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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

When it come to the history of Religion and its relationship to the Black World, all we have to show, is all that we have gotten from such a Doctrine is False promises that must be and is based upon belief, rendering to the Black World, Hardship , Depression, promises that cause expectation based upon Lies and acts that deceive, so much so, to the extent we lose all sense and Mental Direction of the way we Black people once travel and Lived our Life, upon this planet, and Religion is what maintain our ignorance about our Black selves, confusing us about the Action of God, It being the Divine Energy that activate the universe and the relationship the Black Being has To the Divine Essence, ( GOD ) The Perfect Night, ( Universe ) and Eternal Infinity, All being the Action Of ONE, yet is expressed in Myriads of Performances, The Divine Essence being the Mother of all that Move and Move Not.

Tell me beloved Black world, what is it that motivate you to embrace and defend a Religion that has yet to show you respect, a Religion that Lie to you at Will and misguide you into believing that God is Some Place in a mansion in heaven " HE " ( religious God ) Is Not giving you nothing that Will qualify you to be able to Profoundly Reason and Logically defend that which Religion represent, in reference to a God Religion, Created upon the foundation of Lies, creating in your Mind a Fantasy that now have your Mind in a posture of Defending the Unreasonableness and Illogical False promises which is to be fulfilled by the GOD of Religion.

Therefore, the only thing I can Think of that keep Black People on the play ground of Religion, is Ignorance, and an acquired Habit of Wanting o be Lied To, concerning the Promise Religion make to you who become habitually entangled within the Web of Lucifer Religion, the Devil Blue Print for the maintaining of control over the Mentality f Black People, a sure way to prevent black People from experiencing the Power of a Divine Mind, that which was once in the Black World possession, at a Time when Religion had no standing in he Divine Mind of our Divine Black First Way Ancestors, the Gene of those we still carry,which prompt the creators of Religion to keep the so call Brand New Afrikan Human Being captivated in the Religious Muck of Lies and Deception.

Religion now have Black people not being able to determine the difference between that which is Acceptable to the Black Body Life and its Need to Live Divinely, than from that which is unacceptable to the Black Life Want, in order to Live religiously, and because of such lost of Divine Knowledge, Religion stand victorious over a once Black Divine Nation, one now that choose Religion over Divine Information,. that which is capable of cultivating the type and quality of Knowledge with Understanding, that will be able to cause a Black so call Afrikan Renaissance to take place within the Mind and Body of a once Glorious Sacred Black Nation, a People that came out from the Universe distance Galaxy, to a New Ripe Solar System, within the so call Clusters of Stars and planets, which has a Binary relationship with all of the universe Bodies consisting of Flaming and None Flaming UNIVERSAL Bodies, they that consist of what we refer to as the Universe, that which Religion lies about and is successful in getting Black People to believe all that it say about God, the Universal Bodies of the Perfect Night, and the Life of the Black once Divine Being, we who at the direction of Religion, developed a belief based on Faith, Hope, it be all that Religion has conditioned a weaker Mind to believe is True, and now we willingly Die to uphold the Religious Lie, all because we hope to See God and " His" Son in Heaven, Living with Them, one Day to come, how pitiful and Low, has the Black world Mentality have Sinked, so low until we have now come to Despise the Divine Truth, that which our Divine First Way Cosmic Black Ancestors taught us to KNOW.

So again, what has Religion done for Black People to earn such Trust and loyalty, name one Thing Religion has done for the Black world that give cause for Black People to be so gratified and proud about its Claim, concerning GOD and that which benefit the Black world Living Condition in this Evil World, Name One Thing that have caused the Black Life to have a Divine Experience on this Planet, whereby it benefit the Black World and religion be the cause.

All Black Folks do, when it come to Religion, is sit around claiming to be Religious Spiritual, whatever that mean, we discussing all about the value of religion, not that we Know it to be Divinely True, but about all w so profanely Believe and have faith and hope about all Religion has conditioned us to expect and Want To Happen for us confused Afrkan Human Beings,. black and divine no more.

There is nothing in Religion that is certain, other than it rest upon the Foundation of Lies and perform acts of Deception, as for what we are to expect of the Religious GOD and His Son Jesus, only what religion tel us to expect and we Believers that begin to wonder out Loud about he Truthfulness of the Religious Lies, then you become, " Oh Ye Of Little Faith" such is the action of Religion, the weapon of Black Folks Mass Destruction, that which caused a once Black Divine Being to not know whom we are any more, so now we at the direction of the Human Being Religion, now proudly ignorantly confess to be so call Afrikan Human Being, we now at work defending an institution that has done nothing but confuse and abuse and depress and oppress Black People to the point we refuse to question the evil that Religion has done to a once Divine Black Being of a Nation of People on this planet.

We Praise the very weapon that was and is used to conquer an entire Black Nation and now here we are in our arrogant ignorance boasting about how deep rooted we Black Folks are in love with the Evil that have us expressing confident in Lucifer, all because of a false promise Religion has gotten us to believe in without Thinking, a deadly move for anybody to take, in anything that might involved your Mind.

The Religious believers are always giving excuses in behalf of the failure of Religion when it come to Black People, regardless of how faithful we are in paying our religious Tariff, praying as often as religion require us to pray, attend Church regularly, believing and having unwavering faith, name it and Black folks have religiously done it, so tell me, what has such religious obedience profit the Black World, other than to secure our weak Human Being Mind in the service of Religion, proof that the Afrkan Human Being Mind is of the Lowest caliber instilled within the Body of the New Afrikan, a Nation weighted down in the Human Being Religion to the extent it prevent Black People from being qualified to See and Hear the sound of agony coming from the Lives of Black Folks.

Yet, religion salvation is Mental castration, keeping Black People to be Mentally impotent, unable to give Divine Mental Birth to a New Black Divine Black Nation, all because religion is the virus that keep the Black Mind in a disease state if illness and we wonder why it is that Black people are not rising and it is all because of the religious millstone around the Mind of Black People, now Afrikan Human Bengs, those people confessed to be born liars and shaped in the art of deception.

What a danger Black People have Become To Ourselves, as we wear the Suicide Vest of Religion and we are programmed to press the Religion button that cause the self destruction of Black People, all in the religious God honor and command.

The Divine Truth, Black People Despise The divine Truth, yet I must share with you that which is the greatest obstacle that is preventing the Rise and unification of Afrika and Black People, which Is The Human Being Religion And Yes, All Religion Is Of The Devil, Toward the Black World, If None Other, But My Concern Is About he Black World.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder


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