Black Poetry : What happens when is evident

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    When We have our monumental say
    Our land ownership is not put at bay
    War victims deserve a pay back
    As they return home w/ an empty sack
    Even foreigners we kill
    Get us to seal their income deal
    Companies committing fraud
    Gov't bails them out like here dude
    We know the opposite of greed
    Is to plant a seed
    Only makes sense
    Not to put up fences
    It all ultimently goes to the top
    No one feels the "bottom" produces things like productive shops
    The type has not & was not exuded
    Past was lyed about to make white protrude our dudes
    The burning down of Little Africa in the 20's
    Show our hearts & minds are not phonies
    The fear of what & when We will be independent
    Woke up the "privileged" to see our monumental Dependents say
    Not to slay our already paid stay

    Belinda did have her say after slay! reparation original petition&f=false

    Fearing Our say!
    Begin Viewing @ 13:30

    Dependents Today monumental say...