Black People : What Have I Done?

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
What Have I Done?

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

I speak to you much Time In Code, It Is The Divine Truth To Be Told To The Soul Of Black Folks, In Secrete And Not To Be Bold For All To Hear What To Be Told, About The Kingdom Of Afrika, And Freedom Alike.

What Have I done but showed you the way to freedom
I flench not in the bowl of evil wondering not if I have a fever.

My mission is to share information and fight not for you but with you in pursuit of our Freedom, anything less makes us be disobedient.

Not to God, but to Divine Truth and Reality, the pathway that leads to the gateway of Divine Living, unsaddled.

I seek nothing from you that you can not do, I am here
to let you know I can too, fighting for freedom I am referring to
don't you know, living without it makes you be you as you are today, is that alright with you?

I share with you that which I have been given to know, the evil out there with you to ignore, but only the soul (Soul) without an internal eternal flame to be Free, harken not to the fool, who try and convince you to be a fool too.

I know what I have done and I do it well, it is to urge you to remember not to engage in show and tell, but know that when the bell toll for me, and your freedom, that is the reward for what I do, sharing the Divine Truth with you.

Sharing information that seems so far fetched but I know it is the Divine Truth you be told not to catch, be slow and afraid the enemy "WANTs" you to be, fear is the bed of a child and not for you whose obligation is to protect, defend and be Divinely True, that is what your obligation is to do.

The Liar and deceiver come to you singing loud and off-key, trying to get you away from me, but you see, it is not I that is disturbed, it is the one who always throwing you a curve, telling you what to believe and always be on your knees.

No!, No beloved! such is not the way to getting to know what God Is, and oh yes, you must get to know that is the quality of information that I give!!!

Checking with nobody to see if the Divine Truth I share, if it is in keeping with that racist Luciferian Human Being Standards, intentionally I violate to get you to know that Freedom is no gamble.

A Sure thing Freedom is for you, only if you are willing to be Divinely True to you, fight we must, to get what has been taken away from you, do not be fooled listening to those who tell you that God The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost is your tools to be used and that the pearly gate is to be your goal, not Freedom, as you have been told by me who use and preference not a religion in everything that I share with you, that Is the sign that evil use to trick you.

What Have I Done? Nothing More Than What I Need To Do, and that is to share the Divine Truth with you, which is to not enter Lucifer religious door were lying and deceiving, grieving to be in God kingdom when the goal must be for the Black Afrikan Freedom.

The quality of information that I share with you is limited in scope on this internet because I know the evil of Satan that devilish Luciferian Human Being is no joke, we must be always aware of him cloaking trying to hear what only the Divine Black Afrikan Revolutionary is privileged to hear, out of worldly sight.

What Have I Done, well, only to show you a glimpse of what you need to know and it is not for fun.

Divine Respect
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