Black People : What Has Happened To The Black Nationalist Pan Afrikans?

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
What Has Happened To The Black Nationalist Pan Afrikans Once In America That Cause Such A Once Black Force To Be Visible No More???

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Among The Today Black Afrikans, It's Not Admissible To Be A Serious Thinking Black Afrikan Nationalist Pan Afrikan, Which Is Who I Am, which I do Not Apologize For Being So, Beloved.

Do Consider this!!!

What I share in regards to the Black Afrikans in America, not by choice, is in fact including Black Afrikans everywhere, the same disease virus of complacency has invaded the brain of all Black Afrikans and now have us Black Afrikan people referring to ourselves in a global divisive way, as if regions carry more importance to the Black Race than our Continential Afrika identity and Black Woman and Man, that weakness of mind, is what has us with no Universal family relationship connection with each other no more and that is what has us Black Afrikans to be vulnerable to the lies and deception of that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being.

So you see, I share Divine information with you not to be glorified by you, but that you will come to know what we must do to change our way of living, I am of who some of us serious Black Afrikans with a reasonable past Time of experience of Mind and body spirit is referred to as Old-School, meaning that we speak the Divine truth about what and who we Black Afrikans have become, and do so without fear when sharing Divine Information with the Brand New Black Afrikans, you who now I realize carry not the original Divine Spark today that we carried in our past Time of letting that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being know that all Black Afrikans are not subdued under with the shackles of false narratives and religious doctrine that has been created and packaged for the mind consumption of a caliber that has been trained and taught educational to believe, and not Divinely Think, which is what I do in this day and Time, being of a past Time when it was importantly neccessary to think, as we were fighting against the Evil of Chattel Slavery and Jim Crow Segregation, both being components of the evil that brought about the Destruction Of Afrikans thinking mind in today Afrika.

Therefore, by me being a devout Garveyites who had a dream and above all a vision of Afrika being Free for the Black Afrikans, that caliber of mind had Garvey who is a Black Nationalist Pan Afrikans doing and Thinking about all things that needed to be known about that would bring about the Liberation of none other than the Continent Of Afrika, yes, Garvey knew that Afrika is where Freedom is to reside for Black Afrikan people without distinctions.

So Yes, Hell Yes, my question is where did all of the devout Black Nationalist Pan Afrikans have gone?

Why don't we no longer hear from them, are we now gone to be extinct, no longer with a caliber of mind capable of being respectful to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, the Black Afrikans today living now without a desire to be Free in Afrika, having no energy or motivation that will have you to be committed to receiving Freedom, Justice, and Independence for our Enslaved Ancestors and all Black Afrikans to experience such High class Freedom in Afrika?

I am now among you contemporary Black Afrikans who believe it to be sophisticated to question the pigment identity we are designed to carry, such a question fall way down the ladder of Freedom when it comes to honestly confronting the cause of our present status and living condition in the world today, which is why I mention to you today Black Afrikans to first seek you your Freedom and all of the low ranking issues concerning your Black behind can be reasonable logically discussed without the pressure of that white racist oppression delving in your mind, because your mind will not be the mind that white racist inserted within you to follow, beloved.

Listen, I have been sharing Divine Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan information with Black Afrikan people and such caliber of information does not play games with your mind, it requires for you to Think and if you are a thoughtful Black Afrikan then you should know that which I share will lead to Black Afrikans and Afrika Liberation with sovereignty if action of liberation is applied, beloved.

I have informed you Black Afrikans about what we need to do to begin our journey toward Freedom, and yet you with the mind of our oppressors ignore what we Black Afrikans need to do to become free, because we no longer have freedom as a goal for Black Afrikans because it takes a Divine thoughtful mind to reach the goal, freedom.

So, I can reasonably assume that Freedom is no desire of the contemporary Black Afrikan, we have been fully mentally transformed to the religious belief of our oppressors, so much so, with the oppressors mind guiding us Black Afrikans and there is no way the today Black Afrikans who no longer carry the spark of Black Nationalism, to be able to see the way to be taken that will have us Black Afrikans to be able to Demand and collect our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation, which is the Justice that represents Black Afrikans Freedom to be in Afrika.

But what you Brand New Black Afrikans do?

You pick issues at the bottom of the Black Afrikan Liberation ladder to use as a distraction from the very issue capable of Freeing Black Afrikans Mind, that which now function under the control of that white racist Luciferian Human Being mind and you ignore the very issue capable of causing Black Afrikans Freedom, you have no drive to be willing to make sacrifice if need be, so to attend a Black Afrikan Spiritual Retreat, because you know my knowledge of Spirituality has nothing to do with that white racist Luciferian Human Being religious spirituality and you know such a Spiritual retreat will be in combination of planning and strategizing to collect our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation, such is the motivation and movement of a Divine true Black Afrikan Nationalist Pan Afikan who is with dedicated action in pursuit of Freedom, Justice, and Independence to be in Afrika for Black Afrikan people.

Let me ask you Black today Afrikans, why do you think America is so adamant in telling you that they are not going to turn loose your Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, why do you think there is a conscious effort to misdirect you away from Chattel Slavery Reparation?

That is your way to become Divine Black Free Universal Beings again and your Divine Blackness carry the Spark that is powerful enough to change the direction that this white Racist Luciferian Human Being anti-nature performer have you set using his mind believing that in no way Reparation/Repatriation will be paid to our Enslaved Ancestors, Chattel Slavery Reparation no longer belong to that racist unjust prejudice America against acting Black Afrikans and Afrika.

There must be a revolutionary Reparation/Repatriation Campaign to take place by Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan Garveyites, we must not allow ourselves to be a party to the acts of disrespect being shown to our Enslaved Ancestors for the way we are refusing to take on Reparation/Repatriation as being our primary issue to be fought to obtain, beloved.

Divine Respect.


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