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    What Happen To you

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Infinity locked in an embrace with Eternity, the two being One as they sit in the seat of Existence, here come Life, summon by the Three in One, standing before the Spirit of Divinity and a Lightening Thunderous voice speak out to Life with such Calmness, wearing the sound of compassion, full of knowledge and understanding, as it spoke to Life saying, what happen to you, why have you allowed such horror to invade your space of Divinity, you were sent on a Divine Mission and you failed to maintain the compass that guide you into the circle of Divinity, there where Life is assigned for only a Limit of Time, and yet, you were not able to remain Focus long enough to view and enjoy the Beauty of Life, a gift given to you, so that you may be able to experience the Duality of Eternal Infinity, and Life Limited, yet the two being attached to the one common Essence, that which reside within the Majestic of the Unblemished Darkness, the Perfect Night, the Holy presence of God Existence.

    Eternal Infinity address the Life of its action, calling out once again, asking the question needing not an answer, What Happen to you, so say the Flaming Essence of Eternal Infinity, did I not summon you after I produced a Solar action with a family of elements full of obedience, and a constant willingness of submission to that which serve to be the center of their Gravity, thus being the Soul, around which those family members play music and Dance, as they make their way to andaround the Soul of their action?

    The Eternal Infinity spoke again and said, were you not in my bosom without the measurement of Time playing being a factor in your action of Being, and is it not a fact that you are Real and True, Throughout the Limitless Facts of Eternal Infinite Existence, having the knowledge of what Is and Is not, yet remaining in the garment of Life, whose stay is limited, and while in your long ago Galaxy, did you not Live in the pristine state of Divinity, always chaperon by the Majestic of the Perfect Night, and were you not summon to make the journey to the infancy of a revealed presence of a solar action, whose presence accepted your presence and began to treat you with the Divine requirement so affixed by the Divine Essence , holding the presence of Eternal Infinity, and at your coming into the newness of a presence of Divine action, were you not treated as One with the Solar Family, of which you have been received with honor and respect?

    So says Eternal Infinity, tell me Life, what happen to you, as I observe your action, which serve as a sign that you no longer remember who it is that cause you to be as the gift you represent and now here you stand before the Eternal Infinite Night, not knowing whom you are, a life in ruin is what you are, no longer can you distinguish between the Real and Not Real, the Truth and Not Truth, your Soul has been reduced to become of that you now follow, a Disobedient Life, now referring to the Me, Self and I as being a life of Human, no longer a life Divine, the structure of which I presented you, so that you could enjoy the Supreme odor of both level of Dimensions, each wearing the scarf of Divinity but yet occupying two different level of Divine Action, one being the Limitless of Eternal Infinite Existence and the other on the Limited level of Life Illusion, yet possessing the Me of Life which represent the Soul, the Self which represent the Mindful Mental of Life and the I of Life which represent the expression ( Spirituality ) of Life, and when such a gift was first presented to you, it was in such a Divine capacity until it Harmonized, In Order, Maintaining a Well Balance, with the Solar Family, and the Resonant that come from such Harmonics, producing the Waves of Energy that was capable of allowing Life to perform on Two levels of Dimension, possessing such power that was able to maintain the Divine Knowledge that caused the Harmony,Order, and Balance, between Life and Existence.

    So, say Eternal Infinity to Life, It sitting in the bosom of Existence, all curled up in the Garment of the Perfect Night, representing the Soul of all things, the Divine Essence, whose identity is past finding out and is beyond being defined, IT Being The God OF The All That I AM, so say Existence and Life, as they Reveal out of the abyss of Eternal Infinity, The Question To Life, What Happen To You?

    Life in all of its Newness of Garment, wearing the cloak of the Human Being, cried out with a loud and boisterous Action of Sound, referred to, as the Voice of Life, it saying to Eternal Infinity, I became possessed by the Me of the Human Being and now I am addicted by the I, of the Human Being, until I, can not no longer, Divinely interpret the Me that is constantly in action, delivering to Self still, the Divine information that you did received with the gift of Life, and Lo and Behold of Me, so cry Life, to the Eternal Infinite Action, the Me Essence of the Life given to You, which constitute the Me, Self, And I, now an addict to the the Profane Being having a Profane Life, which now challenge the Eternal Infinite Action, in all it reveal to Life, a Life that no longer have the respect it once had for You, the Me, Self, And I, now the Human Being, that which is forever preoccupied with Lying and Deceiving the Self of Me, and now I, it is to weak to stand before Eternal Infinity, the Bar of Divinity, all because You know not the Knowledge which serve as the key to unlock the Door of Me, out through which flow all Divine Information, the Key being the Self of Me, in which I, now remain hidden.

    Eternal Infinity, without hesitation, ask Life the question one final Time, What Happen To you, And Life Replied, I, lost The Key, which is My Self, and now Divine self no longer has access to Me, and now I, am weak for the lack of Self Knowledge, that which is required, in order for Self to reclaim a Divine Status for You, which constitute Me, Self And I.

    The Divine Truth, The Afrikan Human Being Despise The Divine Truth.

    Let Those With The Divine Eye, See and Know What Has Been Shared With you, As You Ponder Whose Life It Is.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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