Black People Politics : What have Black Leaders done for Black People, the Black Diaspora and Africa in modern times?

Sharrieff-Desert Walker

Oct 8, 2022
Greeting Fam,
This is a very good question.

What have Black Leaders done for Black People, the Black Diaspora and Africa in modern times?​

There has been some who attempted the uphill road, but a it has been overshadowed by all the other so-called leader with their poverty pimp rhetoric.
Jamesfrmphilly, asked another good question.

ok, so how do we move forward ?

Then Destee, put the icing on the cake with that response.
Now let us reason together.
1st: most of Leaders are not real leaders at all, they are so-called leader but are poverty pimps. They get on their chicken circuit and rile up the people into a frenzy and at the same time are making side deals with the enemies for more money.
2nd: what is the method/strategy to expose these kind of behavior patterns and remove them from other circle.
3rd: what are you willing to do to make progress for self.
This is something I have been dealing with for a long time and it has been an uphill battle. I am not a poetic speaker, I don't know how to the chicken dance, pull rabbit out the hat. I only know how to be real and deal with reality all day every day. There must be consequences for these types who betray our trust. We must let them know up front what we require of them and if they betray us then we watch how they act.
They must be ostracized from the community and every household.
We must be honest with ourselves of the reality we are facing, which is difficult because everybody's definition of reality is not the same.
My goal of reality is freedom complete freedom in name and in DEED.
One of my skill sets is I am a situation solver, there are no problems really only situation. The big question always arises "What are you willing to do to remedy the situation." Poverty pimps exist because they know we are not willing to remedy the betrayal if need be.
I have spoken to attempted to collaborate with many of them as well as the people in my region where I live and have been rejected. Our people love the illusion and B.S. more then the reality. With illusion you can shape it to whatever you want but reality cuts every which way but loose, "It is what it is."
We must seek out those men and women from our perspective regions/location and have a heart to heart talk of reality. Alton Maddox states it this way, H.E.L.P. History-Ethic-Law-Philosophy. History gives us the why, Ethics gives us the standard, law gives us the remedy, Philosophy gives us the unlimited possibilities of accomplishments.

I am of the opinion that we are all black leaders, and when asking what have we done, answers must begin with self. We have all led something. We lead our own lives, to the degree we can. Oftentimes older children lead younger ones. We are all, or have been, leaders. Leadership abounds.

Speaking for self, I always try to do my best, even though it does not always yield the great results my heart yearns for. In spite of me believing I do my best, there are naysayers, and they are entitled to their opinion.

No matter what another is or is not doing, you still get to do your best. You still get to demonstrate leadership in the manner you want it manifested.

I'm reminded of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad ... “Don't condemn if you see a person has a dirty glass of water, just show them the clean glass of water that you have. When they inspect it, you won't have to say that yours is better."

When it comes to leadership, like most things, we do better when we know better.

Stay encouraged!


Now for the icing on the cake.
Destee, you are correct it starts with self, we must become self leaders where we need a lot of holding hands and spoon feeding. We must come together mind 2 mind as men and women with the intention of agreeing of a determined course of action and carrying out the agreed upon agreement.
As far as the clean glass next to the dirty glass, That is where my training comes from, but I will say this the standard must be setup. The glass is the standard/structure, if we don't have it erected then there is nothing for anyone to choose from other then the dirty glass. I know how to setup the standard but it requires H.E.L.P. from all of us. The standard cannot be for selfish motives but must be so big that it will live on for eternity.
A group of friends of mine had a conversation with a wealthy black husband and wife. The question was asked of the husband; "really how much money can be made in this endeavor he has been in for years," he gave us an example, he said; "My children, children's, children will never have to work if they don't want to, meaning get a job. That is how big and long the standard has to be for each and every one of us.
There is more I can say, but it will take more than this short time to get this stuff out in this writing. Maybe if it is agreed upon by members of this group of a whole Mind 2 Mind zoom, conference call or what ever can be structured for this kind of endeavor.
I leave you with this, as we were taught,
There is a wide awake field for the wide awake man and woman to work out in, you just have to cast your rod out.
These so-called leaders have no real power only that which we give them. Something to think about.
The Thinker
The desert Walker

Thanks for allowing me to add my 2 cent into the pot of reality
Forgive me for any spelling errors for I am still learning this English language.
I will always stay encouraged!!!!!!!!!!!

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