within The Intricateness Of The Perfect Black, The Infinite night.

    As You Must Know, There Is Much That I Have Not Shared With you, Concerning This Matter Of Revealing To you, About That Which You Black People Use To Know, Concerning the Divine Essence and the Universe, with the inclusion of your Black Self.

    Be Kind To Your Self

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
    GOOGLE SEARCH: Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala
    [email protected]
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    MY thoughts exactly dear elder nice to know that we agree hotep.